EP99: The Friday 5 – November 12th

Welcome to the next episode of the Carrot ‘N’ Cake Podcast! In this episode I’m sharing my Friday 5 favorite products that I’m lovely lately. Be sure to scroll down for an awesome GIVEAWAY from Hylete! 

The Friday 5 Picks:

1. Boys’ Short Puffer Jacket

Quinn was in need of a new winter jacket, and he is sooo excited about this purchase. He picked a funky blue pattern. It’s from Target (of course) and super affordable for a really warm kids jacket. There are lots of color and sizing options online!

Friday 5

2. Trader Joe’s Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

I have been mildly obsessed with this *pretty dang clean* gluten-free cookie mix. They’re tasty and so easy to make – just a few ingredients and 10 minutes in the oven. As always, Trader Joe’s for the win!

Friday 5

3. Hylete Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe (SAVE 20%)

Cliff’s Notes: They are unlike any other shoe I’ve tried before because, listen to this, they come with 3 interchangeable insoles. If you’re someone who enjoys a variety of fitness activities, these shoes are for YOU! PS I am giving away a pair of these over on the blog and be sure to enter the giveaway below!!

hylete shoes


4. Hylete Terras Fleece-Lined Tight 

These might be one of the most comfortable pairs of tights I own. The fleece lining is perfect for the cold weather months when you don’t want to change out of leggings, but you want to keep warm.

hylete fleece

5. CellCore Protocol – PATIENT DIRECT CODE: fY15sCwS

I recently shared a podcast all about my experience implementing the parasite protocol using CellCore products. I’m not expert, but I always enjoy sharing what is working for me. Be sure to tune in for some additional details!

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friday 5

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