How Long Does It Take For Entyvio to Work?

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One of the most common questions I receive from IBD patients is how long does it take for Entyvio to work? And, really, it depends on the person and their disease. Obviously, I’m not a doctor, but I’m more than happy to share my experience with Entyvio and ulcerative colitis.

I started Entyvio after I failed Remicade. Actually, it never really worked for me. I went to the hospital every 8 weeks for Remicade infusions for about over a year with little improvement. My symptoms were better, but I was never in remission. Then, it completely stopped working, and I started to get swollen lymph nodes on my head and neck, so it was time to try Entyvio.

After the initial loading doses of Entyvio, I saw an improvement in my symptoms. Prior to that, I was using the bathroom 8-10 times a day, experiencing all sorts of cramping and seeing blood every time. After the loading doses of Entyvio, the frequency dropped to 3-4 times per day with less cramping and blood. I wasn’t 100%, but I was definitely better overall.

Entyvio can take up to 6 months or more to fully work. It just depends on how your body reacts and how bad your disease is at the time. While I was waiting for Entyvio to kick in and do its magic, my doctor prescribed me Uceris. Unfortunately, Uceris didn’t do anything for my symptoms, but I just continued to take it and hoped that Entyvio would work.

Slowly, but surely, I started to see my symptoms disappear. For me, it took about 5 months before I experienced (*knock on wood*) remission with Entyvio. That was 3.5 years ago, and I’m still doing well on Entyvio, going every 8-9 weeks for an infusion.

I know everyone is different, but if you’re just starting on Entyvio, please keep the faith that it will work for you. It’s worth the wait!

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  1. Thank you for always sharing! And I’m so happy to hear you may be able to get in-home infusions. It surprised me when I found out the insurance preferred in-home, but I guess it does make sense that it could be cheaper for them. I hope you get that approved soon, it’s seriously so convenient!

  2. Your info on Entyvio gives me hope. I have tried every kind of oral pill out there along with Uceris foam and nothing has worked. I have had the first 2 initial doses of Entyvio and pray it will work eventually. I know it will take time but I am trying to think positive. My symptoms are very similar to what yours were. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

      1. I’m on week 11 of Entyvio. So far it hasn’t done anything. I’ve been on Uceris since January and have almost no symptoms if I keep taking the Uceris. I tried going to every other day at week 7 and some symptoms came back after a week of that so I stopped the taper. My doctor suggested I start tapering at week 12 since I’m stable. I really have very little faith it will do anything. Humira did absolutely nothing for my UC and when we increased the dose I got severe side effects. Remicade only worked for 2 months and then I developed antibodies. I still take the max dose of Delzicol and Rowasa enemas too. I will try tapering Uceris again in a week and see what happens…wish me luck.

    1. Nothing major (*knock on wood*), but I’ve had a gross phlegm-y cough since I started it. I went to a pulmonary specialist, and she couldn’t find anything wrong with me, so I assume it’s the Entyvio.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience! My son was diagnosed with UC about a year and half ago. He was put on Remicade, his symptoms improved and in comparison to where he was when he started Remicade he was feeling better! He got into a flare in March and could not seem to get out of it. After a bunch of tests, it was confirmed that he was failing Remicade. He just complete his last loading dose of Entyvio yesterday – honestly, he seems happy, symptoms are very much decreasing and he seems to feel so much better overall. I am hopeful that he will continue to feel better and better!! So happy to hear that you are doing so well on Entyvio. It gives this mama hope!

  4. Thank you so much for posting. I just had my second infusion of Entyvio and am praying to God that it works. I was taking Lialda before and was told to stop taking it and just use Entyvio. When I was taking both, after the first infusion, I was feeling great. After they told me to stop taking Lialda, I am not starting to run to the bathroom every time I eat! You made me realize that the Entyvio is going to take a while to work, where I was hoping for a quick fix! I will try to be more patient, thanks to your post…….

  5. I had my first infusion two weeks ago and seem to be getting worse. I have constant nausea with explosive diarrhea and am still going up to 20 times a day. I have severe abdominal cramping and food tastes funny. I am not sure if this is due to the infusion or if it is because my cholitis is that bad but the diarrhea and nausea was not as bad as this before a Entyvio. I have also lost bowel control and am basically a prisoner in my own home. I go for my second infusion now. It literally feels like a really bad stomach flu 24/7.

  6. I just had my initial dose a week ago, nothing has ever really worked for my Crohns. After dose, was super tired, fell asleep then had a bad headache after an hour nap. It went away right before bed. Then everyday since, my symptons started improving. I feel like I get a B12 shot every morning, my stools have improved with less frequency and becoming closer to a normal stool consistency. The nurse says it doesn’t start working right away when giving the dose, but since this is my only change in the last week, I guess I am one of the few lucky ones and hoping that this is the drug that will put me into remission and keep me there!

  7. it took me 6 months for entyvio to work for me, just as we were about to give up / write to the drug company for more frequent infusions. so crazy, it’s the ultimate test of patience – but well worth it as it’s the medication with the least side effects for IBD.

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