Food Diary {Monday}

Hi, friends! Here’s a new blog feature: My food diary! Well, it’s actually like the old CNC, so maybe it’s not really new at all. New again? New-ish?? I dunno. I’m switching things up, people!

Ok, so I’m not 100% sure if this food diary feature will become an everyday post (maybe I will document a few days a week?), but I want to share a lot more of my meals and snacks to help keep me accountable and on track with healthy eating. That said, here are my eats from Monday!


Blueberry pancakes with almond butter, fruit salad (watermelon + grapes + nectarine), and iced coffee with chocolate almond milk



Healthy and relatively low-calorie chocolate milkshake


I shared my milkshake with Matthew and he loved it!



Smorgasbord from friends and family: Stuffed peppers, Chicken Alfredo, Catalina pasta salad, and local strawberries


Grandma with her boys!

SAM_0615 (533x800)


Roasted Russet and sweet potatoes with ketchup



A few handfuls of Mango Almond Bites from NatureBox

SAM_0619 (800x533)


Chicken Alfredo, honey-roasted carrots, and cucumber slices with sea salt 



Approximately 800 butter toffee almonds 



  1. I miss the daily eats! It’s the foodie creeper on me, I guess. I would love to try those almonds, but I probably need them like I need a kick in the pants!

  2. I love seeing the pic of your mom and the boys. I was thinking how little Matthew looked in his mom’s arms but once he is beside Q realized what a big guy he is now. Those two will have so much fun together in a couple of years.

  3. 800-lol!! I would eat that many for sure!
    Quinn looks so sweet and tiny! Makes me want to hold baby!

  4. Matthew is getting so big! Compared to Baby Q 😉

    I just started getting a subscription box because I had a code for the first one free! SO FUN, I love fun random snacks to add to my day. If anyone wants to try it, you can use my code, ANNIEA79B. That gives first and five box free. Oh, and the boxes are only $6 a piece w/ shipping, so it is less of a commitment for me to do it!

  5. I just started making stuffed peppers and hubby loves them, great for leftovers too!
    I love seeing what others are eating to stay on track.
    You are too funny saying 800 almonds, hah! That would be like 3 jars 😉

  6. Love the pictures of Q! So glad everyone seems to be doing great 😀

    Happy to see the food diary back – I think its one of the things that really made me start reading CNC!

    I have Graze right now, but I’ve been thinking about NatureBox – I’m afraid I’d eat all the bags right away – that’s one thing I love about Graze – single portions.

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