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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hooray! It is finally flip flop weather here in southern Massachusetts. As soon as the temperature hit the mid-60s yesterday afternoon, I broke ’em out for the season!

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Beautiful spring weather also means grilling outside on the back porch.

023 (450x600)

Last night, Mal grilled up a piece of black cod with a maple-mustard-soy sauce marinade.

018 (450x600)

Meanwhile, I cooked up some risotto and green beans inside. (I bought this box of risotto months ago and then randomly found it in the trunk of my car last weekend. I guess it fell out of my grocery bags without me knowing it?)

011 (450x600)

A little while later, dinner was served.

031 (600x450)


029 (600x450)

Mal and I ended up sitting outside for quite awhile chatting, so I grabbed a blanket off of the couch to keep me warm. (Please note: the blanket is the same color as Murphy. The pug owners know why.)

034 (600x450)

Eventually, we came inside, and I ate a couple of Paleo chocolate chips cookies while we watched TV. Mmm! Best cookie recipe ever.

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Questions of the Day

Is it flip flop weather where you are? How often do you wear flip flops? 

How often do you workout at home? What are you favorite pieces of equipment for at-home workouts?



  1. I love working out at home after work. I usually only use hand weights and stick to bodyweight exercises, but I REALLY want a TRX system. I heard it’s such a great workout.

  2. Since I’m on vacation in Florida this week, it is DEFINITELY flip flop weather here, woo hoo!! However, we’ve been watching the weather at home in West KY too and it’s been quite warm there too, so I’m super excited about being home for flip flop weather too 🙂

    My favorite exercise at home or in a hotel room are tricep chair dips. Always a killer for me and very effective!

  3. Weather just south of bean town is QUITE warm! I have the windows open in my classroom today to enjoy the sunshine and breeze! I can’t wait to run my virtual 5k today. The weather is IDEAL for a run.
    I love having an ab ball, bands, and a few free weights and a foam roller at home. You can do a lot with these small items, they tuck away neatly. I actually have a ottoman in my living room that hold all these items.

  4. I am so happy its flip flop weather as well. AND Ice Coffee weather, speaking of which I am going to have to go for a walk and get one right now on my lunch break! Happy Nice Weather in Massachusetts! Ya!

  5. That looks like such a beautiful day. I can’t believe you are wearing flip flops in Massachusetts! You are lucky! Spring has been gorgeous this year!

  6. I workout at home twice a week when the gym opens late and I’m going to spin! Actually going to try your At Home Chipper tomorrow and I’m a big fan of the ZWOW workouts! I love wearing flip flops…hopefully we get the temps for them here soon! Hard to imagine at the moment! Still going around with woolly hats, thick socks and boots!

  7. Oh how I wish Minnesota was that warm! We are about to get hit with another snow storm. So not cool, Mother Nature! I like the color of your toe nails, by the way. Super spring-y!

  8. I made paleo chocolate chip cookies for the first time last night.. and they are so YUM! I tried a different recipe (because I didn’t have everything for that one) and they came out great.. I’m looking forward to trying these out too!

  9. The weather is awesome in Massachusetts! I just moved back here from Tampa, Florida last weekend at the perfect time of year- its soon to be too hot and humid in Tampa, and the weather in Mass is just getting awesome. There really is nothing better than making a great meal and eating on the back porch with good company.

  10. It’s finally flip-flop weather here (Harrisburg, PA) too! I LOVE wearing flip-flops and ballet flats.

    I used to workout at home more often because I had left my gym, but we moved and I joined another gym, so I don’t work out at home as much. I still have my adjustable dumbbell kit and yoga mat (and yoga blocks) and ankle weights and stability ball that I use a couple times per week, though.

  11. Amen, sister soultrain — flip flop weather is the best! I’ve been excited about this for weeks and weeks, and I’m thrilled that it’s finally here. 🙂 Your dinner sounds amazing — made even more so by the fact that you got to eat outside. Happy flip-flop wearing and outdoor grilling!

  12. I live in OHIO and I wear flip flops year round – no joke. Unless there’s snow or ice on the ground, in which case I do wear regular shoes out to my car, but then flip flops to drive. I just love them – they’re so comfortable! It will be zero degrees out, and I’ll be running errands in flip flops. I guess I’m crazy, but at least I’m comfortable! 🙂

  13. In our neck of the woods when the weather hits mid-60’s we put our flip flops AWAY! Hahaha! Complete wimps over here 🙂 But I remember well how much I loved those spring temps when I lived in Boston. Enjoy!

  14. I live in LA so it’s always flip flop weather! My favorite at home workouts need just sneakers and a mat. Usually when I workout without a gym I run and then do an at home circuit with variations on situps, planks, push ups, etc.

  15. Flip flop weather just started here in Ohio, too! I love it! I wear either Birkenstocks or Reef flip flops as often as I can. I definitely need to move somewhere that’s FF weather 365 days a year 🙂

  16. Flip flop weather here in Philly! Hit the 80’s today 🙂

    As far as at home gear, I love my free weights and weighted bar which definitely add some extra resistance for squats, lunges etc…

  17. It’s definitely flip-flop weather here in North Carolina–it reached 86 degrees today! Crazy, right? Particularly considering how cold it was last week.
    We spent some time chatting on the porch after dinner tonight too. Can’t wait for summer!

  18. I envy your day! Cod is yummy, sitting on the porch in the sun WITH flip flop weather is the best, and those cookies are making my mouth water. Looks like you had a great day 🙂
    It is now officially flip flop weather over here. Its been hitting 80 degrees for the high. Awesomeness.

  19. I live in South Florida and mid-60’s is When I break out the Uggs and put away the flip flops. LOL 🙂

  20. Your dinner looks sooo delicious! I cannot wait for flip flop weather. My husband has already made the switch, but I need consistent 70 degree weather before I make the transition. 🙂

  21. WOOHOO for flip flop weather! It was warm enough to break out the flip flops this weekend in my neck of the woods too, but this girl needs a new pedicure first! Your dinner looks delish!


  22. In addition to the blanket being the same color as Murphy, don’t forget lint rollers.
    Lol! We go through tons of them

  23. I love flip-flops! Which is still weird for me to say because I only started wearing them about 10 years ago, before that I couldn’t understand how people could stand having something between their toes.

    I work out at home six days a week. I have kettlebells, dumb bells, resistance bands and a collection of DVDs. I also run a little. Currently I am in the last phase of Jillian Michael’s 90 Day Body Revolution. I have a few other of her workouts, Bob Harper, Denise Austin, Leslie Sansone WAH, Billy Blanks, Biggest Loser workouts and fitness for the xBox and Wii. We have a Tour de France bike that my husband uses and a TRX system, but no place to set it up. My husband does P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Insanity Asylum and Les Mills’ Combat. We like to mix it up to keep it interesting.

  24. Unfortunately it is flip flop weather here all year round! I live in FL and I wish the wonderful winter weather was still around, it is 94 degrees outside and I don’t have central air conditioning in my apartment (oh, college living). I also tried that Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe last time you posted it, it’s to die for!

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