Run for Charlotte and CrossFit Doggie Date

On Sunday morning, I participated in the Run for Charlotte, a 5K and 10K road race in honor of 5-year-old Charlotte Rose Kelly, who lost her battle with neuroblastoma in December 2011.

From the Prayers from Charlotte website:

Neuroblastoma is an aggressive form of cancer associated with the nerve cells and adrenal glands. It commonly occurs in infants and very young children. Its cause is unknown. Only 650 new cases are reported in the United States annually. Neuroblastoma therefore is regarded as an orphan disease, one that does not attract funding. As such, it is left largely to the families of neuroblastoma patients to raise the necessary funds to further research to find a cure.

Prayers for Charlotte, is a 100% volunteer organization that works to raise funds for neuroblastoma research and relief for families fighting cancer. There are no salaried employees and all proceeds from our events will support this dual effort.

The Run for Charlotte was a wonderful race: well-organized, super friendly volunteers, fast (mostly flat) course, awesome after-party, and, of course, it benefited a great cause. It was all around a fabulous road race. I definitely want to run it again next year!

IMG_3069 (600x600)

The race started at 10:00 AM, and the later start time was much-appreciated, especially after a late night of rocking out to 90’s music with CrossFit friends.

IMG_3053 (450x600)

I didn’t really have a time goal or anything like that for race day. Of course, it would have been nice to PR, but I planned to just enjoy the race. Mal and a ton of people from our CrossFit box were running too, so I just set out to have fun.

Well, I guess my non-plan was a good one because I ended up tying my previous 5K PR time! (Is that still a PR?) And, apparently, I placed second in my age group! Not too shabby, right?

IMG_3056 (450x600)

Post-race with CrossFit friends:

Run for Charlotte

And Mal, who finished in 19:59 and placed 8th out of almost 700 runners. Speed demon. Imagine if he actually liked running!? Haha!

IMG_3058 (600x450)

The post-race after-party was a lot of run. There was beer, food, music”¦ awesome time.

IMG_3063 (450x600)

IMG_3064 (450x600)

After the race, Mal and I met up with some CrossFit friends at Southside Tavern for some celebratory drinks. I drank an Angry Orchard while there.

Then, Mal and I stopped at home, grabbed Murphy, and then met some different CrossFit friends at Bare Cove Park for an epic doggie date.

071 (600x450)

We ended up having 10 dogs and 10 humans. Obviously, the pug was psyched.

061 (600x450)

064 (600x450)

After Murphy did his pug mayor thing (he’s all about the meet and greet), he mostly hung out by himself and not with the rest of the pack. It was a little unlike Murphy to be so anti-social, but he was acting normal otherwise, so we let him do his own thing. Clearly, he was marching to the beat of his own drum yesterday.


We ended up walking the big loop of Bare Cove Park, which took us almost 2 hours (it’s 4 miles), so the dogs (and humans) were pooped by the end.

067 (600x450)

Big yawn from Murphy!

068 (450x600)

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite race distance?

What was your favorite outdoor activity from this past weekend?


  1. Hey Carrots N’ Cake! Been checking out your website and love it! I just started racing, so not sure if I have a favorite distance- although 10K does seem to hit that sweet spot between a full out 5k sprint and the solid endurance you need for a half. I am from the south shore and Run for Charlotte too and had a ton of fun! Great race– and holy cow Mal!! Crazy fast! Good job to you both! (better late than never 🙂 )

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