Eat Breakfast Like a King

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Good morning! Happy Monday, friends!

Anyone else a fan of eating a big breakfast? I love them! And I even look forward to eating breakfast the night before! Of course, I love a big ol’ breakfast on the weekend (mmm… a leisurely pancake breakfast anyone?), but I also eat fairly large breakfasts during the week too.

I find that starting my day with a well-rounded meal fills me up and keeps me satisfied all morning long. (I hardly ever eat a mind-morning snack””unless, of course, my breakfast was small and didn’t hold me over.) I also like packing lots of nutrients into my breakfasts because they set a healthy tone for the rest of my day. For instance, I almost always have some sort of fresh fruit with breakfast. And, honestly, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so I’m more than happy to front-load it with calories!

IMG_8929 (900x675)

This morning’s breakfast was an egg sandwich made with 2 eggs, bacon, and cheddar on a toasted English muffin with a sliced orange and an iced almond milk latte. After eating this breakfast, I’m good to go for awhile!

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FYI: Eating a big breakfast may help you lose weight!

Eat breakfast like a king

Health News & Views

If you’re trying to lose weight or simply watching what you eat, you might find yourself struggling with cravings in the hours before dinnertime. Maybe lunch wasn’t as satisfying as you had hoped or maybe your afternoon snack was something not-so-healthy from the office vending machine and you were hungry just a short while later. (Hey, it happens to the best of us!)

What really matters when you’re starving and dinner is right around the corner is choosing a snack that’s well-balanced with a mix of wholesome carbohydrates, satisfying protein, and a little fat, but one that’s not too high in calories. You want to eat something that holds you over to your next meal, but doesn’t count as a full meal.

Here are 5 snacks that fight hunger pangs without ruining your dinner.

Hungry Before Dinner? 5 Smart Snacks to Hold You Over


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Question of the Day

What’s your biggest meal of the day?

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  1. In general, breakfast is a pretty big meal for me in comparison to some people’s. Like this morning, I had a green smoothie + eggs, cheese, and veggies. I like the idea of eating more in the beginning and mid-hours of the day, because that’s when I’m doing the most and need the energy. I just feel ‘blah’ if I eat too much at night.

  2. I love breakfast and love to be full but I gravitate towards larger dinners and smaller breakfasts and lunches….I run first thing in the morning so I tend to break up my breakfast into a before and after and then eat throughout the day as I am hungry without overfilling myself because I hate running around during the day on a completely full stomach. They always say though that you should front load the calories and end with a smaller dinner. Just never worked for me!

  3. I think I’ve generally been told you should have your biggest meal at lunch – but that never works for me. Neither does a big breakfast – I never have time! So I’ll eat several smaller meals throughout the day and we eat dinner as soon as we get home from work. That means dinner tends to be around 5pm and is always the biggest meal of the day. If we end up running behind and eating later (7ish), then we tend to scale back a little bit on it.

  4. Ok so this doesnt have much to do with your post (although i did have 2 eggs for breakfast and I am not a breakfast eater lol) but today was my first day trying Crossfit ever. Mainly decided to do it because of this blog actually! Hey when your inspired, your inspired lol. So…. the workout was 7 Burpees, 10 sit ups, and 10 pushups. I. about. died. LOL like it was so embarrassing that I am this out of shape! I fell, I banged myself up LOL yeah it was embarrassing.Does it get better? Because I really want to do this but Im like maybe Im too out of shape LOL

    1. That’s awesome!!! I’m so glad you tried CrossFit! It sort of gets better! 😉 You’ll definitely get stronger, faster, and fitter the more you do it, but you’ll continue to challenge yourself in new ways, so nothing is ever “easy,” if ya know what I mean! Enjoy it! It’s an awesome way to work out! 🙂

      1. @Tina: Thanks for the encouragement! I give you the credit for getting me motivated! If you ever feel like you don’t make a difference on this blog, you do!! Your reaching people! 🙂

  5. I always have a huge breakfast as well, I feel it keeps me filled up longer and since I workout in the morning after breakfast I need a little bit more to get me through the workout and the morning! My smaller meal is typically dinner. If I eat too much in the evening I can’t sleep!

  6. I’ve always tried to eat a big breakfast and then a smaller dinner. I would rather eat breakfast food too, so dinner is never a big deal to me.

  7. My biggest meal of the day is usually lunch or dinner but even those aren’t massive, I like a filling meal but I’m a bit of a snacker so I don’t need very heavy meals. I do find I’m hungriest in the morning though, so maybe I should go a bit bigger with breakfast instead of dinner.

  8. Dinner used to be my biggest meal, but recently, I’ve been trying to get away from that. I know it’s not good to go to bed on a full stomach, so I’ve been having 6 smaller meals instead. I’m never hungry and always eating – so it works for me!

  9. Breakfast is the most amazing part of the day! It’s amazing how much you can prepare your body and mind for the day with a nutritious breakfast!

    My breakfasts mostly involve eggs but at the weekend I love whipping up a batch of your pumpkin pancakes! Delish!

  10. I’ve been trying to live by that exact same saying for years now. I always have a big breakfast that helps to power me through the morning and get me to lunch.I definitely have a hard time with not going back for seconds for dinner. And I get a bit sad at the end of the day when I’m done eating, but I do always look forward to breakfast!

  11. I have a harder time with breakfast – I like eating at night so I do consume a good portion of my daily intake then. That being said I don’t really ever skip it, it just tends to be on the lighter side. Unless I have done a morning workout – then forget it, raging hunger

  12. Nothing beats a hearty and delicious breakfast to get your day started, especially on the weekends.

    I’ve been reading for awhile and have been meaning to ask you how you make your almond milk lattes? They always look SO GOOD. I have a bad coffee creamer addiction so I’m trying to find alternatives to creamers, because I love coffee (hot, iced, etc.) but am constantly worried about all the sugar I’m getting from creamers. I’d love an alternative that is much healthier but still gives me the sweetness I need when drinking coffee.

    Thanks Tina!

    1. My almond milk lattes are just espresso + almond milk (+ ice if it’s an iced latte). I have a Nespresso machine, so I make the espresso at home and then just add milk. Easy as that! 🙂

  13. I probably eat the most in the evenings. Since I usually work out either before or after dinner, that’s when I need the most energy. I guess I’m the opposite then – small, medium, and large for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  14. Breakfast. Hands down. I look forward to breakfast every single day and always make sure its huge and delicious so my day starts off on a good note. Plus it usually seems my longest time between meals is in the morning so I make sure I eat enough to get me through!

  15. Breakfast! It is always the biggest meal of my day 🙂 I wouldn’t have it any other way and I totally dream about my next day breakfast plans as well haha

  16. I love breakfast food! Recently found out I have an egg allergy so it makes healthy breakfasts a little more challenging. Oatmeal and a banana are my ‘go to’ now. That breakfast sandwich looks amazing!

  17. I agreed that in order to lose weight, you need a lot of food during breakfast. Why? Because the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s the meal your body first take and help you survive throughout the day. I noticed when I eat a big amount of food during breakfast I hardly had cravings in the afternoon or in between snacks. It kept me sated but healthy.

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