High Low High III {Weekend Recap}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys!

Since it’s Monday and all, here’s another edition of “High Low High,” which recaps the high and low points of my weekend. I always want to finish on a high note, so there are more “highs” from my weekend than “lows.” If you’d like to play along, please leave a comment with your “high low high” from your weekend!


Having our new home gym delivered from Again Faster! Friday afternoon was seriously better than Christmas morning!

IMG_8769 (900x675)

I’m working with Again Faster to create some blog posts on CNC about our home gym (i.e. the equipment we selected and why) as well as product reviews, workouts (soooo many workouts are coming your way), and giveaways! I am totally pumped!

IMG_8771 (675x900) (2)


Missing our hospital tour yesterday afternoon. Mal and I were running late and then we didn’t know where the tour was meeting, so by the time we got ourselves to the right place, we had missed it. Whomp whomp. We’re going to try again next weekend.


Getting together with friends and celebrating Jim’s birthday! It was great seeing friends and catching up.

IMG_8829 (900x675)

And there were LOTS of laughs to be had at Jim’s birthday party!

IMG_8834 (900x675)

Elephant statue? So random, but he loved it! Haha!

IMG_8838 (675x900)


Making progress in the nursery!

The wall library is finished and doesn’t it look adorable?!

IMG_8933 (675x900)

FYI: The wall library is actually made from photo ledges, not shelves. Mal and I had a little trouble finding them at IKEA because we kept looking in the shelf section, not the picture frame section. Just a heads-up!

We have new doors!! We had a carpenter change out the nursery, master bedroom, and office doors last weekend and he’s coming back to replace the bathroom doors this coming weekend. (Here’s why if you’re curious!) I love the way the new doors look and they make such a difference with the noise levels in our house!

IMG_8823 (655x900)

I also hung the curtains in the nursery! (I couldn’t snap a pic because the light in the window is too bright and made the photo all dark, but I will get one tonight for a future post, so you can see what they look like!) A BIG THANK YOU to those of you who mentioned the striped shower curtains from West Elm. They’re perfect and so much cheaper than the ones I had originally considered buying!


Mal had to go back to work. It was so nice having him home last week when he was on school vacation. I was kind of sad seeing him off this morning!


I made a delicious loaf of Coconut Banana Bread! Sneaking slices throughout the day yesterday definitely made me happy! I <3 banana bread.

IMG_8760 (675x900)

Question of the Day

What’s your high, low, high from the weekend?



  1. My weekend at The Big Potluck was nearly 100% highs! The food, company, scenery and laughter were so fabulous. Only low was not being able to partake in the delicious wine & cocktails due to pregnancy 😉

  2. Everything looks great! We have those photo ledges in our living room and we use them for just about anything that fits! The nursery is coming along! Not too much longer and Baby H will be in there!

    Here are my “high, low, high”‘s.

    High – Walking around downtown on Saturday, enjoying the beautiful weather, and trying a new (to us) BBQ restaurant that was so good we will definitely be back!
    Low – I was a grumpy mess on Friday night. I was definitely not fun to be around but luckily after a shower and a change into my jammies I was better. 🙂
    High – I had a date night with myself on Saturday night! I know it sounds kinda sad to be out alone, but it was SO NICE to go shopping and be out without my husband or two year old. I love them dearly, but I needed some “me” time!

  3. Oh fun! High was having brunch at one of my favorite spots and indulging in coconut waffle with mango, strawberries and rum butter! Low was having the hubs ditch me for dinner on Saturday night because his sister was in town (it was ok in the end, I just ended up with a lot of leftover pasta!).

  4. High – spent a wonderful weekend with hubby and son

    Low – I got 2 cortisone shots on my foot on Friday, and my foot is still sore. Haven’t been able to exercise.

    High – Organized my closet

    Your house looks wonderful. Can I suggest 2 books you don’t have on your wall library, and my baby boy loved them. “Good Night Moon” by Pat Hancock & Margaret Wise and “The Runaway Bunny” by Margaret Wise. My son requested Good Night Moon nightly.

  5. Love the new doors and the book shelves! 🙂

    Here are mine:
    High: Having my college friends over on Saturday
    Low: The weather was crappy in Boston so my workouts were indoors, boo!
    High: We assembled the crib and dresser for our nursery!

  6. high – running the Nike women’s half in DC!!!!!!!
    low – Not PRing because of a running injurty from 4 weeks ago

  7. What a cute nursery!

    High: GORGEOUS weather, and a great walk with my pups
    Low: a crappy run.
    High: surprising my long distance boyfriend for the day yesterday!!!!!! He lives 2.5 hours away so it’s doable in a day just not ideal clearly… but we were desperate.

  8. High: My husband and I adopted a 2 year old basset hound and picked her up Friday.
    Low: She has a bit of separation anxiety so we’re all running low on sleep.
    High: Every night has gotten a bit better so I have high hopes for our little gal.

  9. High – Going shopping at the mall with my sister! We were shopping for my Dad’s birthday but picked up a few things for ourselves!

    Low – The cold New England weather!

    High – The delicious piece of cheesecake I had from the cheesecake factory 🙂

  10. That elephant statue is amazing! I like how it was perfectly wrapped!

    I’m loving that wall library! How cute!

    High- going to a baseball game and hanging out with friends and family
    Low – I’m in the process of doing some major spring cleaning and rearranging furniture in my living room but haven’t made much progress on it yet. 🙁

  11. I LOVE those new doors. It’s amazing how the slightest change can make the biggest difference.

    High: I was able to go for a hike on Runyon Canyon. It was a great departure from my usual cardio of running. It was a good sweat session with a great view of LA.

    Low: I’ve been stressed with work and I’ve been on the road for business. I can’t wait to go home.

  12. I had that exact problem at Ikea when buying the same photo ledges for my nephew’s nursery! Ikea needs to stop confusing people – they’re shelves haha!

  13. I love that book/wall library! So cute. And that door looks perfect. I can’t wait to see it all put together!

    High: watching a movie with my husband and friends
    low:baby’s 2nd tooth is coming in”¦.so Friday night (allll night) and Saturday day were quite intense :/

  14. How exciting about your at home gym!
    My high was dancing the night away with my girlfriends on Saturday. And my low was being exhausted and sleep deprived on Sunday. Oh well. All in the name of a good time!

  15. Having had to work! Low… and the High was definitely the new raw chocolate bars I made…chocolate orange with bee pollen is amazing! Bummer that you missed your hospital tour..but the nursery does look super cute!!! Way more important if you ask me 🙂

  16. High: Seeing The Other Woman with some girlfriends. Total chick flick, but a fun one nonetheless!
    Low: The weather did a total fake out on us. Saturday started off nice and sunny, but ended up in a downpour.
    High: Having a BLAST at a Fight Gone Bad fundraiser for 4-160 SOAR at FT Lewis. Super well organized and a lot of fun. My boyfriend and I competed in the mixed gender category.
    Low: Burned my spaghetti sauce 🙁
    High: Karaoke on Saturday night. Nothing like a little Karma Chameleon to liven up a party!

  17. Home gym is key, pop the baby in the bouncy seat and you should be good to go!

    High…ended off a great school vacation week in DC and Philly, kids soaked it all in and lots of quality family time!

    Low…6 hours of driving home from Philly yesterday…with a toddler 🙂

  18. High – Saw Chistina Perri in concert and the Greenday American Idiot Musical
    Low – Lost money at the casino
    High – Had Friday off from work and got to be with the bf from Thurs-Sun
    Low- Had to leave him and come back home yesterday

    CAN’T WAIT to see your gym and workouts. Seriously stoked!

  19. Low- Dropping my husband off at the airport for his week long business trip.
    High – Participating in a Crossfit 5k with WOD’s during the run
    Low- All the running was uphill with snow and wind
    High-Free beer and one of the WOD stations
    Low- Regretting the Beer on the run down!

  20. How awesome you are going to have an amazing home gym!!! Jealous! I wish I had the space for that for those days you are just a little too busy or not feeling like driving out to the gym! The nursery looks so cute 🙂

  21. High was meeting Vikki Gunvalson from the Real Housewives of Orange County yesterday at the AZ Phoenix Women’s Expo! Low was finally weighing myself after 4 months of being injured and coming to reality that I gained 5-7 pounds. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s more than I’m comfortable with.

  22. I had a major high this weekend…I had my first baby! He was 10 days early, but we’re doing great. Can’t wait to hear your good news!!

  23. Saw your library doesn’t have the best children’s book for a pug lover:
    The Juggling Pug by Sean Murphy. My kids really enjoyed it and it definitely captures the pug personality. Baby Haupert would love it!

  24. Love all your high low highs 🙂 That elephant statue you got for Jim’s bday party is definitely random but I love it too!

    High was having an extra day off because it was a public holiday here in Australia on Friday, Low was starting to get a cold and High was going to a friends house for slow cooked ribs.

  25. High – finding out one of my best friends is coming to visit next weekend!
    Low – MASSIVELY stubbing my toe 🙁
    High – running my first trail race!
    High – Went to our first baseball game of the season! Totally felt like summer was here.

  26. Can’t wait to hear more about your home gym! Have been so curious since you’ve been teasing it on social media!
    High-progressing with my running schedule as I come back from injury.
    Low-spending the gross weekend inside doing schoolwork and not much else
    High-made a delicious new recipe on Sunday night: deconstructed shepherd’s pie from Cook Smarts

  27. I’m super excited to see the workouts you’ll be posting!

    High – spending the majority of the weekend with my boyfriend.
    Low – him dropping me off.
    High – watching the Bruins game with one of my friends.

  28. I am so excited to see Baby H and also to hear about your at home gym… I want to create my own at home xfit box… I miss heavy lifting and I cant wait to hear how you do it at home.

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