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Our little dude turned 17 months old yesterday, so I wanted to write a “day in the life” post as a way to remember the day. When Quinn was first born, I used to blog about our daily adventures once a month, and it was such a great way to remember those times. I love going back and remembering what life was like at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc. And, of course, I love seeing all of the photos of tiny Quinn! Anyway, here’s a peek inside our day yesterday!

6:33 AM: I wake up to the sound of hammering. I immediately think Mal decided to hang something in our bathroom, but I know he wouldn’t make so much noise with Quinn still sleeping. Then, I hear the sink turn on and off in the bathroom. Ok, it’s not Mal banging, so I look at the baby monitor and, sure enough, it’s Quinn kicking his crib. Ha! I look at my phone to see what time it is, and I’m shocked that Quinn slept so late. I head into his room and then take him downstairs. He eats a banana and I drink a glass of iced coffee while we cuddle on the couch.

IMG_9744 (1280x1280)

6:45 AM: Mal leaves for school. Quinn and I read books. He’s been into vehicles lately, so we’re learning all about cars, trucks, jeeps, tractors, school buses, ambulances, etc.

IMG_9745 (1280x960)

7:00 AM: I reheat some crockpot steel-cut oatmeal from the fridge.

IMG_9748 (1280x960)

I add a big scoop of Teddie peanut butter and enjoy my breakfast while watching Quinn throw balls around the house.

IMG_9751 (960x1280)

This only lasts for a short while, so I end up following Quinn around the house while I eat my oatmeal.

IMG_9754 (1280x960)

7:20 AM: In between bouts of playing, I finish my oatmeal.

IMG_9759 (1280x960)

7:30 AM: Breakfast time for Quinn. I give him part of a bagel with cream cheese and fruit salad while I make him a smoothie. I sneak in avocado, kale, and ground flax. There’s also banana, grapes, frozen strawberries, and strawberry-banana yogurt mixed in, so he drinks it right down. He eats a few bites of fruit salad and finishes the bagel, so he gives me the sign for “all done,” which is the only one he knows and quite hilarious in certain situations, like when he wants to get out of his car seat or when he doesn’t want his diaper changed. I originally taught it to him to help us deal with his incessant food throwing, but it works for other things too!

IMG_9775 (960x1280)

8:00 AM: We play, play, play!

IMG_9780 (960x1280)

IMG_9784 (1280x960)

IMG_9788 (1280x960)

8:30 AM: We get dressed for the day and then read some more books. (I love that Quinn is excited about the BIRDS in the PUG book. Haha!)

IMG_9798 (1) (1280x960)

9:15 AM: We drive to KFIT. I work out while Quinn gets his play on.

IMG_9803 (1) (1280x960)

The workout is tough (25 minutes), and I end up doing almost 50 Shoulder-to-Overhead reps at 85 pounds. My shoulders are smoked by the end.

IMG_9809 (960x1280)

11:00 AM: We arrive home. Quinn falls asleep in the car, so I put him down for a nap. Then, I whip up a protein shake (SFH vanilla Recovery + iced coffee + soy milk + water) and take a shower.

IMG_9811 (1280x960)

11:30 AM: I’m hungry, so I nuke a bag of Trader Joe’s “Melodious Blend” in the microwave. Once it’s done, I put some in a bowl along with some leftovers (quinoa, steamed spinach, and roasted carrots). I top the whole thing with crumbled feta.

IMG_9812 (1280x960)

Lunch is served! I eat while working on my laptop.

IMG_9814 (1280x960)

12:30 PM: I’m still kind of hungry, so I eat a small bowl of yogurt with Peanut Butter Puffins. Back to work.

IMG_9818 (640x480)

1:00 PM: Quinn wakes up from his nap. We watch a little TV before he climbs off the couch and goes into the kitchen. He wants a smoothie, so I try to get him to sit in his highchair for lunch. He’s not having it, so I make him a smoothie and he walks around the house while drinking it. (He’s pointing at the blender in the photo below, which is his sign for “smoothie.”)

IMG_9822 (1280x960)

1:30 PM: I try again with lunch. This time Quinn willingly walks over to his chair, so I help him in. He eats a waffle with peanut butter and jelly on it and some cheddar cheese. I also give him some green beans, but he immediately puts them on the table next to him. Little does he know, his smoothie has some in it!

IMG_9827 (1280x960)

1:45 PM: Quinn plays while I clean up the kitchen. I also unload the dishwasher and brew coffee for iced coffee.

2:00 PM: We drive to the library. We pick out books. Quinn meets a new friend. They play. Although, she tells him “no” quite a lot and he just stares at her in disbelief. I guess that’s playing, right?

IMG_9830 (1280x960)

3:15 PM: We arrive home from the library and then take Murphy for a walk.

IMG_9849 (1280x960)

4:00 PM: After Murphy’s walk, we play outside.

IMG_9867 (1280x1280)

4:15 PM: Dada gets home and everyone is excited to see him!

IMG_9863 (1280x960)

4:30 PM: We all go inside. I eat a snack (roasted garlic hummus + edamame crackers) while catching up with Mal. I give Quinn a cracker to try and he sucks off the hummus before giving it back to me for more. Well, he’s definitely a garlic fan!

IMG_9866 (1280x960)

5:00 PM: I make dinner while Mal plays with Quinn. Dinner is a random mix since I’m eating more of a vegetarian diet while Mal is still eating meat, so I cook a bunch of different foods for us.

5:30 PM: Dinnertime! Mal eats baked chicken breast with steamed green beans and sweet potato fries. I eat leftover “Melodious Blend” mixed with Brussels sprouts sauteed in soy sauce and sweet potato fries.

IMG_9869 (1) (1280x960)

Quinn eats Dave’s 100% Whole Wheat Bread with almond butter, cucumber slices with sea salt (he took one bite), sweet potato fries with ketchup, and a piece of chicken with ketchup on it. Hooray! Our little vegetarian ate meat!

IMG_9872 (1280x960)

6:15 PM: After dinner, I clean up the kitchen and make lunch for Mal while he and Quinn play in the living room. I join them once I’m done.

6:45 PM: Mal offers to do bath and book time with Quinn, so I can reply to some emails and work on this post.

8:00 PM: I make a mug of tea (Candy Cane Lane = the best), crack open some Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups (<– click to get a FREE peanut butter cup or squeeze pack), and plop myself in front of the TV.

IMG_9820 (1280x960)

9:00 PM: I head upstairs and get ready for bed. I chat with Mal.

9:25 PM: Lights out.

The end.



  1. I love to see your DITL posts with Q. My son is a few months younger and I’m always nodding my head or get excited for the next phase of learning and playing.

  2. I love the green beans on the table and the little girl who says “no” a lot at the library. Quinn is such a cutie!

  3. Good morning! Love these day in the life posts. My daughter is 13 months old tomorrow, so I have been following your throughout your pregnancy and after Q’s birth. It was a great precursor for what I was in for. By the way, your little man is the cutest! Those cheeks!

  4. Love seeing these posts, I always find different people’s routines, habits, eat, and days so interesting. Any reason in particular you are leaning towards vegetarian or just what your body has been craving?

  5. Quinn and Murphy are so cute together! I got some Of Dave’s bread after your last post when I saw it at our local Sams club. I’m glad that it doesn’t have any weird preservatives. When I ate it, I noticed that it tasted overly sweet. The kind I bought had added sweetener 🙁 bummer. Not something I wanted in my bread.

    1. I’m so glad you tried it! Was it the Honey Wheat? I know some of them have cane sugar or fruit juices added, but it’s usually one of the last ingredients listed.

  6. I love these posts! Such a great way to remember each stage. My son just turned a year old and I’ve been loving all your posts with updates about Quinn. He is the cutest!
    I bought some of Dave’s bread after reading your post a few weeks ago – love it! Soooo good 🙂
    I haven’t commented on your blog much but I’ve been reading for years. Thanks for continuing to be an enjoyable blog to read!!

  7. I love reading your blog! My husband and I make a lot of your recipes pretty regularly. It’s a lot of fun to read about little Quinn because my son is only 13 days younger than him! It makes me want to start blogging about his life so I can read it in the future!

  8. What kind of cup do you use for Quinn’s smoothies? Eleanor (16 months) isn’t really into smoothies, but I haven’t found a good cup so I don’t make them for her very often either.

    1. He’ll drink out of anything with a straw. I think that one might be a NUK? We have a few different ones, but I think he likes the ones with the softer straws the best.

  9. What is that owl mat thing under Quinn’s high chair? We have a rug under the high chair too so something like that would be great!

    1. It’s a splash mat from KidKusion. They sell them at Amazon, Babies R Us, and Target. We fold it up and put it away after each meal. It’s great for keeping our rug clean!

  10. Love the candy cane lane tea but can’t wait for the sugar cookie sleigh ride tea to be back in stores!! It’s the best!!

  11. So cute that you give him so many smoothies that he has a sign for smoothie!

    Thanks for giving some insight into your life – I love to read these things and see what other people are up to and how they spend their days.

  12. Love these posts. My Violet and Quinn are just a couple of days apart and it seems like their little personalities are so similar. They are just too funny right now. Have a fun week!

  13. Hi Tina! I’ve been a reader of your blog for years but never commented 🙂 I have a son who’s a bit younger than Quinn (14 months) and I love reading your day-in-the life posts, and just about life in general with your little guy. He’s so adorable! I also have a quick question…what kind of straw cups are in these pics for his smoothie and his milk? Thanks!

  14. Garlic hummus was one of my daughter’s first real foods. She loved it and we could just put a big scoop on her high chair tray for her to eat with her fingers. We used to joke that we had the only baby whose hair usually smelled like garlic!

  15. I’m a schedule freak, mostly in regards to sleep. My 16 month old is on almost the exact same schedule. Happy to know we aren’t the only ones who do nap on the earlier side of things. We really need to get a new blender to replace the one I broke. It would be such a great way to sneak in the extra fruits and veggies my daughter doesn’t eat.

  16. I love that play mat you have with the world map on it. Where did you get it? I would like to get something similar for my boys for Christmas.

  17. So smart to get all of those great foods in a smoothie he will drink! I wish I had used that strategy with my picky eaters! (They are all in their 20s now, however, and do eat a variety of foods!)

  18. my niece loooooves tractors and trailers and all of that. She, for a while, was calling bobcats “paw-tats” and when talking about my dad’s bobcat, she called it “dewey’s paw tat” (our last name is Dooley, so she was trying to say Dooley’s Bobcat.) love it!

  19. I love these posts! I always get new ideas from you on what to feed our little guy! What is the base for Quinn’s smoothies? (i.e. yogurt, milk, ect) I would love to start making some for my little guy and throw in whatever we have in the fridge but wasn’t sure what you always start them with, just need a little guidance, thank you!

  20. Do you plan to start giving Quinn what you guys are eating for dinner? I have never made separate foods for my toddler (I just can’t imagine making individual meals for everyone!), she just gets what we have…but we also did baby led weaning, and I know you guys didn’t, so I guess it’s all an extension of that, right?

    1. We offer Quinn our dinner every night, but, unfortunately, he hardly ever eats it. He won’t even try it, which is why we were so excited about him eating sweet potato fries and chicken the other night. We did baby led weaning too, which was awesome because Quinn ate EVERYTHING! But, just after his first birthday, he started getting pickier and pickier with what he’d eat. It’s frustrating, but we just keep offering him different foods, get excited about what we eat, and hope for the best. We were psyched that he tried (and liked!) roasted garlic and hummus this week! 🙂

  21. But you gave him purees, right? Not that they are bad, but it’s not baby led weaning!

    And mine does not eat everything either, but I still don’t want to be making personalized meals! I do make sure there is SOMETHING I know she will eat at every meal and I do not fight with her about it. Usually she is hungry enough to have bites of most things and I figure she eats enough throughout the day that she will not starve. We also 2 snacks a day- does Quinn have regular snacks?

  22. GENIUS! My 16 month old is starting to eat less this past week too after he was eating so well. I know he would like shakes! What do you put in them?
    Kale, spinach, bananas, berries, yogurt, milk? any other ideas??

  23. What a fun day, Tina. I love reading about your son and I cannot believe how big he has gotten. His love for smoothies is adorable, and he seems like such a good eater. You’re such a great momma!

    Also, I agree with the above commenter. Quinn + a pet bird… I like that 😉

  24. You sure do love your iced coffee!! Me too. Do you have a cold brew pot, or another trick to brewing it? Mine always tastes…not so awesome. I add more coffee and let cool down …

  25. Hey Tina! Love these posts! My little guy just turned 15 months so on the same track as adorable Quinn! Curious – is the veggie diet new? I didn’t see it in another post, so was just curious!

  26. Tina it’s so great to see oatmeal with Teddie in your bfast lineup again. I recently moved to San Francisco and NOTHING replaces Teddie. I’m going to stock up while home for the holidays. Super chunky is where it’s at 🙂

  27. Quinn is so adorable! I was a picky eater too, my parents hated it haha! Just curious as to why you are eating vegetarian lately? How has your UC been?

  28. We need a Kfit where I live!! There is a serious lack of options out there for mamas who want to work out. Love seeing your day in the life. Very fun. 🙂

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