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Good morning!

I have another fashion post for you guys! This one is especially fun because it’s all about seriously affordable finds. Forever 21 recently sent me a gift card to try out a few items from their website, and I’m so happy with what I selected, I just had to share them with you guys. I mean, skinny jeans (pictured below) for $7.90? You can’t do better than that! (FYI: They’re the Classic Solid Skinny Jeans in black.)

Carrots 'N' Cake-4 (682x1024)

My sweater is actually from Stitch Fix, but Forever 21 has a similar Cable Knit Sweater ($12.00) that comes in cream… and, hello, twelve dollars?! I also like this Waffle Knit Sweater ($24.90) in charcoal that has the same cut as my green sweater.

Carrots 'N' Cake-2 (682x1024)

I’m also wearing the Petty booties from Sam Edelman that I love, oh, so much. I’ve worn them non-stop lately, especially now that I have new skinny jeans in my life!


And since I loved the Classic Solid Skinny Jeans in black so much, I also got them in gray. Well, technically, they’re the Favorite Ankle-Length Skinny Jeans ($7.80) and they cost $0.10 less. They’re awesome jeans too!


I also found a fun pair of Abstract Print Athletic Leggings ($24.90) from Forever 21. Did you know they make workout gear too? I had no idea, but they have quite a nice selection at very affordable prices. I’ve only worn the leggings twice now, but the quality seems pretty good too.

Carrots 'N' Cake-13 (1024x682)

Speaking of leggings, Forever 21 has Classic Cotton-Blend Leggings in 16 colors for just $3.90 each. Hop on that, people! And, finally, I scored a Faux Stone Layered Necklace for just $5.90. Not too shabby, right?

Carrots 'N' Cake-7 (1024x682)

ONE DAY SALE INFO: Forever 21 is running a Fall Sale TODAY (11/11) with savings up to 50% off as well as FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $30! Just use this link to take advantage of this offer.

Questions of the Day

Are you a fan of Forever 21?

Where is your favorite place to shop for affordable fashion? 

P.S. Lucie Wicker is the amazing photographer behind the photos in this post!



  1. I have shopped Forever 21. Being in my er, later 40’s, I have to be careful things are too young for me. But… they do have cute and affordable things.

    TJ’s is still my fav.

  2. Love all the great finds! Especially love Murphy’s cameos in the above pics, particularly the high-five photo! He is amazing!

  3. I actually love F21 sweaters! Some items I watch as they can be pretty young (yes, I am saying that as a 30 year old), but their sweaters are awesome, soft and cute.

  4. I tried to click on the classic cotton blend leggings and the sweater but it just took me to their main site? I would love to take advantage of the price of those leggings but I couldn’t find them. Maybe I am doing something wrong…

    1. @Tina: @Jessica: If you use the search bar at the top left of the website and enter the descriptions Tina included in the post you should be able to find them – just ordered myself four pairs!

  5. I kind of forgot about Forever 21, but they are great for basics. I skip the trendy stuff there for the most part, but the sweaters, basic jeans, work out stuff, camis and t-shirts are great.

    Just FYI, none of your links are going to the items, just the F21 main site.

  6. Forever 21 FTW always! Now, that I am thirty, sometimes I ask myself if I am too old to be shopping at a store called Forever 21, and then I see their prices and think “nahh, never.” I buy a lot of jewelry from there. It certainly won’t last a long time, but the prices are so low that it doesn’t matter. I can switch out and buy new jewelry all the time!

  7. Those black skinny jeans look fantastic! I really like that first outfit especially on you 🙂

    Ardene is my go-to place for super cheap tank tops and crop tops. I don’t often like to sacrifice quality for price, but there are some amazing deals at these places. Haven’t checked out Forever 21 before but I might just need to do that!

  8. I never thought to shop Forever 21 now that I’m in my 30’s but looks like they have some basics I could pull off without looking like I want to be in my 20’s, ha! Thanks for the info!

  9. I used to loooove Forever21… but now that I’m 26 I feel like I need to stick to a few high-quality pieces versus a ton of cheaper pieces. Plus, going in those stores is totally overwhelming for me. Loved it in college but… I guess I have to grow up sometime:)

  10. Tina, I’ve followed your blog for a while and love your posts; particularly your quick and easy meal suggestions. However, this post gave me pause. Incredibly inexpensive clothes from places such as Forever 21 may be cheap to the consumer but the human rights violations and environmental impact are no joke. I’d encourage you to check out this documentary – Would be curious to hear your thoughts!

  11. I know its great when clothes are dirt cheap but please consider where and how they are made. the working conditions of fast fashion companies are horrendous. Think about human rights people! Shop smart, know where your clothes are made and how. We don’t need new trendy clothing every week- own less, be at peace with where your money is going. Also the amount of trendy, cheap clothing that is later trashed because its out of fashion, worn out, unwanted fills our landfills.

  12. Yeah, I hate to be negative, but a lot of Forever 21 products are “allegedly” made using cotton that is produced through child labor in Uzbekistan. One of my students did a whole project on it last year, and it was pretty shocking!

  13. I do like Forever 21 however shopping in the store can be overwhelming because they have so much. I try to be strategic about it and go at the beginning of my trip to the mall when I have plenty of time to look through the racks and dont have my arms weighed down with other bags so I can really search for great finds.

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