Day 1: Get a Christmas Tree

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends!

We kicked off this year’s 24 Days of Togetherness with one of our favorite holiday activities: Get a Christmas tree! (Ok, this one was planned; not randomly picked, but only because we didn’t want to wait to get our tree!)


I picked up Quinn from daycare and then we met Mal at the place where we’ve purchased our Christmas tree for the past few years now.

SAM_5770 (1024x683)

(FYI for the local readers: We go to Bernie who sets up next to Curtis Liquors in Weymouth.)


SAM_5782 (1024x683)

Mal was stuck in traffic, so Quinn and I explored while we waited for him to arrive.



This way, Mama! 


No, this way! 


A short while later, Dada arrived!


But, there was no time for hugs. Quinn was all about finding the perfect Christmas tree!


This way! 

SAM_5797 (1024x683)

We probably only spent about 5 minutes looking at trees before we decided on one.


And, of course, before we left, we needed to snap our annual photo in front of Santa! Previous years: 2014 (Quinn was so tiny), 2013 (pregnant with Quinn), 20122011, 2010, 2009, and 2008.


Question of the Day

Are you taking part in 24 Days of Together this year? If so, what was your Day 1? 

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  1. We are taking part in it!

    Ours was name top 10 things about your relationship.

    We’ve been together for 12 years and funny we both put #1 as the same thing.

  2. Tina, I have been thinking this for ages, and I just need to comment: Quinn is literally the cutest child I have ever seen. His facial expressions kill me! Those cheeks!!

      1. @Tina: We are doing it, but also 20 days (or maybe 18) because we both travel for work! But 18 days of sweet things is better than 0, right? Yesterday we didn’t do anything because the boyfriend didn’t get home until after 10 p.m., and that’s my bedtime 🙂

  3. Love your 24 Days of togetherness each year! This year my hubby and I are joining in on this! Ours day 1 was do an anoynoumous good deed, so I am picking a family/child from a giving tree to donate gifts to!

  4. So cute! I created a 24 Days of Togetherness for our household too. I really love reading about your fun activities!

  5. My husband and I are doing it for the first time (we just got married in October), and I am so excited! We bought out tree on the 30th, so last night (12/1) our first activity was to start decorating it. Tonight, its ‘make dinner together’! I absolutely LOVE the idea, and can’t wait to do all of our activities.

  6. I’m not taking part in the twenty-four days of togetherness but love reading about yours! Also, I looked at the picture you posted last year and, wow…what a difference a year makes. Kids grow so quickly! Absolutely adorable 🙂

  7. My goodness! Quinn is adorable next to the little trees! I now believe we need to get a toddler sized tree for our little guy. Thanks for the idea!!

  8. we are participating! day 1 was pick a Christmas book out– my little girl picked a finger puppet book out about snowmen

  9. This is the first year doing 24 Days of Togetherness with my boyfriend and I… last night I drew “Go to Ivanna Cone” which is a yummmmmy ice cream place here in my town. He got a Pecan Pie flavor and I got a White Chocolate Pumpkin with crushed up pretzels, both in a waffle cone. We both died, they were so good. It was so much fun just getting ice cream a walking downtown after that and looking at all of the Christmas lights. Definitely a good one to start off the 24 days!

  10. We are doing it this year! We did it 3 years ago but missed the last two. So sad! Our day 1 was also planned, we took Ellie to My Gym for their Cocoa with Santa event! She had her picture taken and of course was not happy about it.

  11. We are taking part 🙂 our first time & we are excited.

    Yesterday we kicked off with Visit Santa 🙂 my little one is 15 mo old. It was also planned as we already had plans to see Santa but it was still fun! Love this idea so much.

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