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This post is sponsored by Legacybox.

Hi, friends!

How’s your holiday shopping going? Are you cruising through your list or are you stumped with what to buy that special someone in your life? Or maybe you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect gift for that person who has everything? Well, let me introduce you to Legacybox. You might just finish your holiday shopping today!


Legacybox is a service that helps you digitally preserve any format of outdated memories– from VHS tapes to Super 8 film and everything in between– so you can relive them, again and again. And it’s so easy to do. (I promise, it won’t take all day!) Legacybox sends you a kit that you fill with any and all formats in your collection.


For me, it was a zillion random photos that never made it into photo albums (just shoe boxes that moved from house to house) and negatives that I’ve hung onto for years (I’m talking 15-20 years) for fear of throwing away memories, but, deep down, I knew I’d never get around to developing them. I just couldn’t toss them into the trash, ya know?


But, this is why Legacybox is so great. All of those wonderful memories can now be digitally preserved and organized.


The Legacybox kit includes a guide, round-trip (pre-paid) shipping, crush-proof box, and personal concierge, so you can talk to an expert any time if you have questions or concerns.

SAM_5415 (1024x683)

Legacybox uses unique bar codes to track and ensure that your memories stay safe throughout the entire process, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting lost.


You just place the bar code stickers on your items before you pack them away in your Legacybox kit.




And just to make sure you haven’t missed any steps, Legacybox includes a handy check list, so you know everything is done correctly and your memories are safe and sound before they are digitally preserved.

SAM_5448 (1024x683)

A few weeks later, I received my original photos and negatives along with a Legacybox DVD and USB drive with all of my digital files, ready to share and enjoy.


The whole process was incredibly simple and stress-free, and now my random boxes of photos and negatives are organized and preserved. Hey, it only took me a couple of decades to do it!


Some memories highlights from my Legacybox:

At the top of Camel’s Hump with Mal back in 2004

Haupert (166)

Having some fun at Bumpy’s in Schenectady, New York, circa 2002

Haupert (54)

Bonfire fun times with my sister and cousin, summer 2005

Haupert (112)

A wedding at Black Butte Ranch, summer 2004

Haupert (102)

My college graduation, June 2002 

Haupert (81)

I hope you guys enjoyed my little blast from the past! And if you’re interested in purchasing Legacybox for yourself or a loved one this holiday season, here is a special discount code to save you 40% off your Legacybox. Just click here and use the code CAKE at checkout.

Questions of the Day

Are you a photo/photo album/negatives collector?

Do you know someone who could use a Legacybox in their life?

How do you currently preserve these kinds of memories? 



  1. I love the idea of LegacyBox! I can definitely think of a couple people who would enjoy it… thanks for the discount code!

    Most of my photos are already digital—I just have a couple photo albums here and there from elementary / junior / high school. Which is kind of hard to believe, that 10 years ago digital cameras weren’t the norm. How quickly things change…

  2. This is great! One of the reasons that I started my blog was because I had all of these pictures of great experiences and I wanted share them in a way that was more meaningful way than just posting them to instagram.

  3. I love the idea of Legacybox. I never heard of it before but I really like the idea. I love collecting a photos in an album – it makes it more real to me as opposed to just keeping them on the computer.

  4. Love this idea!!

    Sort of creepy question but in that photo of you and Mal in the zip lock bag, are you in front of the Mods at BC?! I’m an alum and would recognize those little red houses anywhere, ha!

  5. Wow, what an awesome/unique concept! I have a ton of old family VHS tapes and photos and this would be the ideal solution for me! I never knew a service like this was around.

  6. Legacybox is a great idea! I wake up to a view of Camel’s Hump every day! I live about 30 minutes away from the mountain and have hiked it several times. I have many pictures of the sun setting over the hump!

  7. Silly question- they return your photos right? I would love to do this for my wedding pics, but only have the negatives. It would be nice to have digital and the negatives.


  8. This would be a perfect gift for my dad! He meticulously makes photo albums but the older ones from when he was growing up are completely falling apart and the photos get damaged. I love this idea-it takes something we always want to do, but are unlikely to find the (extensive) amount of time to do to! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. This is second blog that I saw featuring this. What a wonderful idea. I have so many picts from my parents house that I should do this for.

  10. thanks for the fantastic gift idea and the generous coupon- this is PERFECT for my grandmother! just placed my order!!!

  11. This is such a great idea!! Definitely the perfect gift for pretty much anyone…no sifting through so many boxes and unopened photo albums anymore, trying to scan everything yourself! Although, it is pretty fun reliving those memories like you did 🙂

  12. Is there a time limit between when you order the kit and when you have to send it back? I would like to take advantage of the coupon code and I have a big organization project on my list of New Year resolutions but won’t have time to dig through my photos until after the holidays.

  13. What a great gift idea!! But what excited me the most is that you know where Schenectady is!!! I know bumpys well!!

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