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Hi, I'm Tina!

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.

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Wow, I am totally blown away by the comments and emails that I’ve received from you guys. Thank you so much for your support and well wishes. I actually got a little choked up reading them today. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. It really does make things less scary. Again, thank you.


I tried to keep lunch bland and easy on the intestines by eating chicken and rice soup with some Popchips and plenty of water. This meal mostly kept my insides happy.

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Just a little while ago, I snacked on a Raw Revolution Bar, which was very tasty. Hopefully, it doesn’t upset my stomach!

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Even though I’m dealing with some health issues right now, I plan to keep CNC as ”˜normal’ as possible. I’ll probably talk about my health here and there, but I don’t want it to be the main focus of my blog. You’ll also probably see some changes in the foods that I eat, but, hopefully, things will be back to normal soon. (I’m taking four different drugs! I better start to feel well soon!)

Three Questions Thursday

Here’s the next installment of  Three Questions Thursday! Keep those questions coming!

You said you gained ten pounds training for your marathon in January, and I wondered how that happened. I’ve lost weight running, and your comment made me wonder if I’m doing something wrong. Was it muscle you gained? Any clarification you can provide would be most grateful. 

Basically, I consumed more calories than I burned, so I put on weight. Here are a few posts about my marathon weight gain:

Could you maybe make a post about fitting in fitness/workouts for people who have a job where they are not their own boss? I find it very difficult to sometimes relate to your posts because you work from home, and can do things whenever you want. I feel as though if I had a more flexible schedule, it would be a breeze to run every day. But when I have to be in an office at a certain time, for an amount of time that I don’t get to choose for myself”¦ it becomes difficult to take your advice on exercising.

My two biggest tips for fitting exercise into your day:

  • Become a morning exerciser. For me, getting my workout done in the morning sets a healthy tone, so I make healthier decisions all day long. Plus, there are fewer obstacles to prevent me from working out. I mean, there isn’t much going on at 5:00 AM, so it’s easier to stick with my exercise routine.
  • Schedule your workouts into your week. Every Sunday night (when I worked full-time and now), I plan my workouts for the upcoming week. Whether it’s a group exercise class, easy run, or day off, they all get put into my calendar, which helps me find time for exercise (even if it’s just 20 minutes) and keeps me accountable. Once my workouts are scheduled for the week, I plan everything else (errands, social events, etc.) around them. Planning out my workouts also helps get me into the right state of mind. For instance, if I know I only have 45 minutes for a workout, I mentally prepare myself to boogie, so I can get changed into workout clothes, break a sweat, and get back to my life.

Before I worked from home, I used to write about this topic all of time on CNC, so here are a few more helpful posts:

How did you go from working full-time to blogging? Do you have any tips for those of us who work full-time, but have a blog too?

In October 2009, I quit my fancy-schmancy, full-time job at Harvard to blog for a living, but resigning from my job didn’t happen overnight. It took months and months of planning and calculated decisions, which I explain in this post. Basically, I made a list of what was important to me and then came up with game plan to achieve my goal. It wasn’t easy (there was plenty of stress and crying involved), but, eventually, it worked out. As for tips, check out this post: Blogging Tips for the 9-to-5.

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  1. I really liked your reference to blogging while you were full-time working… looks like things turned out for you! CNC is a favorite blog of mine… your workout tips are inspiring even when oftentimes I am {largely} uninspired to work out because all my fitness buddies are back in the States.

    Cheers from Holland! X

  2. Tina, I don’t know how many times I have read your posts about early morning workouts and every time it reinspires me to get my butt out of bed and workout in the morning. Thank you for sharing your awesome tips with us.

    You are an inspiration to us all. I know things are tough right now, but know that people all over the world are thinking of you. I hope you have a happy cookie friday coming your way!

  3. i think you’ll figure out how to handle the whole health/blog thing. there was a while when i thought i might be prediabetic, which made blogging very difficult, b/c i have a problem with sugar and knew people would be judging me for it. long story short, i’m not – my blood levels are now fine – but it was a weird time for me and the blog, figuring out what to reveal and not to. ultimately, it’s not others’ opinions that matter but our own health – both physical AND mental – that counts

  4. Your morning exercise tips certainly helped me get into the habit last year and now I can’t imagine otherwise! It is absolutely the best form of exercise and oddly enough, I feel tired on the days that I don’t fit in pre-work exercise!

    Glad your insides are feeling ok after today’s eats , Tina and hopefully you’re on the path to recovery!

  5. hmmm… I like the idea of becoming a morning exerciser, but I do struggle to fit that around the rest of life – I rarely get to bed before 11 ish (due to evening commitments, and a partner that doesn’t go to bed that early!) and in order to exercise pre-work I’d need to get up at 5:30, which would just leave me feeling very sleep deprived! I guess I’ll have to commit to more walks in my lunch breaks!

  6. Tina, you’re inspiring. To me – and clearly, to many others. Its impressive that you’ve made the challenging transition from an in-the-office 9 to 5er to being your own boss. Its a transition I’m working on right now myself, and while there are many difficulties that have arisen along the way, ultimately its something I feel I have to do. Your posts give me hope as I plod along, trying to create a new career for myself.

  7. Hi Tina, I’m so sorry to hear you aren’t well – my partner is struggling with a similar situation. Have you tried bananas to see how your stomach reacts to them? They’re very easy to digest and I’m sure you’re missing your fresh produce.

    Feel better soon!

  8. I’ve had IBS since I was 5 years old and there was about a 5 year phase where I would get sick every single day. I’ve outgrown it to the point where I only get sick about once every 3 months or so, but I can still get VERY sick to the point of the gory details similar to what you described.

    Being that I had it when I was so young, it’s something I’ve learned to live with and not let it get in the way of my living my life. My mom used to always keep my pills in her purse for when I got sick and my family and I simply just accepted it as a part of life. Have I spent a lot of time in public restrooms? Yes, but it was entirely worth it since I never missed out on any of life’s experiences.

    Although I’m certain it seems difficult right now, I can assure you that you can live a perfectly normal life and experience absolutely everything life has to offer you with this digestive issue. Good luck and hope you find more answers soon!

  9. I just got up on the healthy issues…what a bummer. I hope you start feel better soon and the meds work out for you! My Mom went through this and had to eliminate many things from her diet and then slowly re-introduce them. Good luck with it!! You can do it!

  10. And staying positive is a must! Let me first say I’m sorry about your health issues. Sounds painful, both physically and financially. Whatever the outcome of your tests please know you’ll be fine. It may take some time and you may need to change your lifestyle but you will survive and thrive!! I’ll share my experience (very quickly). I’m 41, married my high school sweetheart at 21. We have two small children, ages 5 & 7. Four years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. I thought my life was over. My son had just turned 1 and my daughter was 3!!!!! I didn’t have an option, I went thru treatment. I did 4 months of chemotherapy (lost ALL of my beautiful hair), radiation, 2 major surgeries (loosing my breast), and over a year of infusions I am still here!! And I am thriving and kicking butt. I refuse to let a little thing like CANCER get in my way of living life to the fullest. I’m a survivor and so are you!! Currently I’m training to run a full marathon (early next year). I’m sorry to hear about your health issues but know that you’re stronger than you think and you’ll be okay. We have the inner strength to pull through and I have a pretty good feeling you’ll find yours. Thank you for CNC, it has helped me greatly. Hang in there!

  11. I just started a blog today after reading you and tons of other bloggers for over 10 years. I know my blog will not be nearly as popular or interesting as all of yours but I still think it’s a fun hobby. I could never see doing it as a job! It must be a lot of hard work.

  12. I’ve recently had intestinal problems this year as well :/ but with a slightly different problem. I’m so sorry about your scare, but I can guarantee you my wellness prayers! Hope you feel better soon!

  13. Tina, I’m so sorry you have this to deal with. That being said, I would get in touch with health nutritionist, or even a holistic naturopathic doctor for a second opinion before you make any whole sale changes to your diet or lifestyle. It’s been my experience that you can change 5 things but it’s the one you aren’t even aware of that’s really causing the problem. Hang in there, as others have said, a positive outlook will help immensely. You are in a wonderful area to find someone to help you figure this out, it will save you time, money and sanity in the long run too, lol!

  14. Hi, I really enjoy your blog and somewhat can relate to your health issues. I get intestinal blockages. When this happens, Im in the hospital with a tube up nose straight to my stomach, for three days.
    Anyway, I was reading that your favorite foods makes you sick, like ice coffee and beer… have you thought maybe in addition to your health issue you may be pregnant??? just a thought, because usually coilitis doesn’t give that effect. but then again, I’m no expert.
    Hope you feel better,

  15. My advice is to get a second and third opionion if you are unhappy with the info your doctor is giving you. I started with tough health issues and after 2 outpatient surgies and seeing many specialist, I finally found the right doc that figured out I had a autoimmune disease. I now am able to manage it and feel pretty good most days. Its very easy to be discouraged but keep asking and pushing. Its your body and your health.

  16. Hey Tina,
    I’m super behind on my google reader but I wanted to comment
    I know you mentioned your insurance was lackluster and mine is too
    and it has no prescription coverage. But I found a free one in the val-paks (do they have that in your part of the state ?) If you want the info email me and i will send it to you.

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