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So long New York City!

My trip to the Big Apple was over before I knew it, but it was a good one and I’m so glad I got to see some of my favorite CrossFit athletes and spend time with my blog friends. Now, I’m on the Bolt Bus back to Boston.

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Theodora woke up early this morning to run, so I caught up on email, watched the news, and ate breakfast while she was getting her sweat on.


For breakfast, I started with a sliced banana with a huge glob of sunflower butter.

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While I ate, I watched 98 Degrees (yep, like Nick Lachey) perform on The Today Show. I was never a huge fan of the group when they were together back in the day, but I surprisingly enjoyed their performance this morning. They were also quite charming during the interview portion of the segment.

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I’m actually not sure how I feel about all of these boy man bands getting back together. It’s kind of cool, but also weird, right? They’re so old now! Ha!

Right after I finished eating my banana with sunflower butter, I ate a NoGii bar.

005 (640x480)

A few minutes later, I realized a banana + sunflower butter and a single NoGii bar just wasn’t going to cut it for breakfast, so I ate another NoGii bar. It wasn’t the best breakfast ever, but it worked.

006 (640x480)

When Theodora returned from her run, she brought me a fun surprise: Starbucks Passion iced tea! Yay!

008 (640x480)

A little while later, Theodora and I hopped in a cab to 34th and 8th to catch the Bolt Bus to Boston.

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We originally bought tickets for the 1:00 PM bus, but Ashley had tickets for an earlier bus and we wanted to ride with her, so we showed up around 9:15 and prayed that the bus gods would let us on standby.

012 (640x480)

Success! Theodora and I scored seats on the earlier bus!

015 (640x480)


I ate a late-ish breakfast, but our bus didn’t get into Boston until 2:15 PM, so I bought a Protein Box at Starbucks to hold me over. (I didn’t eat the roll or cheese.)

013 (640x480)

I also snacked on some almond clusters.

014 (640x480)

Boston Harbor Cruise Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered yesterday’s giveaway to win two tickets to a Boston Harbor Cruise! Here’s your winner:

Kristin Pizzi

Definitely sunse cruise Smile 

Congrats, Kristin! Please email me at with your full name and address to claim your prize.

Question of the Day

What do you think about these man bands getting back together? Were you ever into boy bands? Which ones were your favorite?

I loved NKOTB, obviously. I {heart} Joey 4-eva. I also kind of liked Hanson and Backstreet Boys, but only because of sorority pledging (and some ‘gentle’ hazing). I still smile whenever I hear two specific songs. 

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