2012 Healthy Living Summit Cocktail Party

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When I last left you, I was on my way back to Boston via Bolt Bus. Theodora, Ashley, and I arrived at South Station just before 3:00 PM and then hopped in a cab to the Hyatt Regency Cambridge for the 2012 Healthy Living Summit.

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After an extra long bus ride (we spent 40 minutes at an Arby’s waiting for people to use the bathroom and buy food), we were all starving, so our first order of business when we arrived at the hotel was finding lunch. The hotel had a convenience store/café in the lobby, so we purchased food there. I bought a salad with chicken, sundried tomatoes and guacamole-lemon dressing and a bottle of coconut water. I housed it.

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With food finally in our bellies, Theodora and I headed out for a walk along the Charles River.

 IMG_0275 (750x563)

Hey, M.I.T.

IMG_0274 (750x563)

Random side note: I LOVE this hlb #SummitBucket list! Such a fun idea!

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After our walk, Theodora and I returned to the hotel and then prettied ourselves for dinner with some lovely ladies: Anne, Gretchen, and Ashley.

IMG_0285 (750x563)

The HLS cocktail party started in about an hour, so we grabbed dinner at the hotel restaurant: Zephyr on the Charles.

IMG_0284 (563x750)

We scored a table outside on the patio, so we took advantage of the photo opps.

IMG_0295 (750x563)

IMG_0291 (563x750)IMG_0289 (563x750)IMG_0293 (563x750)

IMG_0286 (750x563)

For dinner, I ordered the Lobster Cobb Salad.

IMG_0298 (563x750)

It came with lobster, hardboiled eggs, avocado, goat cheese, bacon, and a lemony-mint vinaigrette on the side.

IMG_0297 (750x563)

I never know what to expect when it comes to food at hotel restaurants, but this salad was excellent. There was a huge portion of lobster, super fresh greens, and the avocado was perfectly ripe.

IMG_0300 (750x563)

With all of my colitis issues (ugh, still not 100%), I stuck to the lobster, eggs, and avocado.

IMG_0303 (750x563)

After dinner, it was time for the HLS cocktail party!

IMG_0318 (563x750)

The cocktail party was such a fun time, and I caught up a bunch of my blog buddies. Here I am with Caitlin.

IMG_0309 (750x563)

And Bridget, Elizabeth, and Ashley.

IMG_0304 (750x563)

And Ali! Oh, how I missed her! Random fun fact: Ali won a giveaway on CNC for a ticket to the very first HLS. We’ve been friends ever since.

IMG_0314 (750x563)

The rest of my evening included fun times in the photo booth and plenty of shenanigans with a number of the ladies from Reach the Beach. Miss you Monica, Jess, Patricia, Sarah, and Melissa!

IMG_0306 (563x750)

IMG_0305 (750x563)

IMG_0307 (563x750)

IMG_0308 (750x563)

IMG_0311 (750x563)

IMG_0313 (750x563)

Good times! Love these ladies!

IMG_0315 (563x750)

I’m sad to miss the conference part of HLS today, especially the WOD with Reebok, but I’m really looking forward to the Whole9 Seminar. I’m ready to learn how food can make you healthy! Off to get ready!

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