High-Protein One-Pan Dinners

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High-protein one-pan dinners are where it’s at when it comes to your nutrition goals! There are 7 high-protein one-pan dinners in this post that you are going to love! 

High-Protein One-Pan Dinners

School is back in session this week, and I’m a little on the fence how I feel about it. Obviously, there are pros and cons to all seasons, so looking at the bright side, I actually love settling back into more of a routine. Summer is SO FUN, but all of the travel and adventures definitely had an impact on my normal eats and exercise. It’s time to get back to some sort of normal – whatever that looks like!

High-Protein Recipes for Back-to-School

I wanted to share a back-to-school recipe round-up with some of my favorite one-pan weekday dinners that can be thrown together quickly and effortlessly. Meal planning becomes so much more important once school is in session again. Plus, I kinda hate having the “what’s for dinner talk?” after a long day when I’m hungry (hangry?) and just want to eat! These meals are truly some of our absolute favorite dinners, so you’ll likely see them popping up over on my Instagram account in the coming weeks. I hope they make your evenings easier as well!

One-Pan BBQ Chicken Bacon

One of Mal’s favorite recipes – thanks to bacon! I almost always have these ingredients in our kitchen, which makes it an easy last-minute meal. Feel free to use chicken thighs or breasts, whatever you have on-hand will work.

One-Pan Sweet Potato Hash

This 3-ingredient meal comes together in no time at all, especially if you use pre-cut sweet potatoes. You can use ground chicken, turkey, or beef in this recipe, so you can try something different every time you make it!

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Cowboy Caviar Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Trader Joe’s saves the day yet again! Just a couple of pantry and freezer-friendly TJ’s staples has this dinner on the table in minutes. Plus, I just toss frozen cauliflower rice in the microwave if I’m feeling really lazy – some nights you just gotta get food on the table!

Easy Chicken Fajitas

One-pan meals are the best for busy weeknights when you need to multi-task. Just toss these ingredient in the oven while you take care of something around the house. Pair these fajitas with tortillas or use as a delicious salad topper – and don’t forget to add some guacamole!

One-Pan Roasted Kielbasa and Veggies

This sheet pan dinner is a great option when you have a bunch of veggies lurking in the produce drawer that need to be used up. Just about any veggies will work and you can substitute chicken sausage if you prefer!

One-Pan Chicken Taco Skillet

This meal tastes even better on day 2, so it’s the perfect Sunday meal prep choice. Make a big batch (or double and freeze!) and simply reheat when the family gets home!

One-Pan Parmesan Caesar Chicken

This is a brand new CNC recipe, but it’s already been requested multiple times by the men in this household. Ok, well, maybe just Mal since Quinn is still hit or miss with most foods. Either way, it’s a great one-pan meal for a quickie and seriously delicious dinner.

High-Protein One-Pan Dinners

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