Baby’s First Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree over the weekend!

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Local readers: We get our tree from the guy (Bernie) who sets up next to Curtis Liquors in Weymouth. He’s the NICEST guy ever, and I highly recommend getting your tree there!

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Jacket: Columbia Turbodown // Boots: Columbia Minx Omni-Heat // Jeans: 7 for All Mankind // Scarf: Stitch Fix (Sorry, I don’t know the brand. I cut off the tag.) 

Back at home, we put Quinn in his highchair to play while we set up the Christmas tree nearby.


He was very interested in what we were doing!

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Mal put Quinn to work untangling the Christmas lights.

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He sort of helped.


Meanwhile, Murphy pouted because we weren’t paying attention to him. Poor pug.

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Time to decorate!

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Question of the Day

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Real or fake tree?


  1. We got our Christmas tree over the weekend from Bernie! Real is the only way to go -makes the house smell so so good. Although hoping our puppy (her first Christmas) doesn’t try to eat it like she does everything else. 😉

  2. My parents go towards the fake tree route, you know the no smell but no pine needles to clean either. Although I can’t wait until I have my own place because I have always wanted a real tree!

  3. I am 29 years old and for the first time ever I’ll get to have a real Christmas tree. Family allergies and such have always prevented us (me) from having a real tree for most of my life. I am really excited for the whole “real tree” experience this year!

  4. We have a tradition of getting our tree and putting it up on Black Friday since we are not Black Friday shoppers. Our girls know that we do our tree the day after Thanksgiving and they look forward to it! Love the pic of Quinn with all the Christmas lights. Would make a cute Christmas card pic 🙂

  5. We have a nice fake tree that my parents gave us when they downsized to a condo. It’s not my favorite but I really hate cleaning up pine needles lol. We haven’t set it up yet. Probably next weekend. I’m apprehensive this year bc I have a VERY mobile 1 year old.

  6. How fun! Everything is much more festive with a little one around, isn’t it? No tree for me in the city this year, because my husband and I will be gone for a while and just don’t have the room. But we always did fake trees in the past. Happy December to you!

  7. We just got our tree this weekend, too! It’s our first Christmas as a married couple and our first tree together. I always grew up with fake trees with white lights, and my husband had real trees with multi-color lights. We compromised and put up a real tree with white lights. It looks (and smells) great!!

  8. That’s where we buy our tree too!! We’re sadly skipping the tradition this year…I’m pregnant and don’t have the energy. But sooo looking forward to taking my little baby there next year for his/her first tree!!

  9. We got our real tree on Saturday. I decorated it while sipping egg nog w/ a splash of rum! My husband was on baby duty (3 week olds don’t wait for you to finish decorating, lol)

  10. We have not yet gotten our tree – I’m hopeful that we’ll get it this weekend. Always real. Nothing beats the smell of a Christmas tree! I’ve started decorating our house and quickly realized that I don’t have nearly enough holiday decorations for a house! It’s our first Christmas not living in an apartment.

    Your tree looks beautiful! I bet Quinn loves the bright colors!

  11. We have a much smaller house this year, so we found a $10 3-foot tree at Menard’s. It’s so tiny and cute, but sits pretty nicely next to the front door. Not decorated yet, but all of that is getting done this week. We’ve decided to decorate it using our Disney ornaments and Cinderella “Angel.” Gonna be epic!

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