Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week + An Awesome Giveaway

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Heyyyyyy! It’s Crohns’s & Colitis Awareness Week! Get excited, people!


Ok, ok. IBD is not at all glamorous or fun, but it’s a cause that’s really important to me, so I’m using my blog as a way to create some awareness around the disease. That said, I’m hosting an awesome giveaway (sponsored by yours truly) with a bunch of my favorite things as a way to entice you to learn something new about IBD.

Here’s what one lucky CNC reader will win:

Crohn's & Colitis Awareness Week Giveaway

A jar of Teddie Peanut Butter

A jar of Nikki’s vanilla cake batter coconut butter

A signed copy of my book

A JUNK headband

1-pound bag of Marylou’s coffee (your choice of flavor)

$100 credit to Stitch Fix

Pretty sweet, right? It might just be the best giveaway on CNC yet!

To enter: Just click over to the CCFA website, learn something new about IBD, and leave a comment about what you learned. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Wednesday. Good luck!

P.S. Help raise awareness for IBD this by doing one of these activities!

P.P.S. You can get 20% off at Nikki’s Coconut Butter with code cybermonday14!



  1. I learned the difference between IBS and IBD and more about autoimmune disorders. I also didn’t know it was so common and am glad to see that research funding is a big priority.

  2. I had no idea that UC and Chron’s affected different parts of the body and UC affects only the colon. Either way, it sounds like a horrible autoimmune disease.

  3. I was diagnosed with colitis in August 2012 and have had lots of ups and downs with the disease, but have been in remission for the past several months thanks to Remicade. I really appreciate you bringing awareness of the disease and hope that Remicade works for you as well!

  4. I have crohns and I will give something I learned from personal experience. I know crohns is worse then UC due to it effecting the entire GI system but I never knew it could be as bad in the sense that they use Remicade for UC, I thought it was crohns only. Also most people don’t know and I also learned that since UC and crohns are diffrent diseases you can have both and a lot of people with crohns and UC are not aware of that!

  5. I learned about the differences and treatments for Crohns and UC. Both which cause a lot of damage to the intestines of the individual. I am glad that they are making new treatments in order to make the symptoms more manageable!

  6. I learned that there is financial help for those with th Crohn’s disease (like me), and colitis. I swear I owe money to every hospital and imaging facility between Charlotte and Wilmington, NC! Lol!

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