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Good morning, friends!


I had my 39-week appointment yesterday morning. I can’t believe it was probably one of my last appointments before Baby H. arrives. I still remember my 20-week appointment and thinking the final weeks seemed so far away, but now they’re here. We’re going to have a tiny baby in no time at all!

Before I left for my appointment, I stopped by Marylou’s for some iced coffee since the drive is long and it’s nice to have a little treat to distract me while sitting in traffic. I actually forgot about the Cape traffic after the holiday weekend, so I ended up being almost 15 minutes late to my appointment, but, thankfully, my doctor was running a little behind, so it all worked out.

IMG_2968 (900x900)


Before I left my house, I ate breakfast, which was Mini Homemade Waffles with fresh raspberries and almond butter. Mmm! (There was also a handful of peanut M&Ms after breakfast!)

IMG_2970 (900x675)

Everything went well at my appointment. I am still 1.5 cm dilated and my cervix has started to thin, so I am making progress, but it’s up to Baby H. when he wants to come. Mal keeps trying to get him moving by telling him he should be a May baby like him, but I’m not sure he understands any of that. I know he’ll come when he’s ready. We’re just super excited to meet him already!


After I drove home from my appointment, I was more than ready to eat lunch. Thankfully, we had a bunch of goodies from my Sunday Cook-Up waiting in the fridge, so all I had to do was reheat them. Lunch in minutes!

IMG_9604 (900x675)


After lunch, I ate a bunch of fresh pineapple. One of Mal’s coworkers told him she ate a whole pineapple and then went into labor the next day. I love pineapple, so I figured I would give it a try. I ate almost the entire container over the course of the afternoon and evening, but… no luck. Oh well.



I am still dealing with some pretty bad flare stuff, so my doctor said to try to get some extra iron in my diet. I mentioned this to Mal, so he whipped up a batch of his famous American Chop Suey. It’s just elbow pasta with ground beef and Campbell’s tomato soup, but it’s pretty darn good!



SAM_0057 (900x600)

I finished off the evening with a piece of cinnamon raisin toast with melted butter.


This Glutino bread is almost like a dessert! Almost. So good!


Question of the Day

Moms, do you have any fun natural remedy stories for encouraging labor? 



  1. I tried everything…sex, acupuncture, walking, exercise, bouncing on a fitness ball, spicy foods, pineapple, nipple stimulation, evening primrose oil, labor inducing massage… And none of it worked. I even pushed my induction date out hoping she’d make an appearance but at 11 days past my due date and 2 rounds of cervidil to ripen my cervix I still was only dialated to 1.5. At that point I opted for an early epidural and that’s what did the trick. Baby was born 5 hours later. Basically babies come when they’re ready but if you have to be induced it’s not the end of the world.

  2. As a first time mom, it’s so difficult to wait, but odds are you’ll go past your due date. Enjoy the quiet now (as much as you can)! Everyone has advice what got their baby out, but truly truly the babies come out when they’re ready. I tried sex, spicy foods, pineapple, bumpy roads but none of it helped. Ended up getting my membranes stripped when I was 10 days past due and baby arrived the day after.

  3. So sorry you’re still flaring. 🙁 We like American Chop Suey in this house as well. That’s how I had it growing up, but my husband likes to add a dash of Worcestershire sauce as well as some sauteed onions and peppers, and I have to say that I’ve been converted.
    Have you thought about trying acupuncture?

  4. My friend introduced me to American chop suey a few years ago but she called it penne surprise. Why is it a surprise? Well, you never know what will get mixed in with the pasta and tomato soup! Cheese, hotdogs, beef, chicken…it’s all wonderful and super tasty!

  5. He’ll be here so soon! At the restaurant I used to work at, there was a salad that supposedly “induced labor”. The combo was spinach, gorgonzola, chicken, apples, walnuts, and a vinegarette dressing. There were tons of success stories of women eating it around their due date and going into labor within 12 hours. No idea if it was really what did it or if it was coincidence. Good luck! Baby H. will come when he is ready!

  6. Oh that waiting at the end is so so hard! I feel for ya.

    My baby wasn’t born until 15 days past her due date! I did EVERYTHING under the sun (pineapple, spicy foods, walking, etc) to get labor going, but I didn’t want to be induced (and b/c baby was fine and doc was okay with it), she came on her own”¦finally. I went into labor 13 days past due, and she was born on the 15th day (30+ hour labor”¦..)

    So, what I finally did was take castor oil (I know!, I know!) and then went to an acupuncture appt the next day. I started having intense contractions on the table–so I know that definitely got it all going. I was in active labor that evening, 4 hours later!

  7. I make the same thing, but I add diced onions to mine, and my mom used to call it goulash. 🙂 It’s still a family favorite, and my 14 year old LOVES it.

    1. @teresa: we add green or red peppers onions and garlic and put grated cheese on top( were Italian lol), its so good and a pot does not last long in my house. the tomato soup is the best way to make it.

  8. I did not try and induce as I wanted to wait for my kiddo to come when he was ready. He came at 41w1d and I am glad I waited. He was on the smaller side and I am glad I did not try and get him to come early.

    We lived less that five minutes from here at the time, though and they are known for there eggplant parm as a labor inducer.

    There is even a recipe floating around online!

  9. I haven’t been getting your e-mails in two weeks. I never had any trouble before. I have checked my spam and nothing there either. now what? I tried to join again,but it say’s I am already a member and won’t help me. so what is the problem? I thought you had the baby and was not sending out anything. help! jana

    1. There’s a problem with FeedBurner. Some people get the emails and some don’t. Hopefully, FB fixes it soon! Sorry for the confusion.

  10. Sex, sex and more sex… got you where you are, it will help get you where you want to be. Ha!

  11. I went for a 3 mile walk and got my hair cut the day I went into labor. I also gave myself a pedicure. I think my daughter felt I ready to finally see me since my hair and toes look good.

  12. At 42 weeks and a baby who would be almost ten pounds, my grandmother told me to drink castor oil and have my husband drive me on the bumpiest road in town! I was so desperate -we did it and guess what happened? No baby. Had to be scheduled to come in to get the labor started. …for all 3 of my boys! My water never broke..for any of my pregnancies! I tell everyone my boys came “BY APPOINTMENT ONLY” lol

  13. The thing about pineapple is to eat some of the core. that’s where the enzyme is. I ate half a pineapple (with core) and went into labor that night at 39 weeks.


    Towards the end of my pregnancy, my husband would take me out every Wednesday for dinner just to give me something to look forward to if the baby was still a no show. On my due date, I went to the gym, worked all day, then went out for Italian with my husband. I’d heard eggplant parm was a natural inducement and although I didn’t believe it, I love it and ordered some. And yeah, I was in labor within a few hours and had my son the next evening. I’m sure it was a coincidence but who doesn’t like eggplant parm?!

    On a more serious note, I remember well how annoying those last few weeks are but enjoy any downtime you can get right now because the first couple months are insane in a way you can’t imagine until you’re in the middle of it.

  15. My water broke two weeks before my due date with my first and then my other two were scheduled C-sections so I don’t have any advice to offer. It must be hard to be patient once you’re at the end. I know I was more than ready at 38 weeks when my water broke. I honestly believe they miscalculated my due date.
    Good Luck Tina and just try to get as much sleep as possible!

  16. Sex.. my water broke that night at midnight.. unfortunately my daughter (now almost 3 years old) was not ready to come though.. I was induced that morning around 11.. started pushing at midnight until 3:30ish and finally had to have a C-section.. My pelvis was to tiny for her “big” noggin 😉 Best of luck!!!

  17. I also ate lots of pineapple, and also tried reflexology and climbing stairs. Those didn’t work 🙁 My water broke while at Target (slow leak, not a big gush) nine days after my due date. So maybe go shopping? I know how hard it is play the waiting game – hang in there, go see a movie and get a mani/pedi!

  18. My first was 9 days early. I seriously thought I made myself go into labor by taking a 5 mile walk that morning. Then my second daughter was also 9 days early with no walking lol. Now I think my body is just done at 38 weeks 5 days. The waiting is so hard!

  19. can you tell us more about this chop suey? looks delish and I know my husband would love it. thanks 🙂

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