What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

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I am all packed and ready to go! Just waiting on Baby H. now!

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Thank you for all of your awesome packing suggestions on my previous post about what to pack in my hospital bag. I definitely took away some great ideas from you guys. And, with that said, here’s what’s inside my hospital bag!

What to pack in your hospital bag - packing list


On the hospital tour, I learned that I really didn’t need to bring too much for the baby since the hospital provides so much (i.e. receiving blankets, diapers, pacifiers, socks). We just need to make sure we have an installed car seat and a going home outfit for him, so I kept my packing light. Plus, a bunch of you guys suggested bringing an extra bag for all of the baby and mom supplies that the hospital will send us home with, so I made sure that our baby bag was as empty as possible.

018 (900x675)

Inside the baby bag:

  1. Going home outfit complete with a ridiculously cute hat.
  2. Stuffed animal pug – totally unnecessary.
  3. Long sleeve going home outfit just in case it’s cold the day we go home.

baby bag for hospital  (900x675)


I packed lots of comfy, loose-fitting, and dark colored clothing since I hear the days right after giving birth are uncomfortable and can be somewhat messy. I also hear that the hospital will provide some sweet disposable granny panties, so I only packed two pairs just in case I need them. (I can’t wait to see what those things are all about! Haha!) Again, thank you for all of your great clothing suggestions!

packed in my bag  (900x675)

Inside my clothing bag:

  1. New long, flow-y black cardigan (I figured it could double as a nursing cover up)
  2. 2 nursing tanks
  3. Going home outfit: loose fitting t-shirt + yoga pants
  4. 3 nursing bras: 2 comfy/sleeping bras + 1 more sturdy bra for going home
  5. Super comfy drawstring sweatpants
  6. Headband
  7. Pug Life socks with gripers on the bottom (the hospital will provide socks; I just wanted my cool pug ones)

What I plan on wearing to the hospital, which I will have for later on:

  • Another pair of black yoga pants
  • T-shirt
  • CrossFit 781 zip-up hoodie
  • Comfy sports bra
  • Rainbow flip flops


Once again, the hospital provides a lot of the new mom products that I will likely need in the hospital (i.e. nursing pads, Lanolin, maxi pads), so I kept my toiletry packing relatively light.

013 (900x675)

Inside my toiletry bag:

  1. Make-up bag with products I use daily (i.e. make-up, deodorant, face lotion, wide-tooth comb, hair elastics, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc.)
  2. Shampoo + conditioner <— the best, super affordable conditioner ever!
  3. Body lotion
  4. Face wash
  5. Chapstick
  6. Cleansing facial wipes
  7. Razor (not pictured, but will pack)
  8. Meds (not pictured, but will pack)

toiletries for hospital


You guys had a bunch of great ideas for items that I might want during my hospital stay, so I was sure to incorporate them into my miscellaneous packing list.

miscellaneous items for hospital

  1. Reading materials (my sister said Sleeping Through the Night was really helpful)
  2. Champagne
  3. Notepad and pen to keep track of gifts from family and friends
  4. GU
  5. iPhone charger
  6. Gift for Mal

Items not pictured:

  • Camera
  • Gift for the nurses
  • Water bottle (I’m not packing one since the hospital gives us a big cup with a lid and straw, but I thought this was a genius idea!)

One of you guys suggested bringing a little gift for Mal since labor is going to be hard on him too””of course, in a totally different way, but I know it’s still going to be stressful for him””so I wanted to do something nice for him.

IMG_9551 (675x900)

Mal’s gift is just a bunch of small surprises to make his time in the hospital a little more enjoyable. Some goodies that I bought him: A magazine, book of crossword puzzles, and some of his favorite snacks. The hospital provides 24-hour access to free snacks (fruit, animal crackers, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches were mentioned), so I didn’t go overboard with them. Plus, Mal and I both get 3 meals a day while we’re in the hospital, so I think we’ll both be well fed while there!

IMG_9552 (900x675)

Question of the Day

Any last-minute things I am forgetting?

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