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I am all packed and ready to go! Just waiting on Baby H. now!

IMG_9556 (669x900)

Thank you for all of your awesome packing suggestions on my previous post about what to pack in my hospital bag. I definitely took away some great ideas from you guys. And, with that said, here’s what’s inside my hospital bag!

What to pack in your hospital bag - packing list


On the hospital tour, I learned that I really didn’t need to bring too much for the baby since the hospital provides so much (i.e. receiving blankets, diapers, pacifiers, socks). We just need to make sure we have an installed car seat and a going home outfit for him, so I kept my packing light. Plus, a bunch of you guys suggested bringing an extra bag for all of the baby and mom supplies that the hospital will send us home with, so I made sure that our baby bag was as empty as possible.

018 (900x675)

Inside the baby bag:

  1. Going home outfit complete with a ridiculously cute hat.
  2. Stuffed animal pug – totally unnecessary.
  3. Long sleeve going home outfit just in case it’s cold the day we go home.

baby bag for hospital  (900x675)


I packed lots of comfy, loose-fitting, and dark colored clothing since I hear the days right after giving birth are uncomfortable and can be somewhat messy. I also hear that the hospital will provide some sweet disposable granny panties, so I only packed two pairs just in case I need them. (I can’t wait to see what those things are all about! Haha!) Again, thank you for all of your great clothing suggestions!

packed in my bag  (900x675)

Inside my clothing bag:

  1. New long, flow-y black cardigan (I figured it could double as a nursing cover up)
  2. 2 nursing tanks
  3. Going home outfit: loose fitting t-shirt + yoga pants
  4. 3 nursing bras: 2 comfy/sleeping bras + 1 more sturdy bra for going home
  5. Super comfy drawstring sweatpants
  6. Headband
  7. Pug Life socks with gripers on the bottom (the hospital will provide socks; I just wanted my cool pug ones)

What I plan on wearing to the hospital, which I will have for later on:

  • Another pair of black yoga pants
  • T-shirt
  • CrossFit 781 zip-up hoodie
  • Comfy sports bra
  • Rainbow flip flops


Once again, the hospital provides a lot of the new mom products that I will likely need in the hospital (i.e. nursing pads, Lanolin, maxi pads), so I kept my toiletry packing relatively light.

013 (900x675)

Inside my toiletry bag:

  1. Make-up bag with products I use daily (i.e. make-up, deodorant, face lotion, wide-tooth comb, hair elastics, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc.)
  2. Shampoo + conditioner <— the best, super affordable conditioner ever!
  3. Body lotion
  4. Face wash
  5. Chapstick
  6. Cleansing facial wipes
  7. Razor (not pictured, but will pack)
  8. Meds (not pictured, but will pack)

toiletries for hospital


You guys had a bunch of great ideas for items that I might want during my hospital stay, so I was sure to incorporate them into my miscellaneous packing list.

miscellaneous items for hospital

  1. Reading materials (my sister said Sleeping Through the Night was really helpful)
  2. Champagne
  3. Notepad and pen to keep track of gifts from family and friends
  4. GU
  5. iPhone charger
  6. Gift for Mal

Items not pictured:

  • Camera
  • Gift for the nurses
  • Water bottle (I’m not packing one since the hospital gives us a big cup with a lid and straw, but I thought this was a genius idea!)

One of you guys suggested bringing a little gift for Mal since labor is going to be hard on him too””of course, in a totally different way, but I know it’s still going to be stressful for him””so I wanted to do something nice for him.

IMG_9551 (675x900)

Mal’s gift is just a bunch of small surprises to make his time in the hospital a little more enjoyable. Some goodies that I bought him: A magazine, book of crossword puzzles, and some of his favorite snacks. The hospital provides 24-hour access to free snacks (fruit, animal crackers, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches were mentioned), so I didn’t go overboard with them. Plus, Mal and I both get 3 meals a day while we’re in the hospital, so I think we’ll both be well fed while there!

IMG_9552 (900x675)

Question of the Day

Any last-minute things I am forgetting?



  1. Hi! Looks like you are prepared! I have been home for a week now with my newborn, (it rocks!!) and looking back my bag looked a lot like yours. There was one other thing I brought that ended up being super useful. I bought an “ocean sounds” recording and had it in my itunes on my phone-I had planned on using it for myself during labour, thinking it would help me stay focused…turns out I didn’t even think about it once during labour BUT we used it after during a few of the late nights in the hospital when our little one was fussy. It was a good kind of white noise that we played a lot through the night that helped calm all of us actually. Every baby is different so you never know but I was glad to have it. Best of luck to you in this countdown-I have really enjoyed following along with your blog and used your fitness dedication and tips as inspiration during my own pregnancy. Enjoy every second of it!

  2. Do you have a baby book for baby H? If so, I would bring it so they can stamp his sweet baby footprints inside it. Other than that, it looks like you have it covered. You will probably find that you do not even use all of what you pack. But I like to be over prepared for everything…..just in case!!

  3. Wow you have some amazing readers!! It’s interesting how we all feel so connected to you through your awesome writing. It all sounds so exhilarating and terrifying at the same time as I read through the comments. (obviously I don’t have kids) You will do great.
    <3 Nicole

  4. My must haves for the hospital were a pillow from home, flip flops for the shower, chapstick, a robe, and headphones + my iPod loaded with relaxing music and my Hypnobabies tracks. Good luck to you! I really loved birthing my babies. It is such an amazing experience!

  5. I just had a baby a month ago and while it was a pain in the ass to bring, having my own pillows was a lifesaver. Sleeping is very on and off in the hospital and I was so exhausted from labor that it was nice to not also have to deal with scratchy flat pillows keeping me up.

    Also, as I’m writing this at 3am while feeding my baby…you may want to bring breastfeeding aids (lanolin, my breast friend/boppy) to help you when you’re first learning if you’re deciding to go that route.


  6. My daughter is 2 months old, and the thing I was most glad we had was the breast feeding pillow. It made it so much easier when everything about nursing is so overwhelming at first! Also, we were so grateful for the white noise app! Good luck! Know night 2 is really tough – lots of cluster feeding!

  7. I agree on a nursing pillow if you have one and you’re planning on nursing. Breastfeeding can be tricky to get the hang of and it’s nice to have people (lactation nurses) helping you in the hospital to figure it out but it also helps to have all the helping tools like the pillow while they’re helping you figure it out. I had a Bobby and ended up getting the My Breast Friend a few weeks later after having the tot, which I preferred. Good luck and God Bless!

  8. You are so prepared!!! I did my nursing school rotation on the labor delivery floor this semester and I think you are pretty well covered. There will be a lot of waiting, a lot of pushing, and then a lot of loving 🙂 The nurses and doctors will be in every hour so get used to the lack of privacy! Good luck!

  9. You definitely look like you are well prepared! If you manage to use that razor…big respect to you! lol. I think a shower and brushing my teeth was gold as an accomplishment.

    Good luck!! Love the bag for dad!!

  10. I really liked having my nursing pillow with me. I used a Brest Friend Pillow and LOVED it. That stayed in the car until after delivery, then hubs went and got it for the recovery room.

    Some hospitals are really weird about bringing your own meds with you. Did you talk to your OB about it? I have found that the doctor has given me thumbs up to bring my own, and then the nurses throw a fit when I took them. But sometimes waiting for 4 hrs to get a small dose of tylenol is unacceptable! I also found it VERY helpful to have a list of all my meds I take, dosages and times, printed out for quick reference. The anesthesiologist really likes to know details of what is in your system before giving you anything, like an epidural if that is what you need. Or even if you end up having a c-section.

  11. You look very prepared. My only comment is that after labour (I’ve had 3 babies) I was always really keyed up, and my mind was racing. Reading helped calm me down a little (I’m a big reader) but books and anything heavy took way too much concentration, so magazines were what did it for me. Books were useless.

    Good call on the dad bag with the snacks – I did that too when we had our last & he really appreciated having the snacks handy.

    One last tip – make sure the hospital gives you a mild laxative after you give birth, or bring your own just in case. The first hospital I delivered at didn’t, but the hospital I delivered my last 2 babies at did, and it makes a HUGE difference.

    Good luck! I hope everything goes really, really well for you!

  12. I would also put a boppy or nursing pillow in the car with you JUST IN CASE — I did but never used it – i used a regular pillow to assist in nursing, but you might want one.

    Also – do you have nursing pads?! Depending on how long you’re in the hospital and when your milk comes in you may need them!

    ha, like a previous commenter said – if you use your razor i’ll be totally impressed ;)… The robe is also a great add on (i found) to help cover up your bum, if you have a vaginal birth you basically wear a diaper for a couple days and you can see the padding with yoga pants when you’re walking around – so that is good!

  13. um that BAG!? So cute, where did you get it?

    I ended up under packing comfy clothes and wish I had a few more options for tops so it’s also good to have some comfortable things that will make you feel a little more “human”. Best wishes to the three of you!! Can’t wait to see baby pictures!

  14. I suggest packing a bag of snacks for mal for during labor and then your hospital stay. I made sure to have apples, bananas, loaf of bread, pb, trail mix, granola bars, crackers, etc. He has to keep his energy up during labor too!

  15. You seem really organised and such an exciting time for you. It sounds like the hospitals in America provide much more than England.
    What a lovely idea to do Mal a gift bag of suprises.
    Also pleased that Murphy seems ok now.

  16. Wow–impressive! That was really nice of you to get something for Mal. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it! The little outfits are too cute, and I agree that the stuffed pug is necessary. Speaking of pugs, I love how Murphy is posing in the toiletries picture all Vanna White-esque.

  17. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this or not, but with the lanolin – I used it while I was in the hospital and for a few days, and I was in a lot of pain up there (that I thought was from my daughters latch) – turns out, it was the lanolin. If you have trouble wearing wool (it makes you itchy) – don’t use lanolin! I switched to coconut oil and it was much better. Lanolin is a fatty substance found on sheep’s wool, so if you have a hard time tolerating a wool sweater, just skip the lanolin and use olive or coconut oil! Can’t wait for baby H to get here!!

  18. You’re so prepared–way to go!

    I loved having my pillow. I brought it in a dark colored pillowcase (so I wouldn’t forget it among all the hospital whites), and it was AWEsome to have!

  19. My hospital gives out the disposable granny panties, which are basically green mesh boy-type underpants, and seriously I would steal every.single.pair I could find. They seriously save the day! So search in cupboards high and low and stash them in your bag. They are snug and hold the enormous pad in place, mostly. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Birth stories are simply a piece of heaven.

  20. Wow, you are well prepared! Can’t even say after three children I would be that prepared 🙂 Good luck and enjoy every moment of this exciting time!!

  21. I don’t know if anyone said this already but I’d wait to put the pug socks on until after the baby is born. Birth can be a messy business and since they’re so stinking cute you don’t want to have to change into something not quite as fun as soon as Baby H. arrives. I was afraid to say this because I don’t want you to be scared…it’s just kind of messy…not scary 😉

  22. Here’s something that has been helpful to our friends after my delivery. You will be extremely hot during delivery from exertion, the room will be cold and Mal will be freezing. Every man I know talks about being cold so he might actually want a sweatshirt while he’s fanning you!

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