8 Great Things From The Weekend

Hi, friends! Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was nice””nothing too exciting to report, but an all-around wonderful weekend. That said, here are 8 great things that happened!

Quinn and I went to stroller bootcamp, and it was so much fun. We did some running intervals, hill sprints, push-ups, plyo squats, and some core work. It was a fabulous, full-body workout and a great way to start the day!

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Mal, Q, and I went out to dinner at Rustic Kitchen. We enjoyed a little happy hour action and then ate a delicious meal. We didn’t time our outing very well, but we came prepared with a bottle, so Mal fed Q when he started to get fussy.

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I caught up on my US Weekly reading and went to bed at 7:00 PM on Saturday night. It was glorious. And it’s a good thing too because Q woke up twice on Saturday night. He’s been a once-a-night-waker-upper since he was just a few weeks old, but I guess he was super hungry.

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Mal cooked me two delicious egg sandwiches for breakfast this weekend (one on Saturday morning and one on Sunday morning). Both had bacon and pepper jack cheese on them and holy yum.

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I made a super quick, easy, and delicious vegetarian stir fry. It literally took me 5 minutes to make. The recipe will be on CNC later this week. It’s definitely a keeper!


We ate donuts on Sunday morning. Quinn was wide awake at 5:00 AM, but donuts made the long night and early morning a little nicer.

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I tried the Harvest Pumpkin tortilla chips (yes, pumpkin!) from Food Should Taste Good. (The company sent me a bag to sample.) They are super pumpkin-y (they even smell super pumpkin-y), and I love them so much. I’ve been eating them plain, straight from the bag, but I want to try them with this recipe next. OMG.

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Murphy and I met our friend’s new Bernese puppy. He is quite adorable, isn’t he?

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Question of the Day

What GREAT thing happened to you this weekend? 


  1. It sounds silly, but I got a Costco membership and am kind of stoked about it! I’ve been all about the meal prep lately (thanks to you!) and having a ton of chicken breast and other things on hand helps save me money and time.

  2. One great thing was our Baby shower we had yesterday! My sister did an outstanding job putting it together. The love for this little guy is over whelming and people are just so generous, it is very humbling! Needless to say we had a wonderful time with family and friends and we have more than enough baby stuff for our little guy now!

    p.s. I love food should taste good! I can eat their sweet potato tortilla chips out of the bag plain so now I need to seek out these bad boys!

  3. We went to the 40th birthday celebration of the NICU where my son spent his first week! It was so nice seeing all of the docs and nurses that took such good care of him and celebrating life with the other NICU baby families 🙂

  4. Looks lovely! I taught some group fitness classes and hung out with my husband. We went to a fancy dinner out, but ended that night with some delicious dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. I think that was the high point … you can never go wrong with cheesecake. Happy Monday!

  5. I volunteered with Operation Catnip for their regular TNR. They trap feral cats, bring them in for neutering/spaying/vaccines/fixing up, and then release them once they’re recovered to control the population. They brought in 159 kitties yesterday! It was adorable — and very stinky.

    1. @Paula:
      I love furry friends! That puppy is adorable. What state are you doing operation catnip in? I think you are doing a wonderful things helping all those cats. Keep up the fantastic work.

  6. I went a little pumpkin crazy this weekend and it was definitely the highlight. Made Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin brulee tea from Teavana, baked almond coconut pumpkin muffins from Fannetastic Food, and bought a bunch of fresh fall flowers. Yes, quite a bit of pumpkin happened.

  7. Ohhh that photo of Mal and Q is just adorable. I forget how little newborns are sometimes! We got donuts this weekend too. They always make the mornings more bearable. 😉 One great thing that happened to me this weekend – pedicures with my mama! It was glorious and so needed.

  8. I had a great Sunday night, spending time with my best friend just laughing and hanging out – much needed after a weekend of studying. Between donuts (all-time fave!) and that puppy, you truly did have a great weekend!

  9. That puppy is adorable! I really want one. What breed is it?

    The best thing that happened to me this weekend was that I met up with a friend for dinner and pedicures! So much fun!

  10. Oh my gosh…that PUPPY! I’ve always wanted a bernese! The best part of my weekend was seeing my family and having some great meals together.

  11. I spent 3 hours catching up with one my best childhood friends at an awesome vegan bakery in Rhode Island (Wildflour). I’ve been craving some quality girl time and it was a great way to spend my Sunday morning. I always feel rushed when I’m home visiting family and friends. I am so grateful that we had 3 blissful hours to chat!

  12. You’re looking so strong, Tina!!
    OMB, that breakfast sandwich looks so good. And those chips? I haven’t had the FSTG brand of the pumpkin, but garden of eaten came out with pumpkin flavored and a butternut squash flavor. I tired them today and they are so good!! Would be wonderful in that dip especially with some Mt Tam cowgirl creamery cheese. 🙂
    Hope your Monday is marvelous!

  13. As a family with a toddler and a 3 month old with significant fussy periods I have a suggestion for you. Find noisy restaurants. Totally serious. Since we also have a toddler we went to Rainforest Cafe in Burlington this weekend since she would enjoy it and even when the baby was fussy it didn’t disrupt everyone else or embarrass us. The louder the better usually for fussy babies too. Quiet always makes our baby fussier. 🙂

  14. The best thing about my weekend was going to the Pats vs Vikes game in MN and watching them WIN! Happy early Birthday present to me!

  15. Have you had the pumpkin donut? Yummy! A delish and easy crockpot fajita happened to me on Sunday! Just in time for Sunday afternoon football!

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