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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Did you happen to notice that CNC is looking a little different this morning? My buddy Blain (remember him from my HSPH days?) gave her a much-needed facelift (it had been 3 years!), and I am so incredibly happy with how everything turned out. It’s by far my favorite design yet. (Curious to see what CNC looked like over the years? Check out this post. She’s changed quite a bit!)

My weekend was awesome. Our friends, Matt and Kristen, from New York City stayed with us and we had such a nice time with them. I am so glad they came to visit. It had been awhile since we had last seen them and they finally got to meet Quinn, which was so fun for us. Anyway, here are 7 things that happened this weekend!

1. Friday night was low-key. We enjoyed some drinks with Matt and Kristen and chatted with them well into the night. I drank some Bay and Barnes Block Sauvignon Blanc (from Wegmans), and it was soooo delicious. I highly recommend it!

2. We ate breakfast at home on Saturday morning and we had quite the spread: scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit salad, bagels with pumpkin cream cheese, mimosas, OJ, and coffee. Mmm! Laid-back breakfast + good friends = the best.


3. We went to lunch at Hingham Beer Works on Saturday afternoon. Quinn ended up having a massive poop explosion that went everywhere and we didn’t pack an extra outfit for him (parenting fail), so Mal ran next door to Old Navy to buy him a new outfit. Ooh, life with a baby! There’s never a dull moment. Haha!

2014-11-09_1217photo 5 (800x800)

4. After lunch, we went to a beer tasting at Curtis Liquors. I didn’t try any new beers that I loved, but it was still fun trying them!

photo 4 (7) (800x800)photo 3 (21) (800x800)

5. Sunday morning started with breakfast at Uncle Charlie’s Diner. I ordered eggs, home fries, and a grilled English muffin. I also helped Mal eat some of his pancakes.

photo 2 (800x800)photo 1 (4) (800x800)

6. Quinn loves Murphy. This photo makes me so happy.

7. I went for a run with Kerrie on Sunday afternoon. After quite an indulgent weekend (dining out, drinking way too much booze), it felt good to “reset” my healthy habits for the upcoming week.

2014-11-09_1216photo 3 (15) (800x800)

Questions of the Day

What do you do to “reset” yourself after an indulgent weekend? 

Any good poop explosion stories to share? 

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  1. During a diaper change I was removing a wet diaper when my little bug released some gas and huge squirt of poo hit the wall.

  2. The update looks great, I like the teal, gray and orange combination.

    I reset after one of those indulgent weekends by getting in a workout and eating a good breakfast the next day. That inspires me to make smart choices for the rest of the day!

  3. No poop explosions to speak of, but I think it’s bound to happen at some point! haha. After an indulgent weekend I always like to start Monday morning with a great workout. It sets the tone for the whole day and even week.

  4. Looks like a great weekend of fun and relaxing! Love that you guys are still social with friends with a new baby. My hubby and I made that mistake and felt isolated after our first was born and learned not to do that the next time around. Love the new look of the blog too! Have a great Monday!

  5. First, your weekend looks awesome, and I’d love to try that wine! Onto my traumatic poop stories – I can totally empathize with all things poop.

    So my first daughter literally explosive pooped 6 times a day until the age of 3 months. It was horrible, to say the least! Plus she would go again while we were changing her. There’s one memorable time at 2am that I was changing her, my husband was there too cleaning up the initial explosion, and then she exploded again and it went both on my husband and the walls. We were 100% not prepared for that as parents.

    Not a poop story, but while I was running the Boston Marathon last year, my son’s wet diaper leaked and my husband had no change of clothes and wound up buying him $40 pants that he still hasn’t worn a second time!

  6. I’m liking the new design! I usually try to drink more water after an indulgent weekend. I find this helps me make better food choices and I’m well hydrated for my next workout.

  7. I had a bit of a crazy food spree the past 5 days and I am just looking forward to getting myself back on a bit of a schedule, as it were, eating wise. Not regimented, just better proportions during my meals and snacks. I’m getting Remicade tomorrow, so I know that I’m fine in the long run, but boy, I could tell I was off this weekend!
    Love the new design! I want so desperately to have my blog done professionally. Maybe I’ll ask for that for Christmas!

  8. Thursday my son pooped at moms group and it went through his onetime onto my jeans and leg. I had an extra outfit for him but getting home was interesting!

  9. I love a good Crossfit Wod to reset – today my reset will be “fight gone bad”. Yak!

    Oh explosive poops!!! We were on our way home from the grocery store one time and my son fell asleep on the way home. When I went to pull him out of his car seat I asked “what? Did you give Emery chocolate”? I thought somehow he got into a chocolate something – then I realized…oh crap it’s crap!!!

  10. we’ve had waaaaaay too many poop explosions over here lately – that’s when you know it’s time to move up a size in diapers! but i’m trying to finish up the size twos he’s in now!

  11. LOVE the new design!! Can’t believe it’s been 3 years already. I’ve been reading since it looked like the Sept 2008 design! 🙂 OK now off to read the actual post

  12. Fun weekend! Except for the poop lol.
    I do the same to reset. I start fresh the next day and make sure I get a workout in. I make sure I lift because the calorie surplus will help with muscle growth. Lemons to lemonade!

  13. Your weekend looks so fun! And the poop explosion made me giggle out loud. I try to eat hearty but super nutrient dense foods. I find if I try to eat too “light” that is doesn’t work well. So lots of chilis, sweet potatoes, eggs, and stuff 🙂 Just whole foods that make me feel super satisfied! Also, dandelion root tea!

  14. LOl…ah poop explosions- I think every parent has a few good ones. When my son was an infant he had one at a restaurant and, like you, it was the one time I had failed to bring a change of clothes. You’re lucked out with an Old Navy next door, my son had to go pants-less on a chilly November day.

  15. I try to limit sweets, gluten, and dairy after an indulgent weekend. This past weekend my Mom was in town for her birthday so I baked chocolate chip cookies and ate a lot! Definitely pressing the reset button today with some clean eats!

  16. The new design is awesome! Very sleek and modern. Love it!!

    When my oldest was one, I remember waking up one morning and finding that he must have “slept in” since it was an hour later than normal. Imagine my surprise when I walked into his room to check on him and found him “fingerpainting” on the wall with his poop!! He had a massive poop and it came out of the back and sides and he decided it would be fun to play with it. He was so enthralled by it! I was so grossed out! I am very thankful for Mr Clean sponges!!

  17. LOL @ poop explosions 🙂 Glad there was an Old Navy close by for a change of clothes for him. That picture of Mal, Quinn and Murphy is adorable! The new blog look is great. I loved looking back at your blogs transformation over the years — pretty neat. Happy Monday!

  18. Redesign looks great! No poop explosion story, but I do remember one time when Kenzer decided to “paint” her bedroom wall with poop after waking up from her afternoon nap. ha ha

  19. Oh my gosh! I have a great poop explosion story!!!

    So, it was my daughter’s first half day of daycare (I went back to work part time when she was 8 weeks old). She had a great morning, and my husband and I went to pick her up. She had a bit of a wet diaper, so her primary caregiver offered to change her before we left. I agreed, and she took her over to the changing station. Diaper came off, and Harlow shot poop out like a cannon. All over her caregiver, all over the changing counter, everywhere! Then, as her caregiver stood there in shock, looking like she had no idea quite how to proceed, this tiny little fountain of pee finished off whatever hadn’t been covered in poo. I honestly couldn’t do anything but stand there laughing.
    I have a couple other classic poo stories, too, but this is already getting long… Oh, so many funny baby moments. I’m laughing to tears even now thinking about it. Like when she shot poo all the way across her nursery onto her chair 4 feet away, or when she had a blowout all over her carseat in the middle of a two hour trip… ah, good times. Lol…

  20. The new blog look is awesome! I was on your blog over the weekend and had to make sure I was truly on CNC. 😉

    To “reset” after an indulgent weekend, I just try to get back to my regular habits right away. I don’t do anything extreme … a good balance of nutritious meals but no deprivation and some exercise. That in itself makes me feel back to “normal” in no time!

  21. When my daughter was an infant we were invited to dinner at my husband’s new boss’s house. It was about an hour drive and just before we got there she had a huge poop explosion. It was everywhere! We wound up having to ask for a thing of disinfecting wipes and a trash bag so my husband could clean the carseat etc while I got her all cleaned up and changed in the bathroom. Fortunately the boss had kids so he and his wife were super understanding about it.

  22. Ha. Neither of my girls have been explosive poopers until I decide to bring my eldest to work (when she was a baby) Yup pretty much pooped EVERYWHERE On EVERYTHING. It was winter and all I had were spring clothes in the extra clothes pouch. Oh well she rocked her romper until we got home. I had to bring a carpet cleaner into my office the next day and do a little cleaning up!

  23. What an awesome weekend with friends! I love that you guys are so active and still go out and do things with Q. I hope to be like that when I have kids 🙂 I’m going into this week hoping to make healthy choices as well, my weekend was indulgent as well. Love the new design, it will take some getting used to! When I opened your post today I was so confused I thought I hit the wrong link in my Bloglovin’ feed! 🙂 Looks great!

  24. I was at the mall with my then 6 week old twins and my MIL and SIL and one of the little ladies had a massive back poo (where the poo was pretty much up to her ears). Apparently, my MIL had removed the wipes from the diaper bag prior to us going out – by accident – a fact that I did not know until I had the little one naked in the public bathroom. My SIL ran around the mall until she found a mom and borrowed wipes from her! My poor MIL has never forgiven herself and carries a small pack of baby wipes in her purse at all times…

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