4th Birthday Party Preparations + What I Ate In A Day

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Hi, guys!

Our sweet boy turns 4 years old on Saturday, so party preparations are in full swing this week. I love celebrating birthdays, so I’m especially excited about Quinn’s big day – maybe even more than him? 🙂 He’s SUPER excited and has talked about his birthday for months now, so he’s more than ready to PAR-TAY this weekend!

My morning started with a quickie breakfast: A banana muffin with sprinkles (Quinn’s idea), a couple of chicken sausages, and my usual iced coffee mixed with collagen. The banana muffin recipe is actually one for banana bread, but I still can’t find my loaf pan, so we opted for muffins instead. I actually used gluten-free all-purpose flour, and they turned out so well! I highly recommend this recipe – if you’re gluten-free or not!

After breakfast, I got Quinn and myself ready for the day. I dropped him at school and then headed to OPEX for a workout. There was a good group of us working out together and we had lots to talk about, so the time really flew by! One of our topics of conversation: Michael Pollan (yep, the food guy) exploring psychedelics (yep, drugs). I actually heard him on The Joe Rogan Experience recently, and it was FASCINATING. Now I want to read his new book!

After OPEX, I stopped by Stop & Shop to order Quinn’s birthday cake. He asked for vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles, which is my favorite combination too. I swear, we’re the same person – at least internally. He’s obviously Mal’s twin! 🙂 Then, I came home and got right to work. I was at a media event at the Westin Copley Place on Thursday and Friday, so my To Do list was a mile long – lots to do!

Around noon, I broke for lunch, which was a bunch of random leftovers and food prep ingredients, including arugula, chicken breast, Parmesan Roasted Fennel, sunflower seeds, and Tahini Dressing. The flavor combination was excellent!

After lunch, I got right back to work. Mid-afternoon, I snacked on some Deep River Snacks Aged Cheddar & Horseradish, which are one of my favorite flavors – in addition to the Ninja Ginger, Sweet Maui Onion, and Rosemary & Olive Oil. The Rosemary & Olive Oil chips actually have a special place in my heart because they’re delicious (obviously), but also because they feature the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. You’ll find a different charity on the back of every bag of Deep River Snacks because the company donates 10% of net profits of these featured charities each year. I love when brands give back like this – it makes me want to support them even more!

A little while later, I packed up my laptop, took Murphy for a walk, and then headed to preschool to pick up Quinn for a fun afternoon adventure to Target! 🙂

With Quinn’s birthday party just days away, we needed to buy some supplies, including plates, napkins, goodie bag prizes, and more. I asked Quinn if he wanted to help me, and he was ALL about it. He picked Batman plates, Spiderman napkins, and a pizza tablecloth. I love his party choices! 🙂

Once we got everything we needed, we stopped by the toy section to play with a few of them. Quinn loves a certain kind of toys, and he’s talked about one in particular since Christmas: Serpent Strike Pyramid. Mal and I can’t believe he’s still talking about it nearly 6 months later, so, of course, it’s one of his birthday presents from us. I can’t wait to see his face. He is going to be PSYCHED!! We also got him a scooter and a set of PicassoTiles (like Magna-Tiles, but way cheaper).

By the time we got home, I was hungry for dinner, but Mal still wasn’t home, so I snacked on some sliced cucumber with lime juice and sea salt. The combo might sound a little strange, but I swear it’s delicious!

Dinner was a big salad made with arugula, roasted butternut crinkles (from Trader Joe’s), a broken up hamburger, and guacamole as “dressing.” I know it’s not the prettiest picture, but this meal was so, so, soooo GOOD – definitely a winning combination!

And no day is complete without dessert, so I whipped up a Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl, which I made with a packet of RXBAR Vanilla Almond Nut Butter. Yep, you heard that right! The RXBAR people are now making nut butter, and it’s incredible. It’s also loaded with protein – 9g per packet! 🙂

Question of the Day

Parents: What toy(s) is your child obsessed with lately? Any 4-year-old favorites? 

What was THE BEST thing you ate yesterday?

RXBAR lover? What’s your favorite flavor? 



  1. Chocolate Sea Salt is the bomb but I did try the new flavors Chocolate hazelnut and peanut butter and berries at Regionals a couple weeks ago and they were amazing. RX had a deal on the new butters over the weekend ( 3 sample packets and shipping) so I got the vanilla Almond butter (better than Justin’s I think and it doesn’t have the added sugar).

  2. We just got our 3.5 year old a spiderman bike last weekend and he’s obsessed – whenever its nice out (the weather here in MA is totally lacking, where the heck is summer!?) he asks to ride it which is awesome because I love the exercise he’s also getting!

    He’s also obsessed with those water balloons that hook up to a hose and the whole bunch fills at once! Again, whenever we have nice summer weather, he’s asking for water balloons. Last week we filled some up and he threw them at targets in the yard! (trees, rocks, toys, etc).

  3. Love your nail polish color! Also, check out Michael Pollan on the NPR Fresh Air podcast; super interesting!

    Best thing I ate yesterday was a smoothie with vanilla protein powder, oats, strawberries, and spinach after my run. Yum!

    I LOVE RX bars! I want to try their nut butters. My favorite flavor is the maple sea salt. I tried it warmed up – life changing.

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