Introducing Carrots ‘N’ Cake Macro Plans

Good morning! I have VERY EXCITING news to share with you!

Here at Carrots ‘N’ Cake, we all have one important thing in common: We collectively want to lead a more balanced and healthy life.

In the past decade, you’ve followed my journey as a wellness entrepreneur, blogger, and nutrition coach (Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition) that has led me to custom meal planning, macro-tracking, and even software development – and I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and support over the past few years!

Most recently, I’ve made a strategic business (and life) decision to bring my expertise and services in-house in hopes to further grow and nurture this brand for decades to come. Thus, my passion for this community and helping others to embrace a more balanced lifestyle has inspired me to launch a brand new nutrition offering: Carrots ‘N’ Cake Macro Plans!

As you guys might remember from my personal experience with following a custom meal plan, it just wasn’t for me. Despite my best efforts to stay on track, I failed miserably. My own disappointment was my cue to try something new and since then, I’ve found that macro-counting is perfectly aligned with balancing food choices – basically, having your carrots and cake, too!

I believe in the 80/20 mentality and try to implement that when it comes to tracking my macros: Eating wholesome foods for 80% of the time, while enjoying my favorite treats for 20% of the time. Tracking macros gives me the flexibility to make choices based on cravings, social situations, and what’s in the fridge – all while providing a bit of structure and guidance when it comes to nutrition. I mean, I can easily polish off a jar of nut butter, but macro-counting keeps me “honest.” In addition, my core mission has always been to create an accessible nutrition offering for those who want to improve their eating habits and lifestyle. With CNC Macro Plans, there’s truly something for everyone when it comes to their wellness goals, fitness level, and budget.

So, without further ado… here’s the official launch of CNC Macro Plans!

Register before June 30th to receive your FREE copy of my new Macro Plans E-Cookbook, including 12 delicious recipes to add to your tracking repertoire, delivered straight to your inbox!

Just the Macros

Gain access to a single customized, macronutrient calculation, based off your body composition, personal goals, activity level, and caloric needs. This plan is perfect for anyone who is striving to get a better handle on tracking macros, but wants accuracy to help meet their personal goals.

Eat Your Macros

Jumpstart your nutrition with our 4-week “Eat Your Macros” Plan! You’ll receive your macronutrient goals along with a customized sample of one full day, plus 5 additional recipes each week to inspire your daily meals and snacks as you design and track them via MyFitnessPal (or other tracking app).

Macros Motivation

The 8-week “Macros Motivation” Plan is the same as the Eat Your Macros option, but longer in duration and includes bi-weekly (4 total) 10-minute calls with your nutrition coach for added accountability and motivation. This plan is great for anyone who is eager to track macronutrients, and also benefit from added support to stay accountable for a healthier lifestyle.

PLUS, all of my macro plans include an “Eat Your Macros Quick Guide,” which explains how to count macros along with tips and tricks for making it a part of your everyday life.

To get started, click on a plan above to sign up online, or send me an email to schedule a quick consultation call, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions!

I look forward to embarking on this journey together! 



  1. This looks interesting. Is it different from DTF? I’ve been considering trying that out. Are you still part of that company?

  2. Please be very careful about identifying yourself as a nutritionist. As a registered dietitian who had to work hard for those credentials, I know how misleading terms can be (Nutrionist implies to most people that you have had formal education of some kind). Why not call yourself a “nutrition aficionado” instead?

    I don’t mean this as snark, just a genuine concern that you may be giving your readers a false impression…

      1. @Tina: In my humble opinion, then, I would just state what you have: a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition. If my understanding is correct, that is a certificate program aimed at fitness professionals who want to learn more about nutrition and incorporate it in to their coaching, which seems like a good fit for your goals and the goals of your readers. I always value transparency and honesty when using these kinds of titles.

        I say this as a PhD doctor who goes out of my way to make sure people know I’m not a “real” doctor 🙂

      2. @Tina:
        I don’t see you listed on the Precision Nutrition website as a certified coach. You may want to follow-up with PN to make sure you’re listed as certified if you are.

  3. Like others, been wondering about your other businesses. For a while, posts often included working with Kerrie. No matter. Always enjoy reading CNC whatever direction you take. 🙂

  4. I love that you included a lack of motivation glue! So many times we know what to do, we just don’t follow through with it we need somebody to keep us accountable and on top of her game and identify setbacks and why they happen. Smart of you to think of that, Tina! I would definitely enroll in that but I’m fine with I am nutrient wise. 🙂

  5. Yes, inquiring minds are all wondering what happened with DTF??? Seems like you are bouncing around to a new business often…. ?

    1. DTFN is alive and well! My partner started her own meal plan business (separate from DTFN) using our software (NHS), so I decided to do the same! 🙂

  6. We are adults who shouldn’t have to be chained to a spreadsheet, a food scale, an app or a website to track every morsel that passes our lips.

    Tracking and counting have their place (like creating a food journal for a nutrition coach or getting rid of portion distortion), but doing it for weeks, months and years on end is not a way to live.

    Planning and cooking meals with care, having body composition goals (muscle gain / fat loss) and steering the boat toward food quality is one thing. Let’s call that dedication. Worrying about food, not eating out because you can’t count your macros or figure out blocks and generally feeling like you’re beholden to the numbers is another thing. Let’s call that dysfunction. Even when the intention is good, in practice, things can quickly spiral out of control and leave you dis-empowered to make the real choices about food that will put you in a truly healthy place—both physically and mentally.

    1. @Rylee: I think this is a matter of perception. For some “discipline equals freedom.” I feel freed to know exactly what I am putting into my body and that it is supporting my goals – body and mind. Nutrition tracking isn’t for everyone. And that is OK! But to say it is “no way to live” isn’t fair because you are only see it from your perspective. And like Tina says, just because you are tracking your macros doesn’t mean you aren’t enjoying life and appreciating food beyond its macronutrient content!

  7. question, for the $49-Just The Macros, it is really just calculating macros and provding a # or % to us? like you can do on any online site (myfitnesspa) or is there more to it?


    1. It also includes a macro quick guide with how to track macros and an ecookbook with macro-friendly recipes. A lot of those calculators online aren’t super accurate and tell you to eat like 1200 calories, which will help you lose weight, but it’s not healthy!

      1. @Tina: Sounds good! I keep saying I am going to track my macros, but I never can get myself to log all my food-food prep alone is enough work, LOL!
        I will check it out, thanks!

  8. One reason I’m hesitant to follow a macro diet is not all foods I eat have a nutritional label on them. For instance, I went to a deli today and had a panini, how do you track something like that? I’ve always been frustrated with tracking what I eat when it comes to examples like that, I tend to just give up. Thoughts? Thanks!

  9. Tina- you have thick skin! Keep up the hard work! Business with partners is tough, your own adventure is always best. I am going through IIN to become a health coach. It’s so hard to put yourself out there. You are an Inspiration and I’m learning from you! Your little family is so sweet.

  10. Have you considered going to back to school to become a Registered Dietitian? As a RD myself, I think it would bring more credibility to your current business venture. This would give you a way to pursue your passion while also learning more of the science behind nutrition.

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