Seriously Delicious Ways to Eat Cottage Cheese

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If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you’ve probably seen that I’ve been on quite the cottage cheese kick lately. I love eating it along side a plate of veggie crudités for dipping. It’s such a quick and easy – not to mention nutritious and delicious – snack to quickly throw together. Whatever your mood – morning, noon or night – cottage cheese is an awesome (and protein-packed!) addition to your day, which is why I am so excited to partner with Hood Cottage Cheese on this blog post.

Hood Cottage Cheese is available in 10 (!!) tasty flavors, and it’s super versatile as a healthy snack – whether it’s a topper, a dip, used in recipe, or simply enjoyed on its own. The options are endless with Hood’s line of sweet, savory, and classic flavors. I mean, just listen to some of these flavors: pineapple, peach, honey & pear, maple & vanilla, cucumber & dill, garden veggie, chive & toasted onion, and more! (They’re also available in 7 convenient single-serve options, which are perfect for on-the-go snacking.)

With so much variety in their products, I wanted to share 3 delicious ways to incorporate Hood’s Cottage Cheese into your day. Each of these ideas is a fun twist on some tried-and-true favorites and even take them up a notch with regard to flavor, texture, satisfaction, and nutrition. In fact, one serving of Hood Cottage Cheese has just 120 calories and packed with 13 grams of protein per serving. Plus, it’s a great source of calcium! Read on for some rich, creamy, and truly tasty ideas!

Bacon Chive Cottage Cheese Dip

Here’s the party dip you need to try this summer! Savory bacon bites and chives combined with rich, creamy cottage cheese makes an incredible flavor combination for snacking. Just combine a container of Hood Cottage Cheese with Chive with 3-4 sliced of cooked bacon, broken into pieces, and then garnish with fresh chopped chives. Easy as that! Serve with veggies, crackers, or pita chips.

Cottage Cheese Peanut Butter Banana Split

A healthier banana split? Oh, yes! And it’s incredible! Made with maple-infused Hood Cottage Cheese, this dessert is a good source of protein and calcium, which means you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Just slice a ripe banana in half, top with cottage cheese, peanut butter sauce (or melt a spoonful of creamy peanut butter in the microwave), and finish with you favorite toppings!

Loaded Cottage Cheese Egg Sandwich

Rise ‘n shine! It’s breakfast time, and this Loaded Cottage Cheese Egg Sandwich will most definitely start your day off on the right foot. Made with Hood Country Style Cottage Cheese, toasted ciabatta bread, eggs, and bacon, it’ll make your taste buds and stomach happy. Your favorite traditional breakfast ingredients combine with rich, creamy, and protein-packed cottage cheese for a meal that will leave you satisfied for hours!

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite way to eat cottage cheese? 

For more than 170 years, Hood has been committed to providing consumers with high-quality dairy products that deliver a rich, creamy, and delicious taste. For more information and recipe ideas, please visit



  1. I like to mix it with vanilla extract, a tiny bit of sweetener and loads of mashed up raspberries/blackberries/blueberries for a snack–so good! I also like to mix it into protein shakes (instead of adding yogurt).

    By the way, I really like the new look of the blog!

  2. As an adult, I like it with just a dash of salt and pepper. When we were kids, my mom would serve it with strawberry jam swirled in. I loved that as a kid, but as an adult is sounds absolutely awful to me. Funny how our tastes change.

  3. I mix cereal with it. My cereal to cottage cheese ration is 50/50 b/c I love the crunch/texture. I also put it in my kids’ smoothies. Blend it enough and the chunks go away…making it so they don’t know it’s in there

  4. I always think sweet with cottage cheese is weird, but maybe I need to give it another shot? My go to is chopped up grape tomatoes and cucumber with cottage cheese on top and freshly ground pepper.

  5. I make a small romaine based green salad, add a scoop of cottage cheese, and add lots of fresh pineapple. It’s light & refreshing for a summer meal.

    I’m on the west coast so there’s no Hood brand here. The most exotic I’ve seen is Knudsen with pineapple bits, lol, but the Hood varieties sound amazing. Cucumber & Dill, Honey & Pear, Maple & Vanilla? Yes please! The nice thing is seeing the different flavors gives me ideas of things to add on my own to make it yummy. Thanks for the suggestions. I may never make a cottage cheese banana split, but then again, I just might!

  6. I’ve been on a cottage cheese kick lately, too, in my favorite bowl mixed in with a big glob of almond butter, flaxseed and raspberries on top. I’m full all morning!

  7. I feel like you’re also the type to like brie cheese! Cottage cheese and Brie cheese taste like Perpetual nothing to me, but a lot of people seem to like it for some reason?

  8. YUM…cottage cheese! I like it with avocado, salt & cracked pepper, stirred in oatmeal, and mix equal parts greek yogurt/cottage cheese + fruit + nut butter to make a protein packed breakfast.

  9. I eat cottage cheese every day in some form for lunch. But, one of the most decadent ways I enjoy it every now and then is a dip for nacho cheese Doritos! The best of both worlds.

  10. I enjoy it in place of greek yogurt in a smoothie bowl, and my favorite is an idea from Anne at Fannetastic Food. I tried this and have been loving it for the past several years: start with a piece of cinnamon raisin toast (I use gf bread) with almond butter. Then top it with cottage cheese and blueberries; its beyond delicious.

  11. Hi Tina,
    I discovered your blog some days ago. Thanks for sharing recipes with lazy and foodie people like me lol.
    I tried “Loaded Cottage Cheese Egg Sandwich”. I made some changes according to my taste. I used Turkey instead of bacon ( I don’t eat bacon), and Multi grain bread. It was really nice taste.

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