3 Weeks of Easy Meal Prep Dinners

Some of the biggest challenges that our nutrition clients face: not having enough time to prepare healthy food, not knowing what to cook, and sometimes just not having the energy to do it. I actually had a client recently ask me: “How do you overcome just not really wanting to cook?” Oh, yes, I’ve totally been there.

Not everyone loves cooking, but they still want to eat healthy meals. I personally love the idea of “recipes” with minimal ingredients that you can throw together quickly and effortlessly. Easy meal prep dinners anyone? I don’t want to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. And I firmly believe that healthy eating doesn’t need to be super time-consuming or difficult.

Over the course of 3 weeks, you will receive 18 easy and healthy meal ideas. That’s six per week! Each one has simple ingredients that you can find at most grocery stores. Or, hey, you might already have them in your kitchen! The recipes are perfect for busy weeknights (be sure to pack up leftovers for lunch) and totally customizable to your taste and dietary preferences. Our family makes these meals again and again. I hope you find them as convenient, healthy, and delicious as we do!




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