Our First Family Trip to New York City

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Hi, guys!

We had THE BEST time in New York City! It was our first family trip to the Big Apple. It was also Quinn’s first train ride, which was a huge hit (despite his expression below)! ๐Ÿ™‚


On Saturday morning, we took the train from Westwood/Route 128 to Penn Station, so it was about 4 hours from station to station. We opted for the Northeast Regional instead of the Acela to save some money, but the trip actually flew by!

When we arrived at Penn Station, we hopped in a taxi to my friend’s apartment in the Village. We dropped off our bags and then headed out to City Vineyard for some lunch and drinks. It was a gorgeous day, so we took advantage of the weather and snagged a table outside, right on the water. It was quite lovely!

After that, we did some exploring, which included a visit to the Ghostbuster’s firehouse. Quinn was so psyched to see it. He loves the Ghostbuster movies!

Then, we stopped by Murray’s Cheese Bar to pick up some goodies for the evening. We got some seriously incredible cheeses – Romano, Gruyere, and Brie. Mmm! I actually don’t think I’ve eaten so much delicious cheese in one sitting!


The next morning, we were up and at ’em with the sunrise, so our first order of business was iced coffee. We stopped into Partners Coffee for coffee and a delicious dount that we all shared. (How cute are Quinn’s little hands in the photo below?)

After that, we headed back to our friend’s apartment to get ready for the day. Once we were good to go, we walked to breakfast at Cafe Cluny, which was an absolutely adorable restaurant.

Wearing: Sweatshirt // Jeans // Sunglasses // Toteย 

The menu at Cafe Cluny was a little pricey, but the food, service, and atmosphere were all excellent! #worthit

After breakfast, we took at taxi to FAO Schwarz and did a little shopping. Quinn had such a fun time checking out all of the different toys and picking a “tiny prize” as a souvenir from New York City. We also stopped into the nearby LEGO store. It was cool, but there wasn’t all that much to it.

We were basically in and out of the LEGO store before taking a stroll up to Central Park.

We walked around the park and eventually found a really great playground where we stayed for quite awhile before getting hungry for lunch.

Before we got into a taxi to meet our friends, we stopped by The Doughnut Project. I heard they had the best doughnuts in the city, and the glazed doughnut was indeed amazing!

We met our friends at Upright Brew House for lunch and drinks. I drank a ton of wine, ate one million French fries, and then finished off the afternoon with some banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery. It was quite the epic afternoon! ๐Ÿ™‚

We also did some shopping in the area and then stopped by the Sex and the City apartment, which was so cool to see. I was such a super fan when the series was on TV… and for many years afterward! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday night was low-key. It included another amazing cheese plate and Game of Thrones at our friend’s apartment. I’m not currently a fan of the series, but Mal and our friends might have finally convinced me to watch it from the beginning. For the record, I fell asleep the first time I tried to watch the series and then fell asleep during the episode on Sunday night. Sooooo, we’ll see how things go. I know so many people love Game of Thrones, so I’m going to give it another chance.


On Monday, we grabbed a leisurely breakfast at Rosemary’s (another adorable restaurant) and then headed to Penn Station to take the train home. All in all, it was a wonderful trip to New York City. Quinn actually said he wants to visit again soon and stay for “10 days” next time!

Question of the Day

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? If so, why do people like it so much?



  1. Such a cute trip! I have a 4 year old too and am considering a trip to NYC. What do you do for car seats in cabs? Do some provide car seats or booster seats?


  2. I love GOT! But, I was super late to the party. I thought I would hate it, but it is really good. I will say it does start slow (and I have that falling asleep problem, too!) but give it a couple of episodes before you decide it’s not for you. I love all the political intrigue and the suspense.

  3. Looks like a super fun weekend with TONS of good food– just the way to do NYC! I love the city, it is a record way to drop lots of cash on nothing more than food & transportation =D

    I never watched GOT until about 2 years ago… well after all 7 seasons had already finished! I normally can’t watch any kind of scary/suspenseful show by myself, but after I moved in with my then-boyfriend, i had someone to snuggle and hide behind haha. sooo we finally binged it all in like 2 months (advantage of starting a show way after it airs– you don’t have to wait for every episode). i got SO sucked in (which honestly really surprised me, totally not my type of show)– the storyline is just so fascinating, it’s really well directed, and the actors do a phenomenal job. totally echo the person above– the first 2-3 episodes didn’t hook me, so i would just watch halfway into season 1 (or just finish season 1 altogether, just 8 hours of your life right?) and i would be shocked if you don’t get hooked!

  4. I kept falling asleep while watching GOT, but – you have to watch the last scene of the first episode! It is CRAZY. Once you seen that scene, you HAVE to watch the next episode to see what transpires. A few scenes are slow and boring, so I fold laundry or something during those. Such a great series!

    And cute photos of New York.

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