10 Things to Tell You About Our Week So Far

Good morning, friends!

I have all sorts of fun things to tell you””ten of them, actually”” basically, they are things that happened in the past few days. Ok, here we go!

#1: Quinn said his first word. Words? We think. Maybe? Ok, Quinn says quite a few “words” on the regular, but the ones that actually make sense are “ba-ba” (bottle) and “uh oh” (when he drops something). He’s actually said “uh oh” for a few weeks now, so that might be his first word? Is it even a real word? He definitely knows what it means, but I suppose “ba-ba” makes more sense as his first word? And, just yesterday, Quinn said “no, no, no” and shook his head when I tried to feed him pureed pears. That actually surprised me since it was the first time he ever said it. He also says “mama” and “dada,” which we sometimes think he knows the meaning of, but then he’ll point at a tree or lamp or something and say “dada,” so we don’t know for sure. Even still, he points at things he wants and babbles all the time, so we’re really excited that he’s starting to communicate with us!

IMG_2685 (800x600)

#2: I bought a bunch of supplies for Quinn’s first birthday party. It’s going to be farm-themed since he loves Moo Baa La La La so much. I bought everything (plates, napkins, cups, plastic-ware, tablecloths for 35-40 people) from Oriental Trading and it only cost about $50. Not bad, right? If you sign up for Oriental Trading’s email list, you get $5 off and free shipping on your first order over $59 or more, which is awesome because the shipping was originally $12.99.


#3: I did “Kell D” at KFIT on Monday and it whipped my butt. I’m still sore. If you want a challenge, definitely try this workout. Running with a 14-pound medball for a mile + 120 wallballs + 120 kettlebell swings = ouch.


#4: I’ve made some killer egg sandwiches on Cheddar & Herb Biscuits this week. Each biscuit is less than 200 calories and has 10 grams of protein, so it’s definitely a healthy (and satisfying) way to start to your day. And they took me maybe 10 minutes to make from start to finish. I love them– Mal does too!


Related: FlapJacked just came out with a new flavor: Carrot Spice! I can’t wait to try it!

#5: It was a gorgeous day here yesterday, so I took my boys to the park. Quinn loved seeing all of the different dogs! And Murphy went for a swim in the stinky swap (again) like a creep.


#6: I whipped up a smoothie with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it was incredible. Sometimes I have zero control around my favorite cereals, so I decided to combine my beloved CTC into a filling and semi-nutritious smoothie. Here’s the recipe: 3/4 cup CTC, 1/2 banana, 1.5 cups vanilla soy milk, 1 tbsp ground flax, 3-4 ice cubes. Combine in blender until smoothie.

SAM_1678 (533x800)

#7: It’s Mal’s birthday on Saturday and we have so many fun things planned for him. On Saturday, Quinn, Murphy, and I are taking him on a picnic and then we’re having a brunch gathering on Sunday with our hometown friends. And, not necessarily for Mal, but we’re going to our friends’ wedding on Saturday night, so we’ll have a blast at that too! Yay!


#8: I bought my first designer accessory. You guys know that I am obsessed with ThredUp, right? Well, I typically use it to buy clothes for Quinn, but I recently purchased my first designer wallet. It was originally $200, but I got it from ThredUp for only $60! Woohoo! The inside is light blue. I love it so much.


#9: A chocolate frosted donut is different than a chocolate glazed donut. I love chocolate frosted donuts; they’re my favorite. I ordered one to celebrate Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee Day yesterday, but I received a chocolate glazed donut in my bag. I was a little disappointed, but I ate it anyway. Obviously.

IMG_2689 (800x600)

10#: Quinn is so close to walking!!

His record is 10 steps! #almostwalking #junebaby #beastmode

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Questions of the Day

Chocolate frosted or chocolate glazed donut?

What cereal do you have no control around?


  1. I didn’t realize thredup did children’s clothes! I’ve ordered dresses for myself.

  2. Quinn’s expression at the park is so precious!
    If I had to choose, I would sway towards the chocolate glazed, sorry 🙂
    my “no-control” cereal would have to be fresh from the oven, homemade granola, i just can’t stop “testing” it!!

  3. That smoothie sounds absolutely incredible! I will definitely attempt to recreate it at some point. Happy Early Birthday to Mal, I hope he has a great day!

  4. Always check your Dunkins bag! Especially once you have a preschooler who looks forward to his special Friday donut … you’ll learn that driving away with the wrong donut is a catastrophe of astronomical proportions!

    P.S. Team Chocolate Frosted

  5. liketwice.com is like thredUP but no baby clothes. I just bought 2 tops I love from Twice.

    Quinn is so darn cute and precious! Makes me can’t wait to have kids 🙂

  6. I always get chocolate glazed but prefer chocolate frosted. Is that weird? Haha. The glazed seems easier to carry, maybe?

    ALSO reeses puffs. I was craving them for weeks and finally bought a box this weekend. They’re SO good.

  7. I’m loving the recent posts about tidbits in your life! So fun to watch Quinn grow up! What a cutie!

  8. OMGosh my darn doggy loves swimming in the swampy water at the off leash dog park. He’s already stinky from rolling around in goose poop at the lake or a pile of bear crap he seems to find within minutes of arriving. Gross – and smelly Dexter! He’s 1/2 golden retriever and 1/2 yellow lab, light colored and black within 10 minutes of being at the lake. You want to sit down wind from him for sure. haha

  9. Must try that smoothie with Cinnamon Toast Crunch crushed on the top!

    Those biscuits sound SO good. And hurray for the walking and talking!

  10. OMG Q is such a cutie!! That video is adorable:)
    And may I say…Mal has the BEST bday! It’s mine (and my dad’s!) birthday’s as well! And I’ll be leaving for my internship that day too…cheers to all of us having good birthday weekends!!

  11. Quinn is so stinkin’ cute!!! And I love the Birthday Party theme, how fun!

    Its so much fun watching our little guy meet mile stones (6 months old), I can’t even imagine what it will be like when he starts to really communicate with us! I should probably start using real words instead of talking back to him in “baby language”, lol.

    I’m a chocolate glazed fan myself and I cannot control myself around Lucky Charms! I ate if for dinner many a nights back in college, lol.

  12. I’d say Quinn is officially walking and talking in a 1 year old way!

    My birthday is Saturday, too – Happy Birthday to Mal!

    I LOVE Reeses Puffs and chocolate Chex!

  13. I’m a chocolate glazed all the way. They’re my absolute favorite. Behind strawberry frosted with sprinkles because it makes me feel like a diva. Haha. I have zero control with Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Frosted Mini Wheats. I think I could eat a box of each in a sitting. They’re too good!

  14. Ahhh, it’s so hard to believe Quinn is old enough to start walking and talking! Such a big boy! It’s so fun to see all of their developments.

    I LOVE your wallet! Nice find!! I’ve been using ThredUp for a lot of my maternity clothes this pregnancy. I’ve scored some pretty cute stuff for cheap!

  15. “he’ll point at a tree or lamp or something and say “dada,” Made me laugh out loud. I love the baby babble and Quinn’s 10 steps will be 20 tomorrow. He’s off to the races for sure!

  16. Chocolate glazed are my favorite, but only with coffee. I like the cake donut when I have coffee, but frosted when I don’t 🙂
    I am also so confused by my 11 month old’s “first” words. She says ba-ba and mama. But like you said, sometimes she looks at the fridge and says Mama too.

    I have zero self control around cereal. Quaker Ohs! I’ll eat a whole box in less than a week.

  17. OK a chocolate glazed and chocolate frosted donut are SO different! I definitely prefer frosted, there’s something special about the icing!
    Oh Oriental Trading, that brings back memories of my elementary school days, I was OBSESSED with that catalog and picking out a theme for each of my birthday parties!

  18. I agree that Chocolate Frosted > Chocolate Glazed. I don’t really see the point of glazed donuts other than a last resort 🙂 It must be so nice to have some good weather in Boston after that winter! I can’t believe Quinn is almost 1! Hope Mal has a great birthday!

  19. I prefer chocolate glazed donuts, mostly because of the texture. My favorite donuts are sour cream or “old-fashioned” and chocolate glazed are closest to that texture. I generally have a hard time controlling myself around any sugary cereal, but I particularly love Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, and Frosted Flakes!

  20. My mom always says that my first word was “uh oh” because I would say it every time after I “accidentally” dropped something off my high chair, so I think it should count! Also, a burger place in my college town (Morgantown, WV) makes a milkshake with cinnamon toast crunch in it, and it’s amazing! I’m sure your smoothie was much healthier than a milkshake haha

  21. I really don’t discriminate on my donuts, I like chocolate frosted because sprinkles, but a chocolate glazed can be tasty too.. We don’t have Dunkin Donuts where I live, but we have many small donut shops that I feel are way better than the DD I have tried.

    We basically don’t keep cereal in the house because my husband and I lack self control, but I do love CTC so your smoothie sounds amazing.

  22. Quinn’s hair just tickles me. Such a cutie. That smoothie sounds so good. Probably my favorite not-even-close-to-being-healthy cereal is Lucky Charms. I’m not really a donut girl but if I do decide to eat one it’s going to be cake instead of the pastry yeast type. I like the powdered sugar type or something along the lines of pumpkin spice. Happy birthday to Mal!

  23. My favorite donut from Dunkin was always the chocolate crème filled 🙂 They don’t always oh how I loved it! Other that, I did usually go for the chocolate frosted over the glazed but appreciated the glazed too.

  24. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite too! I can’t keep it in the house because it doesn’t even last 2 days. I’ll eat it dry or with almond milk, but I’ve never thought about putting it in a shake! Instead I’ll add cinnamon and a little sugar to a almond butter on a banana or english muffin if I’m craving that flavor.

    Can’t believe Quinn is almost 1! The party decor is adorable!

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