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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning!

It’s that time again! Time for another edition of A New Day In The Life. I’ve pretty much written one of these posts every month since Quinn was born as a way to remember his first year. I love being able to go back and see how life has changed since he was a tiny baby. 

I can’t believe this is probably the last blog post in the series. Well, ok, maybe I’ll write one more in June around Quinn’s first birthday. I mean, I need to finish out the year, right? And what a fast and amazing year it was! Anyway, here’s a recap of ALL of our day in the life posts as well as a peek inside our day yesterday.

5:55 AM: I hear Quinn over the baby monitor. I’m barely awake and so tired. (Our mattress stinks, so I woke up a few times in the middle of the night with back pain. Blah.) About 30 seconds later, Mal comes into our bedroom with Quinn and hands him over to me. We have a few minutes of cuddle time in bed before he gets antsy, so it’s time to start the day.

6:00 AM: I change Quinn’s diaper and then set him up for breakfast. Round #1 is a bottle, banana slices, and Rice Chex.

6:15 AM: He takes an intermission from eating for sunglasses!

IMG_2620 (800x800)

6:30 AM: It’s time for Round #2 of breakfast: Blueberries, cottage cheese, and homemade banana + butternut squash puree. Quinn is happily squishing blueberries between his fingers (and dropping some on the floor to Murphy), so I pour myself a glass of iced coffee and eat a few protein soft baked granola bites from my BLEND swag.

IMG_2603 (800x600)

6:50 AM: Breakfast is over. I change Quinn’s diaper, get him dressed for the day, and then let him play with his toys in his bedroom while I clean up after breakfast.

IMG_2622 (800x600)

7:00 AM: I leave Monica a few WhatsApp messages regarding Married at First Sight and Bruce Jenner. Quinn crawls into the kitchen, so I give him some plastic lids to play with while I empty the dishwasher. He and Murphy eventually help me put away the rest of the dishes and silverware.

IMG_2607 (800x600)

7:10 AM: Quinn is happily playing in the living room with some toys, so I take the opportunity to throw together breakfast for myself. I eventually hear him crawl into the dining room, so I peek around the corner. He’s splashing in Murphy’s water bowl. Usually, I take it away, but the bowl just came out of the dishwasher and the water is fresh, so I let him have some fun.

IMG_2613 (800x600)

7:20 AM: Breakfast is served: Bacon and egg sandwich on a Cheddar & Herb (protein) Biscuit. I house it while Quinn and I play.

IMG_2617 (800x600)

7:25 AM: Quinn is on the move! We walk around the house, open and close cabinets and doors, play catch with a ball, hug Murphy”¦ there’s lots of activity. We don’t stop moving.

IMG_2631 (800x600)

8:35 AM: Quinn goes down for his morning nap, so I hop in the shower, get dressed for the day, finish a blog post, print/sign/scan an agreement, reply to a few emails, throw dinner in the crockpot, make a shopping list for Target, put away my laundry, fold Quinn’s laundry, wash bottles, chat with my sister about Quinn’s birthday party, pour myself another iced coffee, eat more granola bites, and start this blog post.

10:15 AM: Quinn wakes up from his nap. I change his diaper and then immediately feed him second breakfast/first lunch since his weekly My Gym class starts in about an hour. Second breakfast is a bottle, more cottage cheese, and banana + butternut squash puree, which Quinn insists on feeding himself. He does this right hand-left hand maneuver to feed himself. I hold the jar, he sticks the spoon in with his right hand and then he switches hands (to change his grip) and finally puts the spoon in his mouth. Tada! He’s a mess by the end, so I change his clothes, grab a banana to snack on, and then we hit the road.

IMG_2636 (640x480)

11:00 AM: We drive to My Gym.

11:15 AM: We arrive at My Gym and have a blast during class!

IMG_2650 (800x600)

12:45 PM: We return home after My Gym. Quinn is one tired boy, so I put him down for his afternoon nap. Then, I make myself lunch, which is a Dr. Praeger’s super greens veggie burger with a fried egg and buffalo sauce sandwich, Backyard Barbecue Kettle Chips, and some Little Secrets dark chocolate candies (like M&Ms but no artificial stuff).

IMG_2652 (800x600)

12:55 PM: I eat lunch, work on this post, print/sign/scan another contract, reply to a bunch of emails… work, work, work. I down another packet of Little Secrets.

2:15 PM: Quinn wakes up from his nap. I change his diaper and then we play for a little bit. Monica and I talk more about Married at First Sight + other stuff.

2:30 PM: It’s time for second lunch! On the menu: A bottle (I attempt formula in a sippy cup, but it’s a no-go), blueberries, and black beans + shredded chicken from the crock pot.

3:00 PM: Quinn finishes lunch, so I clean him up and then we play, play play. (Quinn is holding a banana-shaped umbrella, which is his new favorite toy.)

IMG_2657 (800x600)

3:45 PM: Mal comes home from school. We chat for a bit and then we take Quinn and Murphy on a family walk around the neighborhood.

IMG_2670 (800x600)

4:15 PM: When we get home, I hop in the car and drive to KFIT.

4:30 PM: I get my butt kicked at KFIT.

IMG_2671 (600x800)

5:45 PM: I return home. Mal just started feeding Quinn dinner, so I take over while he takes a shower and brings Murphy to the vet for a re-check of his ear. (Related: The whole ear thing has been such a fiasco. I’m not kidding you, we tried at least a dozen different medications and spent nearly $1,000 trying to get Murphy better. Thank goodness, he’s just about there. We now take him to an animal hospital that actually knows what they are doing instead of just guessing. Jeez, Louise.)

6:30 PM: Quinn eats all sorts of goodies for dinner including a ton of cottage cheese, so he is messy, messy, messy by the time he is finished. I give him a bath and then get him ready for bed.

7:00 PM: We read books and then walk around the house, opening and closing cabinets, until he gets tired.

7:15 PM: Quinn goes to bed, so I make myself dinner. Then, I sit down to work and catch up on things that I didn’t finish during the day. I also eat two, ok, three Honey Stinger Waffles (caramel + vanilla flavors) from my BLEND swag. Lauren told me these things were incredible and, boy, was she right!

IMG_2673 (800x600)

7:45 PM: Mal and Murphy arrive home. Mal has a bottle of wine with him. I knew he loved me.

8:45 PM: I finish working, take a shower, and then pour myself a glass of wine.

9:00 PM: I plop down on the couch, watch TV, and drink my wine.

9:30 PM: I wash Quinn’s hook-on chair, clean up the kitchen, wash bottles, yada, yada… I just like having a clean house when I wake up.

9:45 PM: Bedtime, finally. So tired.

The end.

P.S. Today is Dunkin’ Donuts’ Iced Coffee Day! Yeehaw! All day today, $1 dollar from every cup of Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee sold at participating locations in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire will benefit Boston Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. You know I’ll be popping in for an iced coffee (and donut, obviously) later this morning!



  1. I love your day-in-the-life posts. My son is three months younger than Q and I feel like I get a little glimpse for what is to come. It seems like Q is really rocking his naps these days!

  2. ahhh all your gym pictures with quinn make me SO excited to start william’s gym class!! another two weeks and we begin!! he climbs all over EVERYTHING in the house right now!!

  3. Love these posts!! I have a 9 1/2 month year old so it’s fun seeing what you and Quinn do all day! I definitely want to check out a ‘my gym’ type of place 🙂

  4. Love these posts! Your 930pm sounds like most of my nights because I love waking up to everything cleaned and ready to go. The other night I thought I’d go to bed at 8pm (hubs is traveling). Then I realized I had to clean the dishes, bottles, high chair, pack lunches and take the dog out…I was in bed at 930, haha

    Yah for iced coffees for a good cause!

  5. Love these day in the life posts- you certainly do a lot! I also love that you guys watch Married at First Sight- I am slightly obsessed!!!!!

  6. You have such a busy day but it looks like you are able to handle it pretty well. I think having kids will involve a lot of planning for me so that I already know how to take advantage of those moments where I have time to myself. That little gym looks so cute!

  7. You have made my day by informing me of the most important current event – Dunkin Donuts iced coffee day. I have a feeling I’ll be making a few trips there.

  8. Girl, you NEED to buy a new mattress stat! When you’re waking up all night with back pain it’s TIME!

  9. Hi Tina! My son (2 1/2) loves cottage cheese too. It’s insane how much of it he could eat if I let him 🙂 Have you tried giving Quinn a green smoothie? My son is obsessed with this one I make with spinach, almond milk, frozen banana, almond butter, and chia seeds. He thinks putting things in the blender is a blast, too!

  10. I think that is one of my all time fav pics of murphy (when Q is hugging him). Hilarious! I love writing day in the life posts, too. Fun to look back and see how far we have come with the wee one!

  11. I really enjoy your day in the life posts. Thanks for sharing yours days with all of us. I love Married at First Sight! I missed the first season of it tho.

  12. I love reading these! They sound just like days with my daughter. I’m a stay-at-home mom right now and people always ask, “So, what do you do all day?” Like I get to watch daytime TV all day or something. I should refer them to these posts!

  13. Hi! Does he/has he always napped that much? My 6 month old might i tk sleep 2 hours in the whole day, Quinn seems to sleep nearly 4, anyway lucky you!

    1. Oh, no. He didn’t always sleep so well. When he was younger, he rarely slept during the day. It could have been all the steroids he was getting from my breast milk, but I think getting him on a schedule and reading his tired cues ultimately did the trick!

  14. Did you go to the Animal Hospital in Weymouth? They just gave our dog the best attention in the world. We had a major scare two weeks ago and they took very good care of her. Love that place – the doctors are so smart!

  15. What happened to your bed? I Remember you saying how great it was and how it was the most comfortable thing ever. ????

    1. It was, but it’s like 10 years old now. Or maybe my core strength is lacking? My back pain started during marathon training. That was my other thought on why my back hurts so much now.

      1. Diastasis causes back pain. Especially if you’re running a lot, or doing other weight-bearing exercise. I’d be willing to bet that’s what is causing your back pain. I’ve been there, it’s no fun!

  16. Awww he’s so cute! I love that age–it’s so much fun <3

    I love our bed–I swear by our mattress & good pillows, and I know it helps me sleep so well. Fingers crossed you can find a good one soon b/c mama needs sleep!

  17. That KFit workout looks intense!
    I think you will be so glad you did all these day in the life posts- I wish I had done something similar when Matilda was born. They change so much, so quickly, that sometimes it’s hard to remember the little details.

  18. Ugh, I totally missed Iced Coffee day! I go to Dunkin’ so often, and then of course the one day I want to go I don’t!

    I love these posts – it will be so much fun for you to go back and read them later, and fun for him much, much later! 🙂

  19. I am so confused as to how to get my son to take a sippy cup! Aghhhh! he just turned one and we have been practicing with one for 2 months but he only takes 1-2 oz from it and gets frustrated! 🙁

  20. As a speech-language pathologist, I would recommend reading to your baby more than once a day. Not being negative at all here as it seems like you are doing great, but exposure to books and reading as a baby really is so very important for their own reading development. Speaking/talking is innate and natural, but we have to be taught/learn how to read (i.e., it’s not natural). The more exposure the better!

    1. @Liza: Hear, hear! When my daughter was little I would read to her as often as I could (I started when she was less than a week old), and she was an early talker (100+ words by 16 months) and to this day LOVES to read – in fact, this morning before I left for work at 7 am, we read: a chapter of Harry Potter, three chapters of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and 11 pictures books, all her request. And she’s not even three and a half yet!

      And I think I read that having the TV on as background noise is also really detrimental to speech and brain development? When I was home with my baby, playing classical music on Pandora helped liven up the house when it seems particularly quiet. You may want to try something like that instead of having daytime shows on the background.

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