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Last night, I was sound asleep by 10:00 PM. Let me tell you, it was a happening night in the Haupert household!

It’s funny how not even a couple of years ago, I’d rather die than sit home with nothing to do on a Saturday night. Nowadays, making a delicious dinner at home, relaxing, and then climbing into bed to read a good book are some of my favorite Saturday night activities. Hey, just call me “Grandma.”

After getting a solid eight hours of sleep, I woke up bright an early to attend a yoga class. (Back in the day, I’d be nursing a Sunday morning hangover. Oh, how life has changed!)

IMG_0011 (500x375)


Before I left the house, I ate two piece of toast with almond butter and a sliced peach.

IMG_0010 (500x375)

When I was at Lululemon yesterday, I noticed that they were planning to offer a complimentary yoga class at Dancing Crow Yoga this morning. I generally think yoga is a pricey activity, so I totally took advantage of the free class.

IMG_0017 (500x375)

The class was a 90-minute Vinyasa Flow, which was pretty basic, but my hamstrings got a good stretch and that’s all I really wanted from this morning’s class.

After class, I drank a big iced coffee with soy milk. Mmm!

IMG_0020 (375x500)


A little while later, my stomach started to grumble, so I ate a couple of pieces of leftover Naked Pizza. I thought it was a snack to hold me over until lunch, but twenty minutes later, I ate the other two pieces. I guess it was lunch.

IMG_0023 (500x375)

I’m spending the rest of the day cleaning and working, but we’re having friends over for barbequing later on, so at least my day isn’t all work and no play!



  1. I’ve been practicing mostly at home lately even though my gym offers tonnes of classes with some really really good instructors. I’ve just been looking for a change
    I’ve been diggin’ the podcasts from Eoin Finn lately. The poses are really deep (not exhausting, but a really good, thorough stretch). Plus their free, so that’s a bonus.

  2. Oh yeaah. 🙂 I was hoping to see photos of your grandma doing yoga. Haha. Hey, that sounds like a great way to spend Saturday evening/Sunday morning to me. Love the free classes!

  3. i love how you seek out awesome free stuff, especially fitness classes!

    i’ve been reading your blog for awhile and i’m in love. i’m also from boston (the northshore!) and have had naked pizza and recognized your lulu as the one in hingham (where most of my extended family lives!).

    keep up the great work – and i can’t wait to read your book! 🙂

  4. im 20 and im a total “grandma.” i too would rather chilax at home then spend the night hanging out at a mall or something.i we’re getting…….old. :S

  5. Nothing wrong with a mellow Saturday night! A good book, an early bedtime, and an a.m. yoga class sounds pretty good to me. You’re taking care of yourself and doing what you feel like doing–who cares about the “rules” that weekends have to be about going out/staying out late. Cocoon away!

    Also, online yoga is the bomb (and WAY cheaper than the studio version).

  6. That sounds like the perfect Saturday night to me. Good food, a good book, and some good blog reading make me a happy camper! Glad you’re feeling better!

  7. How funny that I read this post right after talking with my husband about how much our lifestyle has changed. I always wondered when I would grow up, and I think it finally happened! It is amazing to wake up on a weekend morning feeling rested and rejuvenated!

  8. Ah yes, how times change as the years roll on! A few months ago Hubby and I were tucked into bed on a Saturday night…at 9 PM, lol! We had a good (quiet) laugh about it as we watched the kids sleeping.
    Last night we took the kids for ice cream then took them for an hour long walk around the neighborhood. It was a great Saturday night!

  9. Doesn’t sounds like a “grandma” thing to me. Even in my more “happening” 20s, I still savored the odd Saturday night at home. And at 35, I definitely don’t badly if I’d rather stay home some weekend nights. 😉 Sometimes you just need to decompress!

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  11. Sounds like a blissful morening to me! The husband affectionately refers to me as ‘grandma’ because I too would rather curl up with a good movie or book and just lounge at home than be out and about during the night time. And I’m okay with that! 🙂

  12. I love being in bed by 10 on a Saturday! 🙂 When the weekend comes, I don’t want to spend too much time in bed..gotta enjoy the day!

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