Winter Half Marathon Training {Weeks 7 & 8}

Today’s the day! My winter half marathon is finally here! And by the time you read this blog post, I will have crossed the finish line after running 13.1 (chilly) miles. I’ll share my recap later this week! Wish me luck!


Sunday: 10 miles


Monday: KFIT

28:49 Rx (my abs were sore for dayssssss!)


Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: CrossFit

Used #95 for Squat Clean Thruster + worked my way up to #125 X 3 for Front Squats + 10 Back Squats


Thursday: Off

Friday: Off

Saturday: CrossFit

GRID League-style workout. Teams of 4. We finished in 21:50 with 54 rope climbs. SO FUN!

80 Power Cleans #95

80 Toes-to-Bar

80 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups (I did regular kipping)

80 Burpees

80 Kettlebell Swings #35

Max rope climbs


Sunday: 5 miles

Monday: CrossFit

7:29 Rx


Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: KFIT


Thursday: Off

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Half marathon!!! 


  1. I used to despise running in the cold until I joined the Army. They had us up and early at 5:30 am every morning and 3-4 of those days we ran about 5 miles. At first, I thought it was tortue but after a 5 mile run it felt hot outside! I was steaming!

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