Why weighing yourself is unneeded stress

Weighing yourself is unneeded stress.⁠ Did you know I only weigh in once a month?⁠ Yep! Just once a month. Usually about 5-6 days after my cycle ends.⁠ And that’s what I recommend to some of my female nutrition clients as well (unless they are doing a reverse diet and then it’s weekly).

Weighing yourself is unneeded stress

You see, weighing yourself every single day is UNNECESSARY, and it can actually be HARMFUL to your progress and mindset.⁠ Your weight isn’t just one number. It’s really a RANGE of numbers, better known as natural scale fluctuations. Water, waste, soreness, hormones, salt, etc., all influence how the scale looks. But that doesn’t mean those scale changes are indicative of true fat gain.⁠⠀

For example, Sally weighs herself in the morning on an empty stomach and sees 120. That day she drinks a gallon of water, eats 3 meals, and does heaving lifting. Before bed the scale says 123. Gasp! Sally is so disappointed, wondering how this happened? Did she actually gain 3 pounds of body fat in 12 hours?!? No. How do we know? ⁠⠀

Because A: it’s practically impossible and B: when she woke up a couple days later, the scale was back to 120. But, because of that natural fluctuation, Sally was stressed out about those 3 pounds.⁠ Natural fluctuations are inevitable. And if you pay too close attention to them, you’ll drive yourself crazy!

I suggest weighing in only once a month, 5-6 days after your cycle. Mark your calendar and be sure to keep the time of day consistent. That’s when you’re least bloated. In the interim, track progress by looking in the mirror, taking progress pics, monitoring biofeedback, how your clothes fit, and taking measurements. These are called non-scale victories and for many of my clients they’re more than enough to keep them successfully on track to their goals.⁠⠀
Like I said, I only weigh myself once a month or so, but this definitely hasn’t always been the case, especially when I was younger. I use to let the scale ruin my day with a single number. Looking back, that is SO ridiculous! Know I know that weighing yourself is unneeded stress!

I’m curious, how often do you weigh yourself?⁠⠀


  1. I’m actually weighing myself about 5 or 6 days a week right now (it’s supposed to be daily but sometimes I forget). I’ve learned a ton about my body through daily weighing but it took a lot of mental and emotional work to see it as just data. I got away from it for a while but now I’m working on tracking some hormone/cycle things and my daily weights are one great indicator of what’s going on.

  2. I step on the scale every morning right after I pee and before eating or drinking anything. I have learned, over the years, not to focus or freak out over any individual number. It is not unusual for me to drop a couple of pounds overnight and the next morning the two pounds are back plus one or two more. I know a lot of people cannot handle daily weigh ins but I am able to look more at weekly average and over all trend.

    1. I do the same, it has actually kind of been like immersion therapy for me. It makes the number less scary and less scary when it jumps up and down due to my cycle and helps me to understand the consequence of retaining water from my previous days food/drink choices. It’s one of many tools I can use to measure my fitness and it helps me personally to frame it that way.

    2. Psychologists say that daily weighing has a negative effect on the psyche and slows down the process of losing weight. I think it makes sense to do this once a week.

  3. Oh, someone would have told me that before, and then I’m so stressed every time I gain weight. I even try to wear fewer clothes. Although I’m watching myself. But I think you’re quite right, in general, the numbers mean little, because it can all be muscles, I can have pumped shapes without being overweight, respectively, the numbers on the scales will be large. and this is understandable and quite natural and beautiful))

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