What weight loss REALLY looks like…

What weight loss REALLY looks like…⁠ let’s just say it’s not what you *think* it is! 🙂
Weight loss is not a linear process. It’s not a straight path from here to there, from where you are to where you want to be. It’s not a freshly paved highway through middle America.⁠⠀

I really wish it was!⁠⠀
But weight loss is really more of a series of ups and downs, starts and stops. It requires a whole lot of CONSISTENCY, patience, and determination.⁠ You’ve got to have the discipline (and patience!), even when the scale stops moving.⁠⠀
Plus, in reality, your ‘current weight’ is really more like a RANGE of numbers. It’s an average of a range of higher days when you’re a little bloated from too much salt or a heavy workout the day before and lower days when you’re dehydrated or a few days after your period ends.⁠⠀
Focusing on one specific number, “I want to be 130lbs” versus being content with a range, “I’ll feel healthy at 130-135lbs” makes the entire process so much harder.⁠ Stop focusing on the numbers and begin looking at the bigger picture including important non-scale victories.⁠ Some things to consider…
Are your clothes getting looser?⁠⠀
Do you have more energy?⁠⠀
Is your body feeling stronger?⁠⠀
Are you sleeping better?⁠⠀
Have you been making better food choices?⁠⠀
Are you moving your body more consistently?⁠⠀
Turning your focus to things other than the scale is what can keep you moving forward… even when the scale is doing the frustrating flips and flops we all experience.⁠ Weight loss is not a linear process. For anyone. ⁠⠀
If you’re committed to focusing only on one particular number and not the entire picture, then I’m not the nutrition coach for you. I pride myself on helping my clients enjoy the journey and the process, not just the destination.⁠⠀
What are some non-scale victories that you’ve experienced recently? Let’s celebrate!⁠⠀

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