What to Track and Not Track [Macros]

Macro tracking: There’s levels to this… here’s a quick guide to help you figure out what to track and not track when it comes to macros.

What to Track and Not Track [Macros]
I am a “macro-ish” coach because I believe in the power of tracking macros to help you reach your goals, BUT I also believe there needs to be a limit (time, energy, mental capacity) on how much tracking you do. I mean, you’re not trying to lose weight AND lose your mind, are you?!?⁠⠀
Sure, macro tracking is a great tool to help you monitor your caloric intake when you’re working on your weight loss goals. Knowing the protein, fat, and carb counts in your meals and snacks is important… but so is flexibility.⁠⠀
And being FLEXIBLE is what will ensure your long-term success. ⁠So what’s important and not-so-important when it comes to what to track and not track (macros)?


What to Track and Not Track [Macros]

Here’s what I always track:⁠⠀

  • Protein – It’s okay to go over, protein is your friend. But don’t go too far below. Protein is important for EVERYTHING! ⁠
  • Carbohydrate – Carbs are good(!!) for you, so eat them, especially ones with fiber. Just don’t go crazy with the refined ones, especially if weight loss is your goal.⁠⠀
  • Fat – Eating fat doesn’t make you fat. Your body needs it. Fat is important for brain health, hormones, blood sugar regulation, and more! ⁠⠀

Here’s what I don’t track:⁠⠀

  • Vegetables – Veggies have nutrients, fiber is good, and most are low in calories. Plus, no one ever got fat eating tons of veggies!
  • Seasonings – Many are zero calories and everyone needs a little flava’ to keep things interesting.⁠⠀
  • Beverages – Basic bevvys like coffee and tea don’t need to be tracked, mix it up and enjoy!⁠⠀

In sum: Stop the macro insanity.⁠⠀
Eat the foods you love. ⁠⠀
Stop cutting your calories impossibly low and don’t live in a forever-long caloric deficit.

Don’t let macros turn you into a mindless macro robot chasing a number on the scale.⁠⠀

Start your macro journey now with my Learn to Track Macros Guide and 40-30-30 Weight Loss Meal Plan


  1. Question: if you are trying to lose weight wouldn’t eating veggies make you go over on your carb intake? Or dies the fiber cancel the carbs out because you’re looking at net carbs?

    1. Great question! A calorie surplus would would make you gain weight, BUT eating lots of veggies is good for your overall health, and their nutrients and fiber will benefit your goals much more than simply calories in and calories out (i.e. digestion, hormones, satiety). Plus, it’s realllllly tough to go over on your carbs if 75% or more come from vegetables, which is what I recommend to my clients! 🙂 I don’t pay attention to net carbs, but I try to get 25+ grams of fiber per day.

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