5 Ingredients (or Less) High-Protein Snacks

Just popping in real quick to share a delicious and nutritious snack freebie with you: 5 Ingredients (or Less) High-Protein Snacks! Oh baby, yes! Trust me, you want this ebook in you life.

There’s nothing worse than “sad snacks” that leave you hungry just a short while later. Am I right? Especially when those snacks take you on a blood sugar rollercoaster again and again. It’s the worst feeling, totally frusterating, and definitely won’t help get you to your body composition goals.

Introducing the 5 Ingredients (or Less) High-Protein Snacks ebook

This FREE ebook includes 20 high-protein snack ideas that are guaranteed to keep you satisfied in mind, body, and soul. Each one is made with 5 ingredients or less, which means snack time doesn’t get easier or more macro-friendly than this! The recipes included are a mix of savory and sweet, so there’s always a tasty idea to turn to when you need it most.

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5 Ingredients (or Less) High-Protein Snacks


  1. I would love to try the free e-book entitled 5-Ingredient or Less High Protein Snacks. Is it still available? I do not see a link to click on

  2. Hi Tina,
    I need a little help. I’m a regular subscriber to your weekly emails – have been for a couple of years – and I love all your advice and your recipes. Do I need to keep signing up for the newsletter so I can get the freebies? Is there somewhere I can go as a regular subscriber to get the freebies without needing to ‘sign-up’ and confirm my subscription again? What am I missing?

  3. Hi Tina, what a great source of inspiration you are! These protein snacks are such a lifesaver idea to curb my appetite in between meals without sacrificing taste!

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