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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning and happy FRIDAY, friends! Here is another edition of What I’m Loving Lately. ENJOY!

Chocolate Frosted Doughnuts – These amazing-looking doughnuts are made with FlapJacked Protein Pancake Mix and, holy cow, I want them. The ingredient list is pretty simple, so I might do a little baking this weekend!

New toy storage – We finally organized Quinn’s toys, so they are no longer taking over our house. Hooray!

BEFORE: Toy madness in the living room.


AFTER: Nice and neat toy storage in Quinn’s room. Now we just take a bin or two at a time into the living room for him to play with. It works great!

SAM_0654 (800x528)

What to Delete on Your Phone – This was super helpful since I am forever trying to free up space on my iPhone.

A letter to my son Jacob on his 5th birthday – Get the tissues ready for this one!

Could You Live In a Tiny House? – My obsession continues. And the house is in Burlington, Vermont.

My sister-in-law on Jeopardy – Oh my gosh, we are SO PUMPED about this. My sister-in-law, Jen, will be on Jeopardy next Monday night (3/9). She’s wicked smaht. Make sure you watch!

11 Things Highly Organized People Don’t Understand About Unorganized People – Oh my gosh, #1. I will never understand.

Avocado Fresh Pod – Hey, another kitchen tool! You’re probably thinking: Ugh, I already have so much stuff in my kitchen drawers… I do NOT need an avocado pod. People, I thought the exact same thing until I used one and, wow, it was life-changing. It really, truly works. I put half of an avocado in it, popped it in the fridge, and three days later, it was barely brown. Awe. Some.

Are You Underfueling? – Great article. Eating too little can have short-term and long-term consequences for your body and your workouts.

My new Glycerin 12 kicks – Yes, I needed to mention them again. I am totally in love.

glycerin 12

Use an Empty Water Bottle to Separate an Egg Yolk – I saw this on TV the other day and just had to share. So cool!

Tissues – Kidding! Well, kind of. I’ve had the worst booger-tastic cold for about a week now, so I finally caved and bought tissues. It’s actually kind of a joke in our house because I’m always like: Just use toilet paper. You’re blowing snot in there. It’s not like you need a special piece of tissue to do it. Growing up, both my parents were part of the ”˜just use toilet paper’ camp, so I was too””until my nose was red and raw from blowing it so many times. I even splurged and bought the ones with aloe and vitamin E! Haha!


Questions of the Day

What were your parents cheap about?

Oh, boy. Mine were cheap about a lot of stuff. But, honestly, it made me good with money, so I’m forever thankful for their saving ways. A couple of things my parents were cheap about: I don’t think our heat ever went over 60 degrees in our house even in the winter, and I once remember my dad telling me to wash my hair with bar soap because he didn’t use shampoo. Ha!

Could you live in a tiny house?

As much as I love the idea of living in a tiny, super organized house, I really don’t think I could do it””unless I lived alone, and I would never want that.

What’s your favorite type of donut?

Chocolate glazed with sprinkles!



  1. I actually use paper towels to blow my nose. Probably way more expensive, I know, but I like the rough scratchy feeling when my nose is itchy. Plus they’re way tougher than tissues for giant snotballs.

  2. That is super cool that your sis in-law is going to be on Jeopardy!
    I love the idea of a tiny house and I am pretty certain I could do it. My hubby and I lived for two years in an attic of an old house, it was our bedroom, office, living space etc., we made it work. Makes you realize how you don’t need as many things.

  3. Chocolate glazed sprinkle donuts are the dream of my life. My parents STILL don’t put the heat above 62! 🙈 I’ll watch for your SIL most nights we watch it! My best friends were on wheel of fortune and we nearly lost our minds watching it! They got to the final wheel but didn’t get the puzzle!

  4. I almost didn’t get past the first item in this post: donuts! My favorites are definitely glazed old-fashioned, hands down no question. BUT, those chocolatey sprinkly donuts are kind of calling my name…

  5. Cool that your SIL is going to be on Jeopardy! Way to go for her!

    I looked at that organized post, and yes, I can relate to many, but I think I’m an organized person when I want to be (which is MOST of the time) and the other little bit of time I’m a bit of a lazy bumm and don’t put clothes away. haha

  6. OMG! I don’t usually comment on blog posts, I just like to read…but it cracked me up with the tissues because I had the EXACT same thing happen this week. I never buy tissues-also a running joke amongst family and friends because I reason the same way-use TP. However, this week I had the worst cold and I too caved and bought tissues with lotion!! HA! Hope you feel better… 😉

  7. OMG I am absolutely loving my Glycerin shoes. They are amazing so far. Too early to tell but I have no complaints! Growing up we were really poor. My dad was good at saving and managing what little money he had and always provided a roof over our head and food on the table. I never felt like we were poor but we lived in Mexico because we couldn’t afford to live in the US until I was in fourth/fifth grade. It has really made me appreciate where I come from and all that I have.

  8. Awesome that your SIL is going to be on Jeopardy! It’s long been one of my favorite shows & I’d love to be on it. Gotta make sure I watch that night 😉

  9. My b-f and I have this “disagreement” about tissues…I use them, and keep a box in every bathroom. He prefers to use kitchen paper napkins. Drives me a little crazy!

  10. My husband and I started using hankies this winter when I realized how much we were spending on TP. I was on the tissue train but he was on the just use TP as children. Holy smokes, it’s unbelievable how much we have saved on toilet paper! I bought some bulk TP in the fall and haven’t purchased anymore since!

  11. I am also obsessed with tiny houses. Do you watch Tiny House Nation or have you watched the documentary Tiny? SO GOOD! I agree with you though. I am not sure I could actually live in a small house. I do like that it highlights how to live efficiently though!

    Also, I bought the black Brooks Glycerin 12s after seeing them here and on Janae’s blog –they are just too cool looking! Haven’t worn them on a run yet but I am hoping that they feel just as wonderful as the look!

  12. I’m kind of a tissue freak. I have a box in each bathroom and a box in my kitchen, as well as a box on my desk at work.

    My parents weren’t cheap about anything but my uncle was (and still is) super cheap about the air conditioning. We live in Florida and he has always kept the thermostat locked so none of my cousins could make it any cooler in the house. He would always keep it on like 78 and I hated going there for that reason! I can’t stand the heat. Even now, many years later, with all the kids grown and out of the house, he still keeps it on 78 and it’s so freakin’ hot in their house, I can’t stand going there!

  13. I was raised by a single mother – so we definitely learned the value of a dollar! I wouldn’t say she was cheap, but she was definitely thrifty and honest when it came to money. I learned a lot from her and am very thankful for it!

    Since I only work outside of the home a few hours a week, I need my space. I love vacationing and having smaller, cozy spaces, but when it comes to every day – I need a bit more space. I move my laptop from room to room as it is now for a change of scenery!

    I’ve had maybe 2 donuts over the past 5 years – but I’m a big fan of the classic glazed – hot and fresh! Yum!!

  14. Wow you’ve sold me on the avocado keeper! i always thought life was fine without them but i see you as a practical person so if you give them your steal of tina-approval perhaps i will purchase one! thanks!

  15. I definitely need an avocado saver! I never eat a whole one at once and the other half always gets pretty brown the next day. I’ll have to give this a shot.
    My parents weren’t really cheap about anything that I remember, but my grandmother would always reuse teabags. After she’d make tea, she’d put the teabag in the fridge to use the next time she wanted tea lol.

  16. I really enjoyed reading the undertraining article. It was extremely informative, and included information I hadn’t heard before. I especially liked that the author mentioned that it’s so hard for women to dig through diet advice and athletic training advice, when most media sources push weight-loss, weight-loss, weight-loss for women. For normal weight women, there is absolutely a lack of sound diet / athletic / training advice.

  17. Hi! Does your sister-in-law work at Smith College? My daughter is a student there and I just saw a FB post that an administrative assistant for the poetry and French departments at Smith was going to be on Jeopardy tonight 🙂

  18. Love it! Your “before” toy situation looks like our house! We’re planning on moving this summer and I’m really hoping for a designated play room!!!

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