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Hi, friends!

Sorry that I went MIA yesterday. I have the flu or a stomach bug or something like the plague. I dunno exactly, but I felt way too sick to blog or do much of anything yesterday. Blah.

It all started on Wednesday morning when I threw up for the first time in, oh, 20 years. I just don’t throw up and avoid it at all costs, so the whole thing was pretty awful. Whatever was in my body really wanted to get out! I actually felt a bit better after that, but, unfortunately, things progressed. The nausea continued and then I developed a fever, prickly skin, aches and pains, cold sweats”¦ all of that fun stuff. Long story short, I left Minneapolis (I was visiting General Mills) on an earlier flight (the folks at GM are the nicest), slept for 16 hours, and then laid on the couch for most of the day yesterday. I eventually had some chicken soup and green juice around dinnertime, so I *think* things are moving in the right direction. Being sick is the worst.

photo 1 (29) (800x800)

Anyway, that’s a little update about what’s happened lately. I’ll give you guys a full Seattle and General Mills recap next week. I had this What I’m Loving Lately post half written, prior to getting sick, so I decided to finish it up for today. Enjoy!

Chat Books – My sister-in-law had a bunch of these Chat Books on her coffee table, and I thought they were so neat. You can print your Instagram photos in a book series. They come in 60-page volumes for just $6 per volume. Isn’t that a cool way to save your Instagram pics?

IMG_0650 (800x600)

Hiking with Quinn – Oh my gosh, hiking with Quinn in Seattle was so fun! We borrowed a backpack carrier, but I am so excited to use the one that Chicco recently sent us. I can definitely see us using it ALL THE TIME once the weather turns nice (and there isn’t 7 feet of snow on the ground). Quinn was the happiest little guy as we walked around and explored Discovery Park. He really loved it!


24 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Insane The Snow In New England Is – Nailed it.

A stuffed animal version of your pet – Made by this company!

Dave’s Killer Bread – I think I’ve actually blogged about this bread on CNC in the past because it’s so darn delicious and made with high-quality, organic ingredients. Sadly, they don’t sell it in the northeast and it’s EXPENSIVE to buy online, but I love having it when I visit the pacific northwest!

IMG_0651 (800x600)

When we were in Seattle, my sister-in-law made this Slow Cooker Soy-Braised Chicken with bok choy for dinner one night, and it was soooooo tasty! I highly recommend it!

Running OUTSIDE – I ran 9.5 miles with my sister- and brother-in-law (they split the distance) and it was so much fun. The weather was almost 60 degrees and we ran along the water”¦ everything was perfect about it. I can’t wait for the snow to melt here!!!

IMG_0664 (800x800)

Cheerios are going gluten-free – Cheerios for everyone!

21 Habits You Need to Break to Be a Better CrossFitter – This was great!

Sauvignon Blanc + Cheez-Its – This combo might sound a little weird, but, trust me, it is delicious. It is perfect as a happy hour appetizer!

IMG_0638 (800x800)

For the local ladies – If you ever thought about joining KFIT, read this post: The Many Reasons Why KFIT Is So Much More Than a Gym.

Questions of the Day

What are you loving lately?

When was the last time you were throwing-up sick?



  1. I can’t believe you got on an airplane knowing you were sick! As the mom of two littles, that kind of makes me mad. We just flew recently and I cringe knowing that unless you were sick from food poisoning, you exposed other people to your bug. I would’ve just holed up in my hotel room until it passed. I’m sure you wanted to get home, but then you were probably around Quinn and exposing him to something as well. Hopefully you just ate something that didn’t agree with you though!

    1. @Karly: as someone who has worked in an airport, its not always that easy to just ‘not get on a flight’. especially when some airlines don’t let you rebook for free and often make you pay the full ticket price. Planes themselves are so dirty that people often get sick from flying (due to air circulation being so poor and the planes not being properly cleaned). unless its an infectious disease like TB, then she should fly. as the person who is flying, just take extra precautions such as covering your mouth, washing surfaces that you’ve touched etc.

    2. @Karly: Oh please, people get sick all the time. If everyone cancelled or re-booked flights overtime they were feeling under the weather it would be chaos. Using this logic people who aren’t feeling well should also not use public transportation, care for their children, or go anywhere there are other people. Planes are definitely breeding grounds for nasty germs, but it is your decision to catch a plane knowing there are other people who may or may not be sick. Take extra measures, get sanitizer, and wear a mask if it makes you that uncomfortable or if you are immune compromised. If I knew I were contagiously ill I would probably also wear a mask and make sure to not get too close to anyone. But not catching a plane because of a minor stomach bug? It is one thing to purposefully send your child to school sick (exposing other kids) or for a teacher or nurse to go to work knowing they are sick and also knowing they are working with people that are immune compromised, but minor illness does not imply that life stops until you are feeling 100%. Plus, a few germs every now and then are good for ya…helps build the immune system :p

    3. @Karly:
      You and your kids should just live in a bubble and never go out into the world. Do you shop at a grocery store? Yeah one of the dirtiest and germiest places you could go. How dare you say that someone shouldn’t get on a plane to be with there family when they are sick.

  2. I’m so sorry you’re sick! That’s NOOO bueno, and even worse when traveling. Prayers for a very speedy recovery.
    That picture of Mal and Quinn is very cute – yay for being outdoors!
    Lately I’m loving Teddie’s PB – you got me hooked, I’ve been stocking up through amazon smile.

  3. Mmmm, I love Cheez-Its. I can’t seem to stop with them, though! I can’t believe you haven’t thrown up in such a long time. I must have a sensitive stomach. My husband just got sick with something like the plague last night and threw up a few times. I feel so bad for him.

  4. I think you have a bug in your mobile site as every time I try to open C&C on my phone I get redirected to a whole bunch of gamer app ads and then I get redirected to the app store. This has happened before and it stopped for a little while and just started back up again.

  5. You poor thing! I hope you’re all the way better soon. So about your faves today — that’s really sweet your in-laws helped run with you. Does Mal ever run with you? Don’t think I’ve ever seen you mention that. Hope you are able to rest this weekend!

  6. Just about a year ago I got food poisoning from pizza. I spent 24 hours being so incredibly sick and not going far from the bathroom. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I felt brave enough to try pizza again.

  7. I feel terrible you were so sick (I haven’t puked in 26 years and will probably want to die when I do, so I sympathize there) BUT I travel on planes every week for work and I have to be honest – it grosses me out that you got on a plane that sick. I often have to sit near people coughing, sneezing or who look really sick (once sat next to a mom holding a baby with a terrible cough which caused them to puke for an entire flight…talk about worst flight ever) and it never fails that I end up getting sick too. too. I think it’s really terrible to expose other people to that and I have found most airlines will work with you if you just ask.

    I also have coworkers who have spent weekends on the road in hotels in order to not fly home with the stomach flu. It may be selfish, but I wish airlines had policies about traveling with an illness in order to protect other travelers…especially in enclosed spaces with recycled air!!

    1. @Jenn: OhmyGod seriously? Get a GRIP. What is wrong with the world? She had a flu! You have just as bad of a chance of catching something from your your kids, eating stupid airplane food or sitting in the airport with thousands of people breathing and coughing around you. Seriously people, why all the need for negative talk and putting people down all the time. She was sick.

    2. @Jenn:
      Try working at a grocery store. Just because you are exposed doesn’t mean you need to catch it. I’ve worked with the public for over 10 years and have rarely gotten sick. Consider boosting your immune system.

    3. You both make me laugh. 🙂 Pretty sure the person who doesn’t want to fly with someone who knowingly got on a plane with the flu isn’t the one who needs to get a grip. I am not putting her down, simply stating that I don’t think people who are really sick and can easily infect 100’s of others should be allowed to fly. Wasn’t that the great idea with Ebola that everyone demanded for their safety? No one complained about not allowing those people to fly into the country, but the flu kills FAR more people each year. Seems a bit hypocritical, no?

  8. Have you looked for Dave’s Killer Bread at Costco? That’s where I buy it; it comes in packs of two. I’m in Ottawa (Canada), so also in the Northeast.

  9. Urgh, you poor thing! I wonder what it was? Like you I very rarely ever throw up but travelling around South America finally got to me last Summer and I had two full days in bed barely able to move. The thing is I have no idea what caused it – food, water, a virus… It just makes me extra grateful for feeling healthy so far on the last leg of our trip throug Asia. Hope you’re back to full strength soon. Go easy on yourself.

    The thing I’m loving lately is having some beach time and hand feeding wild monkeys yesterday!

  10. Boo! Sorry to hear you’re sick! And what a bummer to have to cut your trip short!

    The man and I just started watching Prison Break on Netflix–I’ve seen it before, but he hasn’t, and it’s been so fun to watch together!

  11. Holy! That is a lot of snow! I always dreamed of going sledding off my roof : ) I’m a dark chocolate and red wine combo girl but I’m sure cheez its and white wine are great too!

  12. Glad you’re feeling better, being sick is awful especially when you’re a busy mom! Last time I was stomach sick was when I was pregnant with #3 and thought it was a stomach bug…at least there was a happy ending 🙂

    What I’m loving lately…Yankee Candle Girl Scout Cookies candles! Calorie-free!

  13. I’ve been there… flying when you’re sick is the worst! You just want to get home and go to sleep, but you’re rushing around and feeling miserable… Hope you are feeling much better!

  14. Hey Tina, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and always enjoy your “what I’m loving lately” posts. I noticed you’re a big eggs for breakfast person. I just started a blog and added a recipe for masala eggs – it might be fun to try for something different in the morning 🙂

  15. Throwing up is the WORST! I absolutely hate it. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better though!

    I love the idea of the Chat Book. It would be great to put some of my photos in that so I can free up some space on my phone. My photos take up so much memory!

  16. Those chat books are so cute! Im going to have to look into those bc I always try and be some kind of fancy photographer and IG is my gallery. Now I can print them out and show the world haha.

    Im glad you had a good trip and I hope you feel better!

  17. Oh man, nothing worse than not being home when you get sick : (

    I would LOVE to joing Kfit, she needs to open another gym closer to Braintree/Randolph, and you can manage it! hee!

  18. Discovery Park is one of my favorite places! I was there last summer and it was so beautiful. Being sick is totally the worst. I got the worst stomach bug hours before I was supposed to go to Arizona for New Year’s and it was the most horrendous thing ever (or at least that I’ve experienced). Hope you’re feeling better!

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