Weekend Top 5

Hi, guys! Good morning and happy Tuesday to you! I hope you had a nice long weekend (if you had a long weekend – I didn’t realize not everyone celebrates Veteran’s Day).

As you probably know, I often share snip-its from our weekend over on Instagram Stories, but just in case you “unplugged” and missed them over the weekend, I wanted to share some highlights. We had quite the nice long weekend! 🙂 That said, here are the “top 5” from the weekend!

1. Visiting the Derby Street Woody Wall at the Derby Street Shops – How fun, right?! It’s located on the Kohl’s wall in the alcove next to REI, and it’s the perfect spot for family holiday photos. If you’re local, there’s actually an event next weekend with treats, music, and games to celebrate the big reveal. It’s a totally free event – just register here! Also, if you snap a photo in front of it, be sure to tag @carrotsncake and @derbystshops and hashtag #derbywoodywall for a chance to win a $50 gift card to the store of your choice!

Also at Derby Street this month is a Black Friday Run, which is a 3-mile loop around Derby Street and the Hidden Pond. The event is FREE of charge and open to those of all athletic levels. (There will be a run route as well as a walking route.) Registration is free but required. I’m pretty sure the Hauperts will be there! 🙂

2. Lunch at CAVA – Meal times are still quite the struggle for Quinn, but we had the most enjoyable lunch at CAVA the other day. He actually sat and ate his whole meal. Quinn really loves the pita and hummus there! And I’m obsessed with their salad bowls – I could seriously eat them everyday! Are you a CAVA fan? You can get a free $3 here!

3. An awesome client success story – I already shared this on Instagram, but I’m so proud of this client, I just had to share it again! Dedication and hard work certainly paid off – both on and off the scale for her! Throughout our time together, she dropped 15 pounds while building confidence in her ability to maintain her results on her own. We worked on tracking and lifestyle habits (i.e. meal prep, social events, weekends) for long-term results! She writes: “These pants were snug last year when I put them on, and I had to wear a baggy shirt to hide the fat rolling over. Now they are too big! I’m the lightest I’ve been in years. I’ve also been able to bring out a lot of my Lulu tops that were literally skin tight on me last year. I feel great! And people are finally starting to notice the hard work I’ve been putting in. Hoping to do another plan after Thanksgiving with you!” If you’re interested in working together, checkout www.cncmacroplans.com for details!

4. Dinosaur birthday party – Quinn had a blast with friends at a dinosaur-themed birthday party. He loved running around and playing as well as “adopting” a dinosaur and hatching egg at the end of the party. Also fun: Open swim with Dada at Goldfish! Usually, Quinn and I go together on Mondays, but Mal had the day off, so he joined us! 🙂

5. Playing with my new air fryer – The nice people from Bella sent me their 1.2 Q Air Fryer to try, and I am absolutely obsessed. Ob.Sessed. I have a full review coming later this week, but let’s just say, it now has a permeant spot on our kitchen counter! FYI: It’s on sale right now for just $33 at Macy’s!

Question of the Day

Do you own an air fryer? If so, what are your favorite things to make? 


  1. Love my air fryer! I hate counter clutter, but I use it so much it has a permanent spot. Favorites: roasted carrots and eggs in pyrex cups.

  2. AirFryer FTW! I have the large capacity Philips sold by W-S and it’s everything. If all I ever make in it is roasted chicken it’s worth it. 5 lb chicken done in 1 hour and beats any store rotisserie chicken!

  3. My dad has an air fryer and he makes the BEST wings! Its amazing how crispy they come out – after they are crisped up he tosses them in a buffalo or sweet/sour sauce. Seriously the best wings I’ve ever had – I’m always disappointed now when I order wings at a restaurant.

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