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Alternate title: My Favorite New Kitchen Appliance

I mentioned my new air fryer the other day, and I’m truly obsessed with it. It’s been such an awesome addition to our kitchen, and I use almost every day. I honestly can’t believe I love a kitchen appliance so much! Haha!

The nice people from Bella sent me their 1.2 Q Air Fryer to try, and I’m so thankful to have it in my life. It now has a permeant spot on our kitchen counter, and, guys, I’m super picky about what occupies real estate there. I hate the look of a cluttered counter, so the fact that it now lives next to our coffee maker is a BIG DEAL!

I really could go on and go (and on!) about my love for this air fryer, but I’ll cut to the chase and give you guys all the deets via pro/con list. And, truthfully, if you knew how much you’d love and use this kitchen appliance, you probably wouldn’t need much convincing! 🙂 Ok, are you ready?!


  • It’s small and compact. I have the 1.2 quart air fryer, and I love that it’s not massive. I made the mistake of going BIG with my Instant Pot, and it kind of drives me nuts now. I have it stored away in a top cabinet, and it’s so big and bulky… and annoying. Obviously, this post isn’t about my Instant Pot, but I really love that the air fryer doesn’t take up half of my kitchen!
  • It makes small batches. Small air fryer = small batches of food! I love this because I can quickly and easily roast a bunch of veggies, cook up a single-serving dessert, or make a batch of salt + vinegar chickpeas. Mal and Quinn don’t like a lot of the foods that I like, so it’s perfect for whipping up something for myself. Plus, it cuts down on my time in the kitchen on Sundays when I meal prep because I can cook things on-demand during the week. This also means that I’m not eating soggy meal prep leftovers.
  • It’s SO EASY to use – like super easy! There’s only two buttons on this air fryer: Temperature + timer. You just set the temperature that you want to cook your food and then set the timer. That’s it!
  • It bakes, roasts, grills, and fries food. I didn’t realize an air fryer could do so much. I honestly thought it was a “healthier” alternative for deep frying, but it does so much more. You can even just use cooking spray and not add a ton of oils and fat to your food. Again, it’s super easy to roast veggies, which I’ve been doing pretty much every day since I got it!
  • It’s easy to clean. I just rinse the pan and crisping tray with soap and water, but it’s dishwasher safe, which makes clean up even easier.
  • It’s pretty and adds a pop of color to our kitchen! I mean, hey, the red is kind of fun, right? This model also comes in black.


  • You’ll probably need to make some space on your kitchen counter because you love it so much and want to use it all the time. (See above.) If you have limited counter space, this might be a problem. Of course, you can always store it in a cabinet or closet.
  • It’s small. I love that this air fryer is small, but if you’re cooking up big batches of food, it’s probably not the best option. Of course, you can always buy a bigger air fryer or just use your oven for baking and roasting.
  • I wish I got it sooner! I really didn’t think I needed another kitchen appliance in my life, but I’m so pumped to have this air fryer as part of my cooking arsenal!



    1. I’ve been roasting up veggies, sweet potato chips and fries, red potatoes, single-serving desserts (banana bites), and I just made a batch of salt + vinegar chickpeas.

  1. Ive been wanting an air fryer bad for a few weeks, can you tell me some of the things/recipes you use it for? Im afraid I wont use it enough.

  2. This seems to be the next ‘big thing’!! I want to get one of these and still plan on getting an instant pot but debating on the sizes of both. Would you go bigger if you could switch in regards to the air fryer? Also, my family eats quite a bit so I was thinking of getting an 8qt instant pot. Is that what you have? Thanks!

    1. I LOVE that the air fryer is small, but, like I mentioned, Mal and Quinn don’t like a lot of the same foods that I like. Yep, I have the 8-QT instant pot, and it’s massive, but perfect for a big family!

  3. They’re also great for heating up leftovers and leaving them crisp rather than limp. I hate pizza reheated in a microwave. The air fryer is great for grilled cheese sandwiches too. As you can see, I have quite a refined palate, lol!

  4. Would you say this is big enough for 2 people? Like to make say 2 burgers, 2 pork chops, 2 chicken breasts etc? Thanks!

  5. Tina….
    THANK YOU for this review!!! I’ve been contemplating buying one and could not make up my mind on which model/size would be right for me. This helps me out a lot because I’m single, so this one would be the perfect size for me & my kitchen!! 😉

  6. I don’t know much about air fryers, but I roast a ton of veggies so feel like I might get use out of the this. Is it quicker than roasting in the oven? Thanks in advance, long time Carrots N Cake fan over here and I take a lot of your suggestions!

  7. Macy’s has this Air Fryer on sale right now for $19.99(plus a $12 mail-in rebate) !!!! HUGE savings!!! I’m buying a couple more for my family/friends:)

  8. HOLY MOLY …this air fryer is ON SALE @ Macy’s right now for $19.99 with a $12 mail-in rebate!! HUGE savings:) I’m going to buy a couple more for family and friends! (hope this comment didn’t post twice, been having some issues getting things posted on here)

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