1st Wedding Anniversary Recap: Part 4

Originally posted July 12, 2009

Today is officially our 1-year wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary to us!

I saved the best recap for last: wedding cake!

I absolutely loved our wedding cake! It had 4 layers, each with a different cake + frosting combination:

  • Top layer: Carrot Cake (of course!)
  • 2nd layer: White cake with vanilla and mocha buttercream filling
  • 3rd layer: Chocolate cake with hazelnut buttercream and chocolate truffle filling
  • Bottom layer: Lemon-Strawberry cake combo

Mal and I didn’t smash cake into each other’s faces like some couples, but cutting the cake at our reception was really fun!

 We didn’t arrive home from our trip until late tonight, but it didn’t stop me from digging into the top layer of our wedding cake. (We put it in the fridge to defrost over the weekend.)

In keeping with tradition, we froze the top layer of our wedding cake to eat on our 1st wedding anniversary.


Mal’s step-mom wrapped it up good and tight last July 12th!

IMG_3029.JPG IMG_3030.JPG

After unwrapping the top layer, our wedding cake looked a little beat-up, especially after being wrapped a million times in plastic wrap and stored in our freezer for a year.


Cutting our wedding cake for the second time! 😉


I was so worried that our cake would have freezer burn and taste bad, but it didn’t at all! It was SO GOOD!



The actual carrot cake was surprisingly soft and moist. Holy yum! :mrgreen:


Mal and I each had a piece of cake and chatted about our first year of marriage. It was such a wonderful way to spend the last couple of hours of our anniversary.


Bed time!


  1. WOW that cake looks amazing! This is actually so fun for me to read because I think the first time I stumbled across your blog through Kath’s blog was right after you had just gotten married – so basically, last summer. Aww nostalgia 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary. We still have our cake in the freezer, we meant to eat it in June for our one year but forgot. Great reminder. I will have to get it out. Glad you liked yours!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your cake looks yummy. It brings back good memories of our first anniversary – 22 years ago!!

  4. Aww, happy anniversay to you and Mal!!! Your cake looks beautiful!!! I get to eat my 1 yr anniversary cake in a few months too, and I have been wondering if it will taste freezer burned too… glad yours was still delicious!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Awesome, glad your cake held up! We just had our one year anniversary and the person that packed up the food at our wedding forgot to give us some of our wedding cupcakes! So, we just had the baker make up six for our anniversary so we still got to reminisce. Glad you enjoyed your first anniversary!

  6. Cake looks fantastic!! The mister an I were also surprised how well our cake held up when we celebrated our one year anniversary two years ago. Our three year is tomorrow 😉 congrats!!

  7. Happy anniversary!! We ended up eating the top of our wedding cake on our one-month anniversary…our freezer is tiny so we were keeping it in my parents’, and we felt bad about it taking up space. But we got to share it with everyone at Thanksgiving! 🙂

  8. Happy Anniversay sweetheart! Hope you and Mal enjoyed every moment of your 1st year and wishing the two of you endless years of happiness and blessing!

  9. happy happy anniversary! I’m glad the cake was still good 🙂

    what a fun weekend trip you guys had! I’m just catching up on everything, but it looks like you all had a great weekend!

  10. Thank God you didn’t smash cake in each other’s faces. That is an incredibly stupid and just plain mean custom.

  11. happy anniversary!! it sounds like you had such a great one down south! 🙂 and what a lovely way to end your anniversary weekend! 🙂

  12. Yummmm!! Our baker includes a freshly baked duplicate cake for our 1st year anniversary. We ate our cake topped the week we got back from the honeymoon 🙂 I can’t wait for our second one next February!

  13. That cake looks amazing! Yeah, mine was pretty gross after one year in the freezer. I can’t believe my 4th anniversary is this Thursday, time flies 😉

  14. Happy Anniversary! I was also celebrating with year-old cake yesterday and it was delicious! Glad yours was also.

  15. Happy Anniversary! We too thought our cake would be nasty when we pulled it out of our freezer, but it was delicious! Congratulations on this beautiful day! -e

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