1st Wedding Anniversary Recap: Part 3

Originally posted July 10, 2009

Immediately following the ceremony, our reception was held at the Sky Meadow Country Club in Nashua, New Hampshire. It was such a gorgeous place to have a reception! The ballroom had high ceiling to floor windows, a fieldstone fireplace, and large dance floor, which was rarely empty at the reception. The ballroom overlooked a beautifully landscaped “Bridal Garden” and an 18-hole golf course. (Mal was pretty excited about that last part! )

Our reception was lively from the beginning to the very end.  The dancing, singing, and laughing never seemed to stop! In fact, the “after party” at the hotel went very late into the evening. It was a par-tay!

My best advice for all of the brides-to-be is to make sure that you ENJOY your wedding day! Mal and I made it a point to have the time of our lives and not get wrapped up in the details. And, our wedding day was honestly the BEST day of my life! We had SO MUCH fun!

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  1. Looks like such a fun wedding! I definitely want my wedding to be like this-one big party where I just get to have a good time with everyone. 🙂 I think everyone should have the best day of their lives at their wedding.

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