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Thank you Victoria’s Secret for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Victoria’s Secret, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.


I have another killer kettlebell workout for you guys! Are you ready?!

SAM_6305 (729x1024)

This one incorporates three movements that work your entire body from head to toe. They’re a mix of strength and endurance and focus on both your upper and lower body as well as your core and posterior chain.

The workout is a total of five rounds with each one ending with 1-minute of rest to help you keep up the intensity. If five rounds is too much, feel free to scale the rounds to three or four. You’ll still get a kick-butt workout!


Ok, time to break a sweat!!

VSX Kettlebell Workout

The first exercise of this workout is Pike Push-Ups and they’re quite challenging, especially if you perform them correctly. (Be sure to watch the linked video for a tutorial!) There are only 7 reps per round, but you’ll really start to feel them as the workout progresses.


Then, it’s onto Alternating Jump Lunges. Perform 20 total (10 each side).

carrotsncake alternating jump squats

The final movement of the workout is kettlebell swings. You’ll do 16 reps and then rest for 1 minute to finish the first round. After that, you’ll complete 4 more rounds, starting with the Pike Push-Ups once again.


In this workout, I’m wearing The Ultimate Cross-Train Sport Bra from Victoria’s Secret, and it definitely lives up to its name!

As you guys might remember, I’m really picky about sports bras. Over the years, I’ve written a bunch of posts about my favorites because I know just how difficult it can be to find a good one that actually works. (I also have zero patience for uncomfortable/unsupportive sports bras during my workouts!) Well, The Ultimate Cross-Train Sport Bra is another sports bra that I am proud to recommend!


What I love best about this sports bra is its custom fit. Victoria’s Secret knows what they’re doing in the bra department and uses the same fit technology to construct their bras, which means they have an accurate fit and plenty of support. Even though it’s a sports bra, it’s sized like a regular bra (32D or 36C versus small, medium, large). The Ultimate Cross-Train Sport Bra has adjustable straps and a bottom band that also adjusts for a snug fit around your chest, which is something I’ve never seen on a sports bra before. It works really well, especially if you’re in between sizes.

SAM_6333 (1024x683)

I also love the full coverage of this sports bra. You could totally wear it alone or with a lightweight tank top and not worry about anything popping out the top. And, of course, I love the variety of colors and patterns available. They’re so fun, and I definitely want to add another one to my sports bra collection. But, I’m waiting until tomorrow (1/7) to take advantage of an incredible deal from Victoria’s Secret. More details below!

SAM_6330 (1024x683)

I also had the opportunity to try the Knockout Tights from Victoria’s Secret. How cool are these babies?!


I love the extra wide waistband that slims and stays in place during workouts. (I’ve worn them a number of times for CrossFit/KFIT workouts and they don’t fall down during Burpees, Wallballs, Thrusters, etc.) The fabric is soft and smooth and moves and stretches with you. There’s also a pocket in the waistband that holds an iPhone 6. Very cool.


Remember how I said I was going to wait until tomorrow to buy another Victoria’s Secret sports bra? Well, they are offering customers an amazing deal then. I honestly don’t think I’ve heard of one this awesome, so you definitely want to check and see what it’s all about!


And a couple more deals…

Limited time (valid through 1/5/16): Free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Use code SHIP25.

Now until 1/20/16: Free shipping on orders over $100. Usecode FREESHIP100.

Questions of the Day

Where is your favorite sports bra from?

Any guesses what the amazing deal from Victoria’s Secret might be? 

Note: Please consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program.



  1. VS sports bras are my new obsession. For larger chests, they are super supportive and come in great styles and colors. Something you don’t always get when you are larger up top.

  2. Starting to incorporate more kettlebell training in my workouts. Curious as to what size kettlebells you use? What did you use for this exercise? Thanks!!!

    1. It depends on the workout, but anywhere from 35-53 pounds. I used 35 pounds for this workout since there are quite a lot of swings.

  3. Oh I LOVE those tights. But, I told myself I wont be buying anything for myself this month (fiscal diet post holidays and all..) so hopefully they are still in stock come February.

  4. Holy abs! 🙂 You eat various healthy meals and indulge once in a while too! I always think people with abs like these eat kale and unseasoned chicken all day. You’ve given me hope lol

  5. You look amazing! Total mom inspiration!!! I’ve been struggling a little trying to get back into working out post baby!

  6. My favorite sports bra is from lululemon, but I’ll definitely check out the victoria secret ones now… Love that they’re your actual bra size not just sm-m-l ! I’m a 32D and find I’m either settling for a good fit across with a too big band or a just right band with a uni boob lol!

  7. How is your stomach even real? Your hard work really pays off and I use almost all the workouts you post! I have 2 Vicky’s GC’s from Christmas. I’m looking forward to seeing what this deal is all about tomorrow so I can SPEND them!

  8. Are the tights “squat safe”? Aka, do they become sheer when you bend over or squat? It’s super important to me that tights are squat safe. I can’t stand when I see a pair I like and they’re basically sheer!

  9. this bra looks great, but the link only connects to ONE size that’s on sale, and the VS site is quite difficult to navigate. I would be interested in this bra, but they need to make is much easier to find on the website. They’re losing customers this way…

    1. So sorry you had trouble! If you look under ‘sport’ then ‘sports bras,’ you can see all of their options. Then each one gives you the sizes and colors available.

      1. Thanks Tina! Unfortunately it looks like the one you have (so cute, so supportive) is only available in one size! Oh well.

  10. I like the way you added value to a sponsored post here — something worthwhile for your readers (i.e. a workout) rather than “look, a bra”… I wish some other bloggers would take your lead.

  11. I bought those VS pants for myself a few weeks ago and I LOVE them! They really do stay in place during a workout. I was just so pleasantly surprised with the overall quality!

  12. Great workout! I actually haven’t bought new sports bras in years because there’s not much to support and I’ve been able to just wear the same ones. I did buy one from Forever 21 though that looks really cool!

  13. The adjustable band at the bottom of the new sports bras is awesome!! That was my only complaint about them in the past – they held everything in place, but I’ve always been between sizes, and couldn’t get a size that fit comfortably around my rib cage. Also, you look fabulous – your dedication inspires me!

  14. Love both the sports bra and the leggings! Are we supposed to be able to see the amazing deal from VS when we click the link? All I get is VS wanting my email address and phone number. Does the sale go live tomorrow?

  15. I just want to tell you are a huge motivation for me. I’ve had some injuries this past year due to plantar fascilitis and heel spurs. Needless to say I’ve gained quite a bit of weight back. However, I’m finally getting back to crossfit bootcamp. I’m not able to run much or do box jumps because I have to take it easy with my foot. I also can’t use the reebox sneakers but their too flat. I’m currently using the Asics Gel Nimbus 17, and has the best arch/heel support. Also, wanted to tell you that you look FABULOUS !!! You are rocking an awesome body ~~ Thank you for recipes and motivation.

  16. Just bought my first pair of vs workout pants and sports bra. thanks for the info! I’ve heard great things about their workout clothes

  17. ABDOMINAL MUSCLES FTW! I’m totally inspired given the fact that you don’t actually eat super clean (I mean this in a good way, I don’t eat super clean either) and your baby is aroundabout the same age as mine!

    If you have any core workout recs, I’m all ears, girl. You are awesome! :):)

  18. You should not have your bell directly above your head at any point during a kettlebell swing. The bell usually swings up to about shoulder level. Are you demonstrating something different?

  19. Pingback: Fri-YAY!
  20. I can clearly see that abs in pictures. You are an inspiration for me. I love gyming and exercising, but I have full time job so I don’t get time for all this. I just enjoy reading your blogs! Thanks…

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