TRUTH BOMB: ‘Just eat intuitively’ doesn’t work for everyone.⁠

TRUTH BOMB: ‘Just eat intuitively’ doesn’t work for everyone.⁠

If you’re anything like me or many of my clients, wine and chocolate are two things that definitely ‘spark joy’ in your day. If it were up to us, wine would be protein-packed and chocolate would have zero calories. ⁠

Am I right?⁠

But, sadly, this isn’t the case and so we have to be a bit mindful around how much we consume.⁠

Some coaches will tell you to just ‘eat intuitively’. ⁠

That you don’t need to track your intake because your body will tell you when enough is enough. And sure, that can definitely work for someone who is fully aware of the macro and calorie counts of food. I mean, after all these years I can definitely look at a dinner plate and tell you the approximate macros (protein, fat, carb) on that plate.⁠

But most of my clients can’t. Yet. And that’s okay.⁠

That’s also why intuitive eating doesn’t always work. ⁠

Knowing your macro allowances, then following up with accurate tracking is essential if you want to see weight loss results.⁠

Just like you use a gauge to help you know how much gas is in the tank of your car, tracking macros helps you know how much you’ve eaten in a meal or a day. You don’t leave your fuel level to chance, don’t do that with your weight loss results either. ⁠

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  1. As someone who has been on a “diet” since my early 20s ( now early 50s), I think I’ve ruined my inner hunger gauge. Too much deprivation for so many years sends me into a spiral of eating everything in sight when I try to eat intuitively. It was nice to hear that this approach doesn’t work for everyone, so thanks for that.

  2. Hi! I’ve been following you for years (like your job at the college long) and I’ve loved watching you learn and grow. I recently discovered a book called The F*ck It Diet. The basic concept is that diets don’t work, even when posed as a “lifestyle” change. Our bodies all have a “happy weight” and are hardwired against dieting. Instead we should honor our appetite and listen to our hunger because our bodies will always want to resort back to their happy weight. I’d love to know your thoughts on this concept and the recent spike in “anti diet” culture that I’ve seen popping up on social media.

    1. I loved this book. Life changing for me. Counting macros for me fueled all my past eating disorder thoughts. It put way too much emphasis on food. I didn’t realize I was still in the diet mentality until I read that book. I thought I couldn’t control how much desserts or “bad” food I ate. Once I stopped looking at food that way, I could actually eat reasonable portions. Also had to learn to stop fighting biology. Our body has a natural weight range it wants to be in and is one of many reasons diets don’t work long term.

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