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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hey, friends! I have a fun treadmill workout for you! I’ll tell ya all about it right after I recap breakfast.


I went back to my beloved French Toast Breakfast Scramble this morning, but I switched it up a little by using a small banana, liquid egg whites, and a bunch of fresh blueberries, which got all soft and juicy while they cooked. I also added a couple of scoops of peanut butter to my scramble and drank a decaf iced coffee with almond milk. Good breakfast.



After breakfast, I headed to Planet Fitness to test out a treadmill workout that I created last night. I was honestly so excited about it, I couldn’t wait to get to the gym this morning. (I considered joining Planet Fitness just to use the treadmills during the winter, but then I decided to buy a day pass instead. Let’s hope all of this snow melts soon!)


My plan for my weekly workouts was to run 5 miles yesterday, but then it snowed, so I didn’t want to run outside. (I’m a wuss when it comes to winter running.) I still had an itch to run, but the thought of cranking out 5 miles on a treadmill sounded pretty boring, so I started to think about what would entertain me. Music and intervals immediately came to mind and then the idea of playing a game popped into my head and soon Treadmill Roulette was born!

Treadmill Roulette

How it works: Create a playlist with 10 songs or put your iPod on shuffle or use Pandora. Just make sure you have 10 songs to start. When the first song starts to play, begin running at an easy pace to warm-up. When the second song starts, read the corresponding question (“Is the singer male or female?”) and then change the treadmill speed based on your answer. You’ll see that different speeds are assigned to different responses, which is the roulette part. Continue to run at that same speed until the next song starts and do the same for the next question and so on.

Here are a couple of examples to demonstrate how the questions work: When song #4 came on my iPhone (I used the David Guetta Pandora station), it was “Cry for You” by September, which I thought related to love (when someone breaks up with you or on your wedding day because you’re so happy), so I increased the speed of the treadmill to 7.6. Song #5 was “C’mon” by Kesha, which I thought could be associated with running when people cheer you on at the end of the race, so I picked up the pace to 8.0. If I couldn’t connect a word in the title to running, I would have switched the speed to 7.8. Get it? Good.


For a more advanced option, just add 1.0 to each speed.

For a shorter workout, only select 6 or 7 or however many songs you want.

The above workout with 10 songs took me a little over 44 minutes to complete, and I covered 5.5 miles.


After my treadmill run, I came home and snacked on a bunch of salted cashews. I wanted salt in a major way after that super sweaty workout.


I quickly showered and then took Murphy to get his nails trimmed at the groomers. We scheduled our very first dog therapy visit  for next week, so I wanted to make sure his nails were nice and short to prevent him from scratching anyone. (He sometimes jumps up on people when he gets excited.)


Instead of having Murphy’s nails cut, the groomer suggested having them filed down with an electric grinder (?), which, surprisingly, Murphy didn’t totally hate. Of course, he didn’t love it, but he didn’t spazz out either.

When we cut his nail (yes, Mal and I together cut ONE nail each month when we give Murphy his flee and tick/heartworm medicine), he goes crazy! He freaks out and cries like a big baby. It’s horrible and we feel like terrible pug parents, so I’m glad Murphy didn’t mind the filing as much. The filing is also great because it rounds Murphy’s nails instead of leaving them all jagged and sharp like cutting them does.

Of course, Murphy received lots of treats for his good behavior after his mani/pedi.



By the time I got home from Murphy’s grooming appointment, I was starving for lunch, so I made some Avocado Egg Salad, which I spread on top of a piece of gluten-free toast (Rudis).


On the side, I had some mashed butternut squash and red potatoes.


And since we were just talking about running”¦

Health News & Views

So you’ve tackled a bunch of 5Ks and conquered a couple of 10Ks. What’s next on your list of fitness goals? A half marathon perhaps? A half marathon is a great distance because it’s long enough so you need to work for it, but not so long that training completely consumes your life. The half marathon is my favorite distance to run, so here are my top tips for training for your first!

6 Tips for Training for Your First Half-Marathon

Question of the Day

When it comes to winter running, would you rather run inside on a treadmill or brave the cold weather outside?

I think you know my answer! Winking smile



  1. We bought a dremel pet to do our dogs nails. Yep they really don’t mind and I feel more confident using one to grind their nails than a clipper (where I’m afraid of cutting the quick). Now it takes less than 5 mins each week. Get plenty of dog choccies (carob/yogurt drops) and go for it.

  2. I’d rather go through the cold. I’ve discovered that I hate treadmill running. I find that I spend waaay too much time focusing on my stats and that it gets in my head. When I’m running outside, I’m not sure how far I’ve gone, how fast I’m going, or how many calories I’m burning, so it all works out.

  3. you’re hilarious. i’d much rather use a treadmill as well — but I have dog who loves to run and drives the whole house crazy if she doesn’t get out. so i do a bit of both.

  4. I’m a wuss when it comes to cold weather running too. I thought about getting a gym membership for the winter but the cost wasn’t worth it in the end so I do workout DVDs in my living room.

  5. This was exactly the inspiration I was looking for today! I am fortunate enough to have a treadmill in my very own basement ( I bought a used one on craigslist) so I don’t have to go far! However, staring at your basement wall with nothing but headphones mile after mile can gets quite boring. I live in Minnesota where it gets SUPER cold out. If its in the thirties or above and I can find some daylight, I love running outside, but we don’t get a lot of those days in January in MN! Treadmill it is!

  6. great idea for the treadmill! That looks like it will help pass the time quickly for sure, I will be trying it. I am originally from Maine and NOT a fan of cold weather running, and now that I’m in Australia, most of the time it’s too hot to run outside, so treadmill it is for me 🙂

  7. I would prefer to run outside, but I’m a wimp too. Got a lot of great cold weather gear for Christmas, so no excuses to not get outside! Frequent intervals on treadmills are a must to get through the workout.

  8. I’m fine running in the cold once I get out there, but I hate running when it is icy. That is my big no no. I’ve busted my ass one too many times and learned my lesson. The Ohioans are great about clearing the roads and sidewalks but not the paved trails which is also a big bummer because I’m not a fan of running on busy roads. Anyways…my bigger peeve is also running in the dark. That is when I choose the treadmill option 🙂 I like them for interval and speed workouts too because they keep you honest!

  9. I am SO excited to use this music roulette!! I’m in the process of training for my third full marathon, so I anticipate using this a lot! Thanks Tina!

  10. That treadmill roulette sounds SO cool!! I always find music to be inspiring and motivating while I am working out (especially running), but this kicks it up a notch. It adds an even greater sense of fun and distraction to the workout. I am liking it :).

  11. Hello, I’m prefer the treadmill for sure, in front of the music channel at the gym. I only just started running a few weeks ago and now my knees are a little sore. Could I of done a little too much do you think? Can a person run wrong? lol. They are probably just weak from years of never running, that being all 26 of my life. That avocado on toast made me hungry looks awesome. Pity I just started primal Monday to Fridays. Gluten free toast will have to wait till tomorrow.

  12. I’m sure this has been said a million times by now, but what an awesome treadmill workout! I hate, hate, HATE the treadmill but I can totally see myself doing this. Just having something to look forward to (because changing the speed is the most exciting thing you can do while running on a treadmill) definitely helps break up the monotony. Great idea!

  13. I’m not really a “runner”…more of a casual jogger lol. I usually do a walk/jog combo when I’m at the gym so I will definitely find a way to try this workout. I may just lower the speed. I enjoy being outside but right now it gets dark by the time I get off work so I do most of my workouts in the gym.

  14. I would always rather run outside, unless there’s snow! I love the colder weather since I sweat SO much. It’s nice to come back without looking like I just took a shower.

    By the way, I’m obsessed with your french toast breakfast scramble! I’ve been making it every morning and drove out before breakfast to get a banana when I realized we were out just because I couldn’t imagine eating anything else. It’s SO good!!

  15. That treadmill workout looks awesome! I hate the treadmill and prefer to run outside, but in the winter it is so hard! I’m an early morning work out girl, up at 5 and the thought of running in the dark and cold is not appealing. I’ve totally been slacking in the running, but this could give me the motivation I need!

  16. I did this workout last night and I loved it. It made running on the treadmill a lot more fun!! Thanks so much!

  17. I gave up on the nail clippers ages ago and use a dremel at home. I got one of the pet dremels but the battery is dying on me so I need to replace it. My pugs still hate getting their nails done but it’s doable at least. And since you can’t file for too long in one spot since it’ll get hot and uncomfortable for the pug, I find it’s easier for me to check and make sure I’m not getting too close to the quick. The only thing is I feel like their nails grow faster when I dremel them! This could just be my crazy theory and my pugs just grow nails really fast. Anyways, a dremel is definitely a worthy purchase!

  18. I can’t wait to try that treadmill workout! I prefer to run outside, especially for anything longer than 4 miles. I enjoyed your post on Health regarding the half marathon– I’m running my first, the Inaugural DC Nike Women’s Half in April!

  19. This TM workout is fantastic! I moved in August and am afraid to run alone in the dark by myself in my new neighborhood so I’m {unfortunately} becoming a TM running but am always looking for ways to spice it up. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. This past week or so has been super cold here in Medford…freezing fog, ice, and 19 degrees – brrrr cold! I would prefer to run outside because I am just starting training for my half and there is a huge difference between assisted TM run training and feet to pavement, but it is way too damn cold/icy/foggy to be out there for me! So, I’m intervalling on the TM. Your roulette looks awesome and I am for sure going to use it! Thanks Tina!

  21. My pug, Mabel, flips out when I try to clip her nails too, so we make regular visits to the groomer for grinding too! She isn’t the best for them either, but they manage to get it done. I’ve also figured out that she does better for them if she can’t see me, so I have to awkwardly hide out in the aisles of PETCO because she can see me otherwise!

  22. LOVE the idea of this treadmill workout – I just did 5 miles on Wednesday and it was SO BORING. This will at least make it unpredictable. Thanks! I’m definitely trying this out next time I can’t bear the cold.

  23. I think it’s a pug thing about getting their nails cut. Ever since mine was a puppy he has hated it so we stopped. Luckily his nails don’t get very long or sharp.

  24. I hate winter but i hate the treadmill even more, so i always head outside. Also, anyone else getting dizzy after a treadmill run or is it only me?

  25. First of all, I LOVE your treadmill roulette workout. That is seriously so creative, and I can’t wait to try it! Second, Murphy is so cute, and I’m glad that he did well with the dremel! I used to be a dog groomer, and it is seriously impossible to cut some dogs nails. Then you have others who don’t mind having their nails clipped, but hate the dremel. Every dog is unique, but I’m glad that you found what works well for your little guy!

  26. I honestly can’t do longer than 30 minutes on the treadmill. I’ve been bundling up this winter and making an effort to run more outside, but I am wuss too. Speaking of winter runs, I’m hoping to do one tomorrow morning after my clients. Have a great weekend!

  27. I can’t wait to try this workout. Great idea! Being from the south, I’m definitely a wuss when it comes to running in the cold. 40 degrees is my limit and that is really pushing it!

  28. Played Treadmill Roulette this morning, LOVED it! It made the miles fly by and got me to push a little beyond my normal pace. Definitely one that will be in my rotation, thank you! 🙂

  29. definitely on a treadmill inside…I love music and a treadmill, just space out and run my stresses and cares away

  30. Just thought I’d let you know I tried this workout today and it made the 4.9 miles I covered in 38 minutes fly by 😀 I messed around with the speed options a bit but it was so much fun compared to any other TM workout I’ve done. It’s a really innovative concept and I am so miserable having to run inside due to drifting snow. Thanks for making my day a little better!

  31. What an awesome idea for a workout routine!!! I personally do not enjoy running on a treadmill all the time, however, in the winter there is no choice! I love that different songs will determine your speed and if it is about love or not and whatnot! So funny, but a great idea!

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