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Hi, friends! I’m home! Hooray!

Mal and I only exercised one day on our vacation, but it was a great workout (short and sweet) with especially beautiful scenery. Together, we created a 15-minute, CrossFit-inspired workout (AMRAP 15) that we did outside on the morning of the wedding. (I love that you can WOD anywhere!)


The resort where we stayed for the weekend had a tennis court, so we used it as our “home base” for where we did the exercises””all of which used only our body weight and were done without equipment.


The WOD was divided into two parts (3 exercises + 100-meter sprint), which we did twice to count as one round. So we picked 3 exercises to do in the tennis courts and then sprinted (out of the tennis courts) to the end of a nearby dock and back to the tennis courts. Then, we did 3 different exercises and sprinted to the end of the dock and back again.




We used the date of the wedding as a guide for our reps (October 7, 2012 = 10.7.12).


Here’s what our WOD looked like:


So starting with the Hand-Release Push-Ups and finishing with the second 100 meter sprint was one round. Mal and I tried to do as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes. (We used the stopwatch on my iPhone to keep track of the time, and we used Mal’s phone to play music. We made it as CrossFit-like as possible!)

During the WOD, Mal was a few reps ahead of me the entire time, so I really pushed myself to keep up with him. Plus, I didn’t want him to totally smoke me (haha!), so my competitive spirit definitely motivated me to kick my own butt. We both finished 3 full rounds in 15 minutes. It was a fun WOD!

Just in case you’re not familiar with all of the exercises listed above, here are some videos which demonstrate a few of them:

Do you typically exercise on vacation? What’s your favorite way to break a sweat when you’re on vacation?



  1. If I’m staying at a hotel, I LOVE to exercise during vacation! Hotel gyms are usually so well equipped, so I can use the machines or create my own workout with the weights or bands provided.

    Welcome back!

    P.S. I love that your first post after returning is about exercise! 🙂

  2. Running and biking for sure!
    I love exploring a new town on vacation. Although I’m not always able to get in as many workouts as I’d like becuase I would much rather hang with family than run bymyself. Maybe I could recruit everyone for a WOD next time : )

  3. I love to bring running clothes and shoes along and do some running/sightseeing at the same time! I was in Washington, DC this past summer and stayed at a hotel downtown. I got up early every day to run around the city before my meetings started. It was so nice to run and see some really pretty sights and get some cardio in. I brought my iPhone and used the mapmyrun app which helped me keep track of where I was going. It was also nice to see my distance, too.

  4. Welcome back Tina! I love to exercise on vacation if there is a gym in the hotel or a pool! Otherwise it can get kind of hard, but I always feel like I get a lot of walking in or other kinds of activities.

  5. You guys are seriously inspiring! I have a hard enough time trying to talk myself into exercising at home, let alone on vacation. Definitely makes me want to push harder and do more. 🙂

  6. That’s so great! What an awesome workout with no gym and no workout equipment!
    I typically workout on vacation. I brought my Insanity DVD one time when we were on the ground floor (so we don’t disturb the room under us), but I usually just use the gym or go for a run outside to explore the area.

  7. I always try and squeeze exercising in on trips but to be honest its always a hassle/chore… when i’m on vacation I wish I could take a vacation from my usual routine but I know I wont enjoy my vacay treats as much if I don’t sweat a little… I normally hit the pavement for a little exploration run.

  8. I love to run on vacation! It’s the best way to explore a new city! And I’ll usually grab a park bench or something for some dips or push ups. 🙂

  9. When packing for vacation, I always have the best intentions to exercise–I bring my sneakers and multiple changes of workout clothes, but I usually only end up working out once or twice. Especially during a vacation, I’m OK with taking a few rest days. After all, vacationing is both mental and physical, right? 🙂

  10. While on vacation, I usually just get in some pool swimming or walking outside…but I’ve noticed that I start to get really grouchy if I take a few days off from working out, so I’m going to put in more of an effort next time!

  11. I do workout on my vacations, I use my vacation as a great way to get in extra workouts, different workouts, and walk / hike alot too. I like to take advantage of the hotel gym if they have one. Besides I have to burn those extra calories I usually eat on vacation too. hahahah Have a great day Tina. ^_^

  12. Sounds like a great way to incorporate exercise! I usually try to fit in a few runs if I’m on vacation, but I let myself take a break from strength training since I don’t like it.

  13. Running and geocaching are big must-have’s for me on any vacation!

    Running in the early mornings is the best way to really get to know a place — before the tourists are out in force, you really see the locals in action.

    Oh, and while waiting for buses, I like to do squats, dips, chin ups with my brother!

  14. I love this! People (even our CrossFit coaches) think my husband and I are weird because we kinda plan our vacations around working out. We bike ride or run somewhere new with good scenery, and we look for local boxes or gyms to visit. We’ve even gone to yoga together. I say, if it makes you happy, go for it! Love the date-based programming. You guys rock.

  15. I’m getting ready to head to a place where there’s no gym but the scenery is gorgeous, thanks for sharing this great WOD. Can’t wait to try it. And your breakfast chock full of sugar sounds amazing…hey, it was vacay!

  16. Cool! You guys really are motivation to stick to a healthy lifestyle no matter what is going on with your schedule. Now that I’ve actually been to several CrossFit classes I know its possible to do a WOD anywhere, this one is pretty creative!

  17. My husband and I used to not workout on vacations, but on a few past vacays we’ve made an effort to get in AM workouts, and it makes the vacation so much better…it lifts your mood, you don’t have to worry about gaining too much weight. So from now on we will definitely be working out on vacation.

  18. I’m commenting on the Kipling Pull up post, I think I clicked the wrong link but that is amazing! I went to see what they were and watch the video. Amazed! I wouldn’t be able to do one. Did you just keep trying at it!?

  19. pinned to Pinterest – travel WOD – will be in New Jersey for two + weeks and need to get my fix while away from box!

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