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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

That is the question.

Clearly, I decided to blog tonight, but I wasn’t really sure if I should or not. I mean, I didn’t take too many photos and my afternoon was pretty low-key, so I wasn’t completely positive you guys would find this post interesting. But, I hope you do!

With that said, let me pick your brains”¦

What are your thoughts on healthy living/lifestyle blogs and the frequency of posting? Do you like seeing what bloggers are doing in their everyday lives or would you rather see posts with more “substance” (i.e. advice, tips, recipes, workouts, motivation, etc.)?

Feel free to be honest! I’m just curious what you guys like to see!


There were only 2 miles on my training schedule for today, so I got ”˜em done and then immediately did a my CNW workout for the day. My workout was over and done with before I knew it!

Tomorrow morning, I’m tackling 10 miles for my long run, so I was really happy to have an easy-ish workout today. My legs are actually a little bit sore from Thursday’s speedy run.


Today’s lunch was a big salad with leftover couscous, Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas, and balsamic vinegar. I forgot to snap a photo before I started eating, so this shot is only about half of the salad. Trust me, it was a lot bigger!

IMG_0001 (500x375)

After lunch, I polished off the rest of the S’mores on a Stick (because I am totally obsessed with them).

A little while after lunch, Mal and I drove up to Somerville to meet a couple of friends for drinks at Foundry on Elm in Davis Square.

IMG_0011 (500x375)

While there, I enjoyed some great conversation and a couple of mojitos.

I sort of wanted to stay out and keep drinking with our friends, but the thought of a 10-miler in the morning quickly changed my mind! Marathon training = responsible Tina.

IMG_0017 (500x375)IMG_0019 (375x500)

Mal and I hit some serious traffic on the way home from Foundry, but at least we had some good tunes to keep us entertained. Fist pump.

IMG_0022 (500x375)

Not kidding, it took us 1.5 hours to get from north of the city to south of the city! GAH! I hate traffic!

Heading to bed in a little bit! Good night!



  1. I love your blog so much — but here’s the truth — sometimes I have to mark as you as “read” on my G-reader because there are so many posts! It’s not personal, of course, and I always come back to read more (and I usually catch up at some point).

    {I enjoy your life updates and running posts the best, but maybe that’s because that’s what I enjoy writing about?}

  2. I kinda feel like everyone who is going to comment is a “fan” and will say “blog!!”. But, I suspect there are so many peeps that skip random posts unless it’s something to offer them? I am not sure how we could find out for sure though…

  3. I love hearing about everything- I don’t miss a post. I know you are busy and sometimes don’t “regularly” post as much on the weekends and I know you will catch us up later but I do get a little disappointed:)

  4. I have to confess: i am in love with your blog, i just enjoying reading it every morning! I would rather see posts that i can totally relate to like exercise and eating habits but i do not mind reading about your weekend and personal life, after all, thats what keeps you real and set apart from celebrities and famous people… You are just like us! 🙂

  5. I love all the posts about your life in general. I look forward to all of them. I find it very interesting and enjoy it – even just reading about you taking Murphy for a walk. I actually kind of miss you on weekends when you don’t post as much. So I say the more the merrier – works for me. Of course, that said, I do get why you might skip posts – we all need a break. 🙂

  6. I like updates all the time… it’s fun to check blogs and see what’s going on. I would forget to check them if they weren’t updated everyday!! Keep it going.

  7. Hi Tina
    I love your blog! Your an inspiration! I love Murphy and dogs!
    I love how you blog about your restaurant adventures and your travels. I admire your determination!

    Whatever you decide – I am sure it will be fine.

    Take Care


  8. I find it hard to keep up with bloggers who post multiple times a day and often end up clicking ‘mark all as read’, if I get behind by a day or two. However, I do really like bloggers who post daily. I most often read blogs each night before I go to bed, so one post per day is ideal for me to keep up with.

  9. I love seeing your workouts and what you eat for bfast, lunch, and dinner. I love seeing what you buy for groceries and what you and Mal do in your free time! You’re blog has become my favorite over the past month!!

  10. I really enjoy your blogs. Your posts seem so true to life. Just everyday life–up and downs. You have inspired me to take better care of myself and get some type of exercise in every day. Your workouts and picture of your meals, Mal, Murphy, the house love it all. Your blog is my favorite ! 😀

  11. Thank you for asking this question!

    My blog is more of a parenting blog (although I’m trying to write more about my healthy living lifestyle/exercise more) but I have wondered this same thing!

    I love reading about what people do on a daily basis. Why are we all so nosy?! 😉

  12. I have to admit that as a beginning blogger, there are times when I think “who the heck would want to hear about what I did today?” It may not always be exciting, but I figure that once you figure out what your blog niche is, you just have to run with it. If you’re thing has been daily postings of what you eat…go with that. If you don’t really feel that whatever your target topics are is worth an entire blog this particular day, add in those great tips/tricks/workout routines that your audience (especially me) love. A little bit of both. =)

  13. I enjoy reading tips, advice, and about new products-or your favorite products.
    I do enjoy reading the posts about Murphy most or when something out of the ordinary happens…like Mal and the chairs:)

  14. i like hearing about everything! i think everyone’s life is mundane sometimes and that’s interesting to me too. those are often my favorite parts of movies and tv shows and books – when people are doing every day things.

  15. With so many healthy living blogs out there the personal things are what makes them unique and the frequent posts makes people come back because you feel like you have a connection to the blogger by being so updated on his or her life. I love reading both, the personal and substance posts. I think in your situation, being so successful and established as you are, you should just go with what feels like “you” and what you really want to share with others.

    Good luck anyways 🙂

    PS: I have a different question for you: Do you think different blog themes and their people don’t mix? I love healthy living/running blogs and I think 80% of all the blogs in my reader are of that kind. I totally share the same interest too, complete with chia seeds and half marathon training. My own blog is totally different though, it’s about art and inspiration and I always feel like I don’t belong and shouldn’t comment on posts as much or get in a discussion because nobody really cares anyways since I am not one of “their” healthy living blog people.

  16. I do love reading daily basis stuff but I also like more substance. Before I say this, I just want to say I love your blog, but you can post so much that I find it intimidating to keep up with. I think blogging more than 2x a day is a little much for me personally ONLY because I follow so many blogs. Now, if I only followed one or two…it would be a different story.
    Maybe that’s why I like Twitter. Really short updates I can keep up with more often. Oh…good luck on your 10 miler speaking of Twitter. 🙂

  17. The everyday stuff works for me… I think that you can be selective on the ‘little details’ of your life that you choose to share… but overall, I find your regular updates to be fun. As a regular reader, it’s nice to see things aside from the running schedules, healthy eating, etc.

  18. I prefer tips, don’t mind reading about your personal life but think you should post as and when you see fit. Blogging shouldn’t be an obligation because as soon as it does, it loses its charm. Quality over quantity for me!

      1. @faith: Same for me! I think it loses its charms when Blogger talks about blogging schedule, having trouble finding something to post or saying I’m sorry for not having posted …

        A blogger that is a little too much ‘on the clock’ feels very much like ‘ I need to post 3 times a day for the money’ … If you have nothing to post about then don’t …

        Without pointing finger, I feel like some bloggers are so busy documenting all they do and posting all they do that their lifes are a little boring, thus not so fun to read about

        Just my two cents 🙂

  19. Your blog has been my favorite for at least the last 2 years. I usually check in multiple times a day and generally love all of your posts. I think it truly keeps us “connected” to you. I find myself telling friends some of the things I’ve learned on your blog and I’ll start out by saying…I have this friend in BOS…, and then of course I have to correct myself to well..not really a friend but a blogger in BOS that I love. I would say that shows a connection you reach to your readers which you may not have without all of your different post’s. I love the way you manage it and hope it works for your life…:)

  20. I like all kinds of posts but it’s the frequency that really matters for me. If the blogger is infrequent with posts, I’m less likely to keep reading. I will say though that I love how you twitter link to a new post. I know there is or isn’t one so I don’t have to navigate to your page to check. This is sometimes annoying with other blogs (to check several times and not see a new post).

    We are having our first BBQ/housewarming party in August. I decided to definitely make s’mores on a stick!

  21. I prefer a blogger does what they want to do, not what they think the readers want. I find it much more enjoyable just reading the
    writer’s vibe and not feeling the writer is reaching to “please” readers.

    That being said, I appreciate you asking Tina 😉

    Love it when you do what you wanna without second thought!!

  22. I definitely like health and fitness blogs that don’t just give a recap of the person’s meals and workouts. Sometimes, it gets a little repetitive. That’s why I love your blog. You offer some great fitness advice, and you’re always going to new places and taking us along with you. Of course, I also love to see pictures of Murphy! By the way, I also like how some of your blog posts are shorter. Sometimes, I don’t feel like reading a big long post. It’s nice to have a break (and give you a break, too!)

  23. Such a timely question for me. I posted this morning and didn’t really feel like it or have much to say that was of substance. I kind of regret it and think that from now on I am only going to post when I have something important to say. I personally don’t like to read every detail of a blogger’s life. I’d rather read posts that are informative. Don’t get me wrong, I love the personal stuff too! 🙂

  24. I like a good mix of posts. I love helpful posts with tips and workouts, but I also like seeing how bloggers live out their healthy lifestyles in their everyday posts. Your blog has always been a good mix! 🙂

    I have to admit though, lately I wish some of my favourite bloggers posted less because I’m almost too busy to keep up with them!

  25. I like the “Adventures of Tina & Mal” the best. It’s great to see all the cool places you guys go. My wife and I are always saying “Ooooh, we have to go there!”

    But then reality hits, as one of my daughters asks for more water……. “Christ!” How much water does a little girl need? Ha ha….. just kidding!

  26. Umm, I love each and every post the random ones that just include lunch mix it up with the ones with more substance, etc. Your blog is AWESOME

  27. I love all your posts, Tina! I like see both ‘everyday stuff’ and posts of substance. I think the fact that you post both is what makes your blog such a hit. In general, my favorite blogs are the ones that post 2-3 times a day (examples: yours, KERF, Meals and Miles, etc.).

  28. I personally prefer posts with substance, as you mentioned. Recipes, tips, exercise-related things, etc. — and I have always enjoyed your blog because you stay focused on relating to those things! One blog I used to enjoy I’ve had to quit reading because the blogger is pregnant and has turned her healthy living blog into a “let’s obsess about all things baby” blog, which isn’t my cuppa tea 🙂 I don’t think frequent posting is bad; people can choose to read or not, and I like that when I check my morning blogs I know you’ll usually have something new posted.

  29. Hmm, I was actually just thinking about your question this morning! I guess I prefer more “substance,” whether it be workouts, recipes, etc.

    I’ve actually stopped reading a few blogs where the bloggers posted three times a day, but their routines/meals/workouts were consistently the same every single day. There’s nothing wrong with this (speaking from experience as someone who loves her routine!), but I just didn’t find it interesting or engaging. It’s actually one of the reasons I don’t post more than once a day, either—I don’t think I could show enough variety to keep each post interesting. So I’ve taken a cue from some of my favorite blogs (who post anywhere from once a day to once a week) and learned that, quite often, quality trumps quantity!

  30. I’ll be honest…I usually only check your blog first thing in the morning. Depending on how early you post I either get the morning post or the post from the night before. (obviously this morrning I got last night’s) I am not one to relgiously check blogs throughout the day. I check once in the morning with breakfast and coffee and don’t really feel like I am ever missing out. I used to be more into blogs but then I kind of realized I have my own life too and while blogs are definitely entertaining I do truly like reading them I like living my own life more.

  31. I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that kind of frequency but I certainly enjoy reading other blogs that are frequently updated. That said, I don’t think its good to force yourself to blog if you just cannot get jazzed about a topic. I think its better to wait until inspiration hits, and it inevitably will. Your blog is only of the only frequently updated sites I read because you always keep it interesting, but I could see where it’d become challenging at times.

  32. Hi Tina! your blog is one of my favorites, but I actually prefer 1/day postings. It’s too hard for me to keep up with bloggers when it’s more than that. Since I really like your blog, I usually at least skim over things in my reader. But I’ve actually unsubscribed from some great bloggers (like KERF) b/c I just couldn’t keep up. Just my two cents 😉

  33. I like seeing posts about everyday life! They don’t bore me at all 🙂 I also like seeing the “substance” posts….I’ve made many of your recipes! So I like a good mixture of both 🙂

  34. I actually love when the bloggers I read post 2-3 times per day. I read all of them! Reading about daily life is just as interesting to me as what you ate, how you worked out, etc. Its grounds you as a balanced person! Plus, I like a morning/afternoon/evening post so I can keep up and get examples of the whole spectrum of what a day is like in that blogger’s life. And I like checking back in a few times a day!

  35. Hi Tina,
    I am glad that you asked this because I have wanted to tell you that I love seeing frequent posts about your daily life and what is happening. I am not quite sure why I check your blog so often, but I think it keeps me company throughout the day while I am working at my job and am not able to socialize. I feel that I know you better by hearing the day-to-day happenings in your life (sounds weird I know). So, I love your blog the way it is.

  36. I do like hearing about everyday things but because I don’t have time to catch up on blogs everyday sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming when there are so many so I just filter through for things that look interesting to me. And blog post that has a list of any sort is a sure win for me…I love lists! (I also love your blog!)

  37. I think it’s fine to mix up posts that talk about every day life with ones of more “substance”! It’s good to have a variety of everything!

  38. I think posting about your everyday life helps me relate to you better. I also like reading posts with more substance that have tips,recipes and info that I can use in my life.
    I guess I’m a mixture of both…and that’s what I love about your blog. 🙂

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