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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning! Happy Monday and happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


We had a pretty low-key weekend over here, which was wonderful and much-needed, so I don’t have too much to report, but I have a some important and not-so-important things I want you to know, so here goes!

Tickets for the BLEND Retreat are now on sale! Say what? BLEND Retreat? Never heard of it? Well, the BLEND Retreat (“blogger” + “friend”) is a retreat for healthy living, food, and fitness bloggers from across the world. Instead of focusing on seminars and speakers, the focus is on friendship and having a weekend away to get to know one another in real life. More info here!

I am teaching Quinn how to “pretend he’s sleeping.” (He did this for a good 15 minutes the other day: He would lean over and rest his head on the pillow and then sit up and laugh hysterically. It was ridiculously cute.) When my sister and I were kids, we would pretend we were sleeping when my mom came home from work. I have no idea why we did this, but we thought it was so funny and we did it for years. I remember doing it in high school and even after just because my sister and I (and my mom) got such a kick out of it! Weirdos. Haha!

photo (11) (800x600)

Ben & Jerry’s recently introduced COOKIE CORES. Yes, ice cream with a cookie center all the way to the bottom. Holy cow. The brand sent me their newest flavors to try and OMGGGGGGGG… YOU MUST TRY THEM!!


Speaking of ice cream”¦ I’m keeping these 3 things in mind as I train for marathon #3 so that I don’t pack on the pounds!

And with the first week of the Fit for Life Challenge, I’ve learned three important things regarding my diet: 1) I need to eat more protein. I had trouble meeting my protein goal almost every day, except for when I drank a protein shake and ate a Quest Bar in the same day, which I’m not sure is a good thing or a bad thing; 2) a 40/30/30 diet doesn’t really work for me, so I adjusted my macros to 50/30/20-ish (I need more CARBS with all of the running that I am doing); and 3) I need at least one treat per day to keep me happy, so I pay attention to my portions. For instance, I tried all three Cookie Cores (the Spectacular Speculoos is my favorite), but I measured and ate one serving of each (on three different days) instead of just eating from the carton like I normally would.

62% of kids ages 6 to 12, survey by Highlights magazine, said their parents are sometimes distracted when they’re trying to talk to them. By what? The number one reason: Cell phones (28%). The study analyzed more than 1,500 surveys from kids, many of whom gave eye-opening quotes. One eight-year-old girl answered the question, “If your parents lost their cell phone for a day, what do you think would happen next?” with “Freak out, but I’d be happy.” Um, yikes. Reading this little tidbit in February’s issue of Real Simple was definitely a wake up call for me and using my phone around Quinn!

Babies should not suck on or play with car keys because there’s a potential risk of ingesting lead. A reader sent me an email over the weekend telling me about her son, who’s lead levels in his body were elevated at his one-year doctor’s appointment. The doctor had no idea why, so they had someone test their home, which was new construction and free from lead paint. Toys, doors, everything was tested and they still had no idea why his levels were increased. Eventually, they learned that the keys her son played with likely contained lead. He would play with them and then put his hands in his mouth and consume the lead residue. After seeing a photo of Quinn playing with a set of keys on CNC, this reader wanted to share her story since she went through a long, laborious process and didn’t wish it on another family. I am SO appreciative of her email and wanted to let other parents out there know about this potential risk as well.

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I am really looking forward to this week’s meal plan because I’m making BBQ shredded chicken. I’ve had a serious craving for it for weeks now, so I’m pumped to incorporate it into a bunch of meals this week! Yummmm!

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potato and chorizo lettuce wraps

Question of the Day

Share something important and something not-so-important! 



  1. Ugh! I am so guilty of the cell phone use with my son. I have got to quit! Thank you for that.
    I have even tried that peanut buttah ice cream yet but I know it’s my new favorite. 🙂
    So exciting about your marathon! Looking forward to following you through your training!

  2. That’s great that you adjusted your macros! Protein rec can be as low as 10%. Satiety may increase your “needs” though.

  3. That is adorable that you’re teaching him to pretend sleep! I’m impressed he gets the concept at such a young age!
    Seeing parents play with their phones instead of paying attention to their kids is one of my pet peeves. I see it way too often, frequently when I’m out to eat. It’s just really sad.
    I agree-I also need a treat a day. Life is too short not to enjoy chocolate. Just as long as you balance it with an overall healthy diet. Plus, dark chocolate is good for you! 🙂

  4. oh thanks for sharing the tip about the keys! I NEVER would have thought of that!!!
    My little guy loves to pretend he is sleeping too! It is too cute!

  5. We are still so upset with outcome of the Seattle vs Packers game! Maybe if I drank wine through out the game like you do I would feel better.

  6. I would love to attend the Blend retreat but I don’t think it will be happening this year 🙁 And Quinn is so adorable! What a cute thing to teach him especially since you and your sister did it too! Enjoy your Monday 🙂

  7. Wow I need to stop using my cell phone around my daughter too!

    My brother and I would always pretend we were asleep in the car during long trips when we were little. My parents would always get us to “wake up” by pretending to eat our favorite treats while we were sleeping. Like you I have no idea why we did this!

  8. I have lost weight using the 40/30/30 macros. I found hard to eat enough proteins without my fat ratio going up. I do not digest protein powder, so I cannot use it. I eat lots of egg whites ^_~
    I am really interested in your eats.

    We are having beef bourguignon with new potatoes and steamed broccoli tonight.

  9. Important is to be very careful of black ice here in the north east. I almost fell pretty hard yesterday and my friend did fall while running and hit her head. (she’s ok) and there have been many car accidents.
    Also I wanted to share a lovely gift I received. I mentioned on my blog that my Garmin died and I was looking to buy a new one. A friend on Facebook (actually a friend of a friend’s wife) had one shipped to me and the note just said to enjoy and pay it forward. I was speechless. Random acts of kindness is just so awesome. I’m waiting for the moment when I can find the right opportunity to pay it forward.

  10. I have a question that is burning in my mind since I saw those cookie cores a few weeks ago…is it cookie dough core in the middle, or is it more like a baked crunchy cookie? I can only imagine it is cookie dough, but then I can’t understand why they wouldn’t market it as a cookie ‘dough’ core?

  11. I went to the Blend Retreat last year and it was truly one of the best girls weekends EVER. I’m so sad I can’t go this year. We have a wedding and graduation to be at that same weekend in MN otherwise I would absolutely be at Blend!

  12. Interesting to know about car keys! What baby doesn’t like car keys?!

    Important: Only 60 days until Spring (March 20). WINTER GO AWAY.
    Not Important: What I am pretending those Cookie Ben & Jerry’s are to my life.

  13. I love that you shared your weekly menu! I am trying to get back to doing that. Our little lady is a few days younger than Quinn so we have no time to run to the store each night to grab ingredients.
    And thank you for the cell phone reminder! It is such a distraction.

  14. Man, I can’t go to ANY blogging events this year because they all seem to conflict w stuff on my calendar. I am planning on completing the Chicagoland Half Marathon Race Series, which is a set of 3 different halves. Then my friend is getting married the weekend of Fitbloggin. What will I ever doooo???

    I going to have to check out that ice cream stat.

  15. Something important for me is that I’m working on solving some adrenal fatigue and something not so important to everyone else but important to me is that I’m going to the Celtics game on Friday when they come to play the Nuggets. I live in Denver but Boston truly has my heart, so I will be the traitor with the Rondo jersey on (even though we traded him). 🙂

  16. Quinn is adorable. Love those tips about watching your weight while running- I have fallen into the trap of eating EVERYTHING after long runs and gaining weight.

  17. My husband and I just bought our first “adult” couch today (aka not from a friend/family member/Craigslist). Pretty legit! That’s my random fact of the day!

  18. BLEND has been so fun–I went for the past two years. 🙂

    I didn’t know that about car keys! I gotta be more careful. And yeah, about the phones, I’ve totally decided this year is the year (and has been going great) where I’m not on my phone around her as much (unless it’s talking on the phone/facetiming.) It’s been awesome!

  19. These are all wonderful and interesting things to know, thank you!! The one about 62% of kids reporting that their parents are usually distracted when the kids are talking to the parents is eye-opening for sure. I’m not close to being a mom, but I’ll keep that in mind even around my friends and little cousins!
    Important: my second semester of college starts tomorrow and I am registered for BLEND!
    Not-so-important: I just ate peach cobbler a la mode in the dining hall and it was crazy good.

  20. I have a hard time eating that much protein too. I am the same as you: I can’t get all my protein in unless i have a protein shake and eat several hardboiled eggs per day. I even put egg whites in my oatmeal in the morning. I was trying to do a 40-30-30 diet too and it just didn’t work for me. I am interested to see how your change goes. I am not sure I could do it with just 20% fat.

  21. Thanks for sharing the info about keys! Never would have thought twice about that. Also, I’m totally guilty of using my phone while I’m watching my little one play. I think a little is okay but I could definitely cut back.

  22. When I was measuring macros in October (sidenote: being precise helped me to lean out and eat enough, but it drove me absolutely insane so I stopped, but continue to follow a pattern I established for eating habits), I always had a hard time hitting my protein requirement. I needed 140g at the time, and I’d get to about 100-120 and not know what to do. I work all day, then go to CrossFit, then go to bed early to do it all over again and it’s really hard to eat that much! I tried to stick with just a recovery protein shake and get the rest from real food. Greek yogurt and milk were staples for me to fill out those last 20ish grams of protein. Sorry, for rambling, but I understand your struggle! It’s so much easier to snack on fruit or veggies than to consciously snack on organic deli meat or something.

  23. Hey Tina! Your Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie looks great but your recipe doesn’t specify – do you use a pound of ground beef/turkey? Thanks!

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