Things To Do With A Baby In The Winter

Good morning!

Yesterday started with COFFEE! It’s not even the caffeinated stuff, but I swear the taste alone puts me in a good mood and gets me going!


And I tried a new coconut milk creamer in it, which was everything I expected and more. I actually saw it in my Instagram feed, and I knew I needed some in my life ASAP. It makes my iced coffee quite a bit creamier than almond milk. I want to try a flavored variety next!


Breakfast was one of my current favorites: scrambled eggs with roasted sweet potatoes and ketchup.


The tiny baby sock in the photo above is missing its partner and we’re waiting for it to turn up. We wash Q’s clothing separately, and we still managed to lose a sock. I have no idea how. My friend Jen suggested using one of those mesh lingerie bags to keep his little socks from getting lost (I even bought one!), but I haven’t used it yet. #fail


After some putzing around the house, Q and I finally headed out for a wonderful 3-mile run at Southfield. The weather has been kind of chilly in the morning, so I waited until mid-morning when it warmed up a little.

photo 1 (10) (600x800)

It ended up being a BEAUTIFUL morning for a run!

photo 3 (2) (800x800)

After our workout, we made a quick stop to get iced coffee.

photo 2 (8) (800x600)

I absolutely love our mornings together. In fact, I love them so much, I’m already starting to dread the cold weather and not being able to get out and about on a regular basis. I know I can bundle up Quinn and take him out for most of the fall, but when winter arrives, it gets COLD here””much too cold for a tiny baby. I’ve heard some moms walk at the mall and there are story hours at the library, Barnes & Nobles, and Whole Foods, but what else can we do in the winter? I know if we don’t get out of the house at least once a day, I will go stir crazy!

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Question of the Day

What can Quinn and I do during the winter months?


  1. I’m definitely following this post for ideas! I’m due with our little guy at the end of October, and winters in Michigan are brutal, too 🙁

  2. In NY we have the children’s museum to you can join. It is like $100 a year for a family and they always have things going on.

  3. Be careful that the socks aren’t getting stuck somewhere in the washer. That happened to my sister. Her washer stopped working and the repair guy found baby socks stuck somewhere. Wish I could remember where exactly they were stuck:)

    I use to keep a mesh bag attached to my son’s laundry hamper and try to put all the socks in there. Either way the sock monster is always getting my kids socks:)

  4. Sounds boring, but go to a shopping mall! That way you can walk around and he can still enjoy looking at people/things, its warm and if you need a diaper change there is always a bathroom somewhere, esp Nordstroms.

  5. I dont have any good tips for the winter since I am in Florida….I do however have a suggestion for the creamer…try the hazelnut flavor it will change your life!

  6. I have the same question! Although I heard that when the temps are starting to drop, just place the baby in a carrier around you, cover with your jacket and the extra heat from your body is enough to keep baby and you warm. Of course this won’t work on those brutal winter days.
    My gym also has a stroller class that is inside that I hope to hit up.

  7. The winter weather never stopped me unless it was a blizzard (which happened a few times and I hated every second)…I took our walks indoors to the mall and met friends with babies/kids for lunch/had playgroups in our homes to break up the day…You may be able to start some mommy and me classes although check with your doctor because of flu season.

  8. Check out museums – I work at one (in CT, so too far for a day-adventure) but we do Museum & Me baby tours for ages 0-3. It’s looking at colors, shapes, etc. and really cute! I’m sure that some of the Boston museum’s would have it.

    1. @amanda: I forgot about museums! When my baby was little, we visited our local art museum whenever the weather was bad, it was wonderful! It was so soothing to walk around and look at the art with my baby tucked in the sling. In fact, my daughter took her first steps in the modern art wing of our art museum. 🙂 I have such found memories of it!
      Museums are a great idea, and I’m sure there are lots of wonderful options in Boston!

  9. I take my daughter to the library, story time at barnes & noble, walks around the mall and the play area. We also go to the Y, once he’s 6 months old you can take him to swimming! A place opened up in Marblehead where they have classes and open play times, mommy groups, etc and that will be very useful to us come winter. You may want to see if you have something like it in your area. It’s called Marblehead Parenting and they have art classes, music time, and lots of toys. 🙂

  10. My little guy is 6 months. The library has story time for babies and they sing too. I’ve been going to milton public library. Check out they post free things to do during the week. I’ve been going to a few different libraries and free music classes. He the littlest one there but he likes it and it keeps me sane. There’s also the tot plex. It’s by LA fitness. They have baby play time 🙂 were going to check it out when it gets cooler out

  11. I had a winter baby, and although I loved just hunkering down and cuddling with my babe during those cold months, I hear you on needing to get out every so often. The biggest thing that helped was developing a group of mom friends! I kept up with a lot of women from my prenatal yoga class, and we started to get together on a regular basis within weeks of our kids being born. It’s been a lifesaver! The kids have been getting together for play dates a few times a week for over two and a half years now, we just rotate between our houses and playgrounds when the weather is nice. There should be lots of local groups you can connect with.
    Also check out indoor kid play areas, mom/baby yoga classes, mom/baby swim classes, music or movement classes for babies, and every local library will have story time session for little ones, in our area it’s called book babies. Even a baby Q’s age will get something out of it, and you’ll get an opportunity to socialize and get out of the house.

  12. I had winter babies and the mall was a life saver. The public library was a good place as was the YMCA. They had swim classes and mom+baby yoga.

  13. I don’t have any baby recommendations for you, but I will say that I eat sweet potatoes for lunch and dinner at times, but have never had them for breakfast like you often do. I just bought some new coconut oil from Trader Joe’s to slather on a baked sweet potato for some healthy fat, and it could be a new top way to enjoy them. Have an awesome day!

  14. How cold does it get? I’m in Minnesota and I had a November baby with my first. We were lucky that year and the weather was pretty decent most of my maternity leave. When it was 30 or above, I could take my daughter out for a walk or something. I’d usually put her in my carrier and make sure she had a thick sleeper on, plus the plush sleeper too. And a hat of course. We never had issues. She faced me and always stayed warm. On colder days, we did mall walking to get out of the house.

    Since you have a June baby – there are lots more activities you can do with a 6 month old. Try swimming lessons, museums, story time at local B&N or other bookstores. Also, I bet some of the moms from your stroller bootcamp would love to do a playdate or even consider rotating moms to watch the kids each day of the week for a couple hours, so other moms can get out and work out?

  15. My friends who have small babies get up early in the morning before their husbands leave for work and fit in their runs, as early as 5 a.m. What about setting up play dates with a friend and baby? They can do tummy time together and you can chat, eat lunch or take turns getting a quick run around the block?
    I am due in May.

  16. My baby was born November 1st and it was SO COLD over the winter. We got a Cozy Cover to go over her infant car seat to keep her warm. JJCole also makes BundleMes, but make sure you don’t get one that goes UNDER the babe, that is dangerous and makes the car seat less effective. The Cozy Cover just went over the whole car seat and had a flap so you could look at them. Make sure the baby doesn’t wear a puffy coat or anything in the car seat either! We went to Target A LOT. Like, a lot. And play dates. See if any local rec centers have like, an indoor soft playroom that he could crawl around in. Library story hours are good too! And also, lots of indoor snuggling!

  17. You could take him to the aquarium! I don’t have a baby but when I lived in Boston (recently had to move away…sniff) I thought the aquarium was really neat. And it seemed pretty kid friendly!

  18. I hear ya Tina! I hated being cooped up in the winter with my son. I agree with what a lot of the other ladies said about joining a mom’s group. We have one in my area called Babyville and it’s run by the region and it’s free. I joined it when my son was about 6 weeks old and we got together once per week at a school and it was facilitated by a nurse and each week was a different topic of discussion. After it was done, we all took turns hosting and got together at people’s houses in the winter. It was great to interact with other moms going through the same things and to have social time. And as the babies got older, it was great for them to get to play with other kids. We still get together occasionally now and the babies are all 2 now. I am due with my second in 4 weeks so I will probably join Babyville again!

  19. Those creamers are awesome!! I’ve tried the original and the french vanilla and prefer the french vanilla. I didn’t realize that there was a hazelnut flavor … I’ll be on the lookout for it 🙂

  20. I did a music class with my girls as babies and we loved it. Also we still got out even in winter, just bundled up lots and didn’t stay out long. Vitamin D is key!

  21. We spent a lot of time at the library. We did some classes at the local rec center and although mine was 2 at the time I stayed home with him, I recall there being some younger aged classes as well.

  22. I had my little girl in February in Wisconsin and it was b-r-u-t-a-l. I remember not leaving for a week because I didnt want to take a newborn out! Going to the mall and walking around helps! Target is good to (do you need an excuse to go there?!).

  23. I know Quinn is probably too little, but Easton has a good children’s museum that is inside an old fire station and has tons of things for all ages (I used to volunteer there). I highly suggest mall walking. I get to South Shore Plaza on the weekends at 9 or 10 am (for my Nordstrom E-bar coffee: so many sugar free syrups) and there is no one in the mall since stores don’t open yet. Hope this helps!!! I have started running at Southfield thanks to your posts! It’s so weird seeing it nicely redone when I used to practice driving there when it was the old naval base.

    That creamer looks delicious! I am definitely trying it this weekend when I end my cleanse.

  24. Don’t worry too much about matching socks, from the time my little could pick out her own clothes, she prefered mis-matched ones! Now I don’t fold them together at all, just have a drawer full of single socks and she picks what colors she wants 🙂 “all the kids are doing it” hahaha

    I love the idea of doing an indoor swim class (at the YMCA?) with Q. When I lived in LA, I had my son in a Gymboree Play and Music class and he loved it! So something like that. I wish I could think of an idea that doesn’t actually cost money, but I block winters from my mind and can’t remember how I get through them every year!

  25. If you have a front-loader, check inside the rubber gasket around where the door closes. I’ve found many baby socks hiding in there! I second the lingerie bag 🙂

  26. Isn’t that creamer great? My vegan boss got me hooked. As someone who doesn’t take sugar in my coffee, it’s somehow the perfect amount of sweet.

  27. I agree with a lot of the above: pool, library, getting outside whenever you can. I remember sometimes it would be so bitter cold but I needed out of the house so bad that I’d get my daughter in the car and we’d just drive around. There were lots of Target trips that winter too.

  28. You can still go out in the winter with Quinn – just need the right gear. Buy the cover for your stroller and a warm snowsuit for the little guy – if he is protected from the wind by the cover, he’ll be snug as a bug. My son (now that he is old enough to talk) says he gets HOT under the plastic cover so unless it is really cold, he normally doesn’t wear a coat – just mittens, a hat and heavy blanket. I stuff his coat, additional layers and extra gear in the basket below in case he changes his mind. We never stayed inside – even during the polar vortex. I would have gone insane.

  29. My daughter was born last June, and we had a ROUGH winter here in Wisconsin. As people mentioned, good options include a mom and baby group (seriously, the best option because you can always meet up at someone’s house), swim lessons, library, grocery store/Target/Costco, music classes, and free play groups (we go to one funded by United Way). I went three days last winter without leaving the house because of the bitter cold, and I can’t tell you how excited I was to drive a mile to go grocery shopping with her as our first outing after our hibernation. It’s smart that you’re thinking ahead!

  30. Most public libraries offer a little program for even small babies. Like a little music/story time to help get some stimulation in and he can see other babies. It’s great because that stimulation will help him take a great nap afterward too!

  31. Hey Tina The French Vanilla So Delicious Creamer is my ABSOLUTE FAV. Its been my creamer for 2 years now and I ABSOLUTELY love it… the Original one is great to have on hand when family and friends are visiting because it tastes like half and half but is better for you!!!

  32. If you have friends with kids, maybe you could start a group where you rotate between each other’s houses and change up your workouts each week. (note-I don’t have kids, so I have no idea if this would work…just throwing out an idea :))

  33. Joining a play group is a must in the winter! I met my best mom friends in a meetup moms group in my area and did tons and tons of playdates with lots of different moms and kids before finding a group of people that are now like family. It’s so great for the moms and kids and an absolute must in the winter!

  34. Coffee has the same affect on me in the morning! 🙂

    I do not have a baby, but I would think a really nice gym that offers classes you could take together or a mall where you could walk and stop for a coffee would be a few easy ways to get out of the house.

  35. I have a son a few weeks older than Q (too bad we don’t live closer!), and I’ve had the opposite problem this week: where to take him during a crazy heat wave! We’ve followed most of the suggestions listed above. Luckily in the winter you can bundle up and still go for a walk most times. I recently read an article about how infants in Finland are left outside of cafes in their strollers because the parents believe it’s good for them to get the (cold) fresh air!

  36. Thank you for this post. I’m having a baby boy at the end of October and concerned about the same thing especially because I’ll be on maternity leave until March.

  37. You already said it but the library does story hours and the barnes and noble. I used to walk the mall when mine were young once a week. I also always did the gym most mornings once they were 8 weeks. Although that wasn’t spending time with my little ones b/c they were in the day care it was getting out of the house and getting in some me time. The day care at my gym is staffed with these wonderful retired granny types. Now mine are all in school all day and I work more and genuinely miss them when I am home during the day. It sounds so grandmom-ish to say and I’m sure you’ve heard it thousands of times already but enjoy it b/c it goes by so quickly! I enjoy “seeing” you be a mom Tina and I personally can relate to you more than I ever have! I’m very happy for you and Mal although I don’t even know you..ha ha!

  38. I don’t have a baby, but have many friends that do! Check the library for story times and activities for little ones, fun and free. Also – baby yoga classes, you get a work out as well. Good luck!

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