Things That Are Either Really Good Or Really Bad

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During Margarita Night when I was in Cabo, a few of us started talking about margaritas. Basically, how they can either be really good or really bad depending on who makes them. I know you know what I’m talking about: top-shelf tequila with fresh, high-quality ingredients or cheap-ass tequila with a crapton of sour mix. Eww. Even just typing that makes my stomach queasy. Bad margaritas are the worst.


Anyway, I thought the whole idea of things that are either really good or really bad would make a fun post, so here are some other things that fit the bill!

Zombie movies

I’ve watched a lot of zombie movies over the years, and they can go one of two ways: Really good, like Shaun of the Dead, or really bad, like Redneck Zombies, which surprisingly is a real movie.

[image source]

Running sneakers

The runners definitely know what I am talking about. Really good running shoes can totally make a run while really bad running shoes can ruin your day. Am I right?

reebok running shoes

A night out in Las Vegas

I probably don’t need to explain this one, but a night out in Las Vegas can be, oh, so frickin’ fun or a total disaster that ends with crying, drunk chicks. Been there, done both.


Group deals

The service and what you actually get for a group deal, like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Eversave, can really vary, and I’ve had my fair share of both. For instance, the Sushi 101 class that I took the other night was awesome and totally worth the money. However, I once bought a deal to a local restaurant that Mal and I wanted to try and the food ended up being awful. We definitely felt like it was a waste of money.


Health News & Views

My favorite way to start my day is with a glass of freshly pressed juice that I make at home in my kitchen with the help of my trusty juicer. Drinking all of those bright-colored, nutrient-rich fruits and veggies all at once gives me a boost of natural energy that makes me feel great and starts my day off on the right foot.

With that said, here’s a juice recipe that will give you a natural pick-me-up and get you going!

Need a Pick-Me-Up? Try This Coconut-Kale-Ginger Juice Recipe

green juice

Question of the Day

What’s something that can be either really good or really bad?



  1. Off the top of my head…coffee (there’s nothing worse than wanting a hot cup of coffee and then tasting it only to find out it’s been sitting in a pot, is weak, etc), peanut butter, apples (disappointment is biting into an apple only to find out it’s mealy).

  2. Cantaloupe. I’ve been buying those things my whole life and while a slightly lumpy one will warrant a sweeter one, it can also be past its prime and taste more like a pumpkin which is gross in the context of a fruit salad.

    Cupcakes. Nothing ruins a cupcake more (for me) than whipped frosting that has practically no taste. If I don’t get a sugar spike from the frosting, it goes in the trash.

  3. The color of that juice looks so pretty! I’ve really want to try a juice cleanse but I’m so hesitant of the taste. Was your cleanse the first time drinking fresh green juice??

  4. Oh, this is all so true, especially relating to Zombie movies! I would have to say buffets…I’ve been to ones that have been awesome and I’ve been to some that are horrendous and I don’t want to eat anything.

  5. I definitely feel like coffee drinks can be like this! Some days, they are made perfectly, but I have had my fair share of visits with bad coffee drinks!

  6. Margaritas- that is SO true! Also, I feel like medicine is either awesome or totally crappy– like, it either works incredible and I’m a walking marketing campaign, or it doesn’t and I’ll complain for days on end.

  7. I completely agree with you about running shoes! I have to push so hard to get my bf to buy new runners because I can almost see his toes poking out the end of his. If he went and picked up new ones he’d have a much better experience running.

  8. GRAPES. Everyone gives you an evil stare if you try one in the store before buying so I don’t. Then you get home, give ’em a hearty rinse and pop one into your mouth. Sometimes they are so sour my eyes water and I have to throw the whole bunch away. Very disappointing!

    I also think some strawberries have a way of looking amazing but tasting pretty lackluster – more watery and blah than fruity and sweet.

  9. SO funny!! The first thing that came to my mind was workouts. I’ve had some great workouts, buuut I’ve also had some pretty awful ones where I feel like I just can’t get into it!

  10. Oh my gosh… a yoga class! Either so good or so bad. I had my most favorite class on Sunday (super relaxing) and yesterday was the worst. Namely because the woman beside me did not seem to understand the difference between deep breathing and inappropriate moaning… awk.

    1. I totally agree. I am not the best at yoga so I tend go to the back or corner. Not only does the instructor make a huger difference but the people in the class.

  11. Could you make that juice in a vitamix?? it sounds delicious but we JUST bought a vitamix. I’m on the lookout for new recipes to try. I love having a fresh smoothie in the mornings also!

  12. All of these are so true! Especially the running shoes one. I bought a pair of insole inserts (SuperFeet!) a few months ago and oh my gosh it made a WORLD of difference.

    But I’m going to go ahead and add on to the sports theme with sports bras. (Or just bras in general). Totally hit or miss!

  13. Apples! You can never know if that Gala apple (gala is my fave) is going to be the best one you’ve eaten or a gross mushy apple that makes you wish you hadn’t bit into it.
    And coffee! I hateeeee weak old and slightly warm coffee. I like it piping hot, fresh, strong, and tasteful. I’m picky about my coffee. I have had plenty of bad coffee. Hate hotel coffee

  14. I’m with you on the good vs bad running shoes. I finally switched out of a bad pair that were giving me a ton of trouble into a good pair that have completely renewed my love for running. And a good margarita….mmm…my mouth waters just thinking about it!

  15. Bahaha I laughed out loud at the Vegas comment because I think any night out with a bunch of drunk girls can be that way. Been there, done that ;-)I’m pretty sure we all have!

  16. Hey, you are a mind reader. When I need a lift, I make a Coconut-Ginger-Kale juice with exactly the same recipe as yours (I sometimes add chilli). Great minds an all that.

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