I’m Surprisingly Good at Making Sushi

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Last night, Mal and I cashed in a Groupon for a Sushi 101 class at Samba in Framingham. One of my goals for 2013 was to learn how to make sushi, so when a reader sent me a link to this Groupon, I was all about it!


The 1.5 hour-class was instructed by Chef Ginzu, who demonstrated how to make a couple of maki rolls (California and Spicy Tuna), and then let us loose to make our own creations.


I figuring making sushi would be kind of tricky, but it surprisingly wasn’t. My very first maki roll (spicy tuna with mango and cucumber) turned out great!


I continued to perfect my sushi-making technique with another two rolls. Look at those beauties! Don’t they look like legit restaurant sushi? I was pretty impressed with my sushi-making skills.


Mal, on the hand, struggled with his sushi-rolling technique.



Well, at least his sushi tasted good! Haha!


Mal’s third roll actually turned out pretty well. Check out those fancy shrimp tails!


After each of us made our three sushi rolls, we ate them and listened to Chef Ginzu talk about all things sushi””from how to make traditional sushi rice to his favorite places to buy the various ingredients needed to make it. FYI: Wegman’s has great, affordable sushi-grade fish!

Fun fact that I learned last night: You know the wasabi””that bright green paste””you get along side your sushi in a restaurant or with your take-out order? Well, there is no actual wasabi in it. That green paste is a mix of horseradish, mustard, and food coloring. Authentic wasabi needs to be freshly grated and consumed immediately, which doesn’t make sense in high-volume restaurants. Authentic wasabi is also really expensive (it doesn’t grow well in the U.S.), so we don’t typically consume the real deal here. Crazy, right? I had no idea!

Wayfair Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered to win a fire pit from Wayfair! Here’s your winner:

Kelly H-Y

I would LOVE, love, love to win the fire pit so we could have an end-of-summer/back-to-school s’more-making party for our kiddos and all their neighbor buddies!!

Congrats, Kelly! Please email me at with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize!

Yoga Event at Fenway

Just heard about this event and thought some of the locals might be interested!

The Red Sox Foundation will hold the first-ever yoga sessions at Fenway Park on Monday, September 23. “FenwaYoga Presented by Equinox and New Balance” will raise funds for two of the foundation’s cornerstone programs, the Red Sox Scholars Program and the RBI Youth Baseball and Softball Programs.


Two classes, taught by Equinox instructors at sunrise and sunset, will accommodate 222 participants along the warning track each session. The classes are geared towards all levels of experience. Each participant must commit to raising a minimum of $250 for the foundation.  There will be prizes awarded for the top three fundraisers.

Those interested in signing up for the class can register at

Questions of the Day

Have you ever tried making sushi?

What’s something you’re surprisingly good at?

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