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A couple of weeks ago, the social media folks from Nordstrom contacted me about a national get-fit event at all of their stores called The Zella Movement. Customers were invited to come into Nordstrom stores for a day of fun and fitness activities. Each store offered something different”” from yoga to boot camp classes.


I received this email from the Nordstrom location on the South Shore:

On Saturday, May 21st bring your friends and become Zella Zellots (enthusiasts) at an inspiring day of fitness, fashion and fun at our Nordstrom at South Shore Plaza. First up an instructor will get you moving with a free Zumba Class. Then shop for the newest activewear styles from Zella! Be sure to stop by Women’s Active anytime before May 21st to shop some great and new styles to wear to our day of fitness, fashion and fun. You won’t want to miss this event and our amazing Zella collection!

The event sounded like a lot of fun, but, unfortunately, I was out-of-town at Fitbloggin’, so I couldn’t make it. I replied to the email, saying that I wouldn’t be able to attend, but thanked Nordstrom for the invitation anyway.

I thought that would be the end of it, but the next day, I received another email in my inbox. This time, I was invited to try out Zella, and Nordstrom would give me a free pair of Zella pants and a Zella top. Free workout gear?!? Um, yes, please! I figured it didn’t hurt to at least try on some Zella gear, right?

I quickly checked out the Zella activewear online at home, but it’s hard to tell the quality of workout gear until you’re up close and personal with it. So, when I arrived at Nordstrom today, I was pleasantly surprised by what the brand had to offer. 

IMG_0042 (375x500)IMG_0043 (375x500)
IMG_0054 (500x375)IMG_0056 (375x500)

When it comes to workout gear, I always seem to compare quality and style with that of Lululemon because I am obsessed with their clothing. I’ll pretty much wear any type of fitness clothing, but I really love the Lululemon stuff. However, what I don’t love its exorbitant cost. It honestly kills me to pay $60 for a sports bra and nearly $90 for a pair of workout pants, but I know it’s cute, quality workout gear that lasts, so I do.

After spending quite a bit of time with the Zella gear today, I have to admit, it’s on par with Lululemon, but so much more affordable! Really, this stuff is adorable and not insanely expensive. It’s not cheap either, but I won’t have to visit Nordstrom three times before committing to buying a pair of pants like I do at Lululemon. (No joke, I visited Lululemon three different times to try on their Run Inspire Crops before I bought them.)

IMG_0045 (500x375)

Today, I tried on five pairs of pants and two tops:

2011-05-26 001

I really liked everything that I tried on”” the fit, style, fabric, and color choices were all excellent. It actually reminded me a lot of Lululemon.

For pants, I ended up choosing the ”˜Live In’ Capris because I prefer exercising in shorter, more fitted bottoms over other styles. The Zella ”˜Booty’ Pants and Zella ‘Soul’ Wide Leg Pants were great pants too, but they were too long for me. Nordstrom hems them for free, but I liked the capris better. I almost picked the ”˜Soul’ Wide Leg Pants (for loungewear) because they were super comfortable (and cute!), but their sizing runs large, so they were just too baggy for my liking. For the top, I chose the Zella ‘Z’ Seamless Racerback Tank mostly because of the color (“Clematis Blue”), but I also liked that had a built-in shelf-bra and its length fell below the hip. (I don’t like wearing short tops when I exercise.)

Besides being stylish, I also liked that the Zella line includes a number of pieces with of fun, functional elements, such as tennis skirts with ball pockets, reversible pants, thumb holes in the long sleep tops, and zipper pulls that double as hair elastics. Cool!

2011-05-26 0012

I haven’t exercised in my new Zella gear yet, but from my first impression, I’m a fan. The designs are bright, fun, and modern, and the clothing is comfortable, breathable, and flattering. It seems like quality activewear that will hold up well, but only time, sweat, and laundering will tell.



  1. Thanks for the Zella review…it’s a new to me brand. But it looks so cute and functional! Workout clothes must, well, work. If they arent comfortable not matter how cute they are, it’s a moot point. Zella looks cute AND comfy! Hope you enjoy your new stash!

  2. The clothes look great – I definitely want to check them out for myself because like you I always compare workout gear to lululemon. And paying less than $90 for a pair of workout pants always works for me!

  3. I like Zella too – I used to only buy Zella until I discovered Lulu! I’d always thought the pricing was comparable, so maybe I’ll have to check them out again!

  4. Thanks for this great brand review! I can’t wait to check it out, hopefully they carry it at the STL Nordstrom.

    LOL I love what you said about visiting Lululemon multiple times before committing. I do that too! There is something about the atmosphere in their stores- it kind of sweeps you away- and I always have to tell myself to “put the yoga pants down and walk away!” and sleep on it before I buy.

  5. I’ve always been hesitant to buy lululemon brands too because of their cost. But these pieces look adorable!! I need to get a pair of workout capris. Next stop: nordstroms! 🙂

  6. Thanks for reviewing this brand! I’ve always wondered about it but have been hesitant because I haven’t ever heard much about it! That tank top is so cute! 🙂

  7. Nice! Looks very stylish indeed….now I am kicking myself though because we don’t have Nordstrom in Canada and I was JUST in Vegas last week where there was one! 🙁

  8. That sweatshirt is right up my alley since my hands are ALWAYS freezing! I’ll have to check out this brand the next time I head to the mall. Thanks for the review!

  9. I like you , LOVE Lululemon! It is so expensive but so worth it to me! I save other places so I can treat myself to lulu stuff!

    I will have to look out for this line! Love the bright colors!

  10. OKay this sounds awesome! I agree that LUlulemon clothes are SO overpriced….so I am glad to hear something is up there in regards to color, shape, quality but not as pricey.

    Sounds good, and I am going to have to head to Nordstroms soon!

  11. Yes I was told about the Zella/Lululemon connection, and that the clothes are nearly identical aside from the price. I’d been eyeing the crops you got on Nordstrom’s site for months because of this, but I wanted to get into a store to try them on first, which is hard to do since there aren’t any in Manhattan. I might just go for it and order a pair though because I really want them!

  12. These are super cute! I just stocked up on a lot of workout gear and now this makes me want to get more! Tina, you are bad for my wallet. 😉

    PS – Just got your book from Amazon delivered yesterday! Can’t wait to start reading it!

  13. I LOVE Zella as much as Lululemon. I get compliments at the gym every time I wear one of my Zella tanks. Seems like more and more people are finding out about it…I used to feel like the only one who knew about it. Guess I have to share. : )

  14. Lululemon sets the standard for quality workout gear that not only does what it says it does, but lasts for 5 years or more. I’m sorry you posted your review before you used them, wonder how the side by side comparison will be? I have no connection to Lululemon, just wish you had done a more comparative review.

  15. The gear looks great…but I have to say, I’m not a fan of the model in the advertisement…she looks a bit emaciated. I know everyone is built differently, but I’m not sure I like the message that it is sending out.

    1. @Tanya @ Vegan Faith: Phew! I thought I was the only one who saw that advertisement and totally cringed. She doesn’t look fit OR healthy, probably thanks to a combination of reality and Photoshop. I just can’t reconcile the idea of supporting a brand that sends that message.

    2. @Tanya @ Vegan Faith: I agree with you both. Tina I think you gave them a great review, no problems there, unfortunately the first thing I noticed was how unhealthy the model looked instead of the clothes.

  16. Interesting. I’ve never heard of this brand but it definitely looks pretty good, and I love the brightly colored tops. I live in Lululemon and so do many other NYC gals, apparently. I frequently walk into a class with one other person wearing the exact same Lulu top as me! So I am always on the lookout for other brands that also make cute workout gear. Will keep an eye out for Zella.

  17. Never heard of Zella but their workout gear looks super cute! It’s nice to know that it’s on par with Lululemon quality and cuteness but more affordable. I think I’m gonna have to go check out this new line at Nordstrom. I always like an excuse to shop! 😉

  18. Sounds like good stuff, but I feel like they took all of lulu’s ideas! If it’s just as good as lulu’s though, then I would go for this stuff since it’s cheaper and that’s really what counts!

  19. I love how bright the workout clothing colors are! If you look at my workout wardrobe, all my tops are colorful I swear it makes an impact on my mood/motivation!

  20. So glad you featured Zella! I’m not sure where the company is from, but they’ve had Zella stuff at our Nordstroms on the West Coast for quite a while. I have one of their tops and it’s my absolute favorite. It’s tight and slimming at the same time (which often don’t go together!), as well as breathable. They also hold their shape super well in the laundry – I’ve had mine for over a year and worn it to tons of yoga classes and on training runs. Enjoy!

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